The Levaquin Tendonitis Solution...
Your Path to Recovery
From Fluoroquinolone Antibiotic Damage and Toxicity

The Levaquin Tendonitis Solution is absolutely your best option for healing from the damage, pain, and ongoing toxic symptoms from taking Levaquin or other Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics that do so much damage to so many.

If you are reading this, then your doctor obviously hasn't helped you, but you need a solution to the damage you've sustained from these antibiotics, you still need to heal don't you? Well, you've just found the solution!

Are you suffering from:

  • Muscle pain and/or weakness
  • Ruptured tendon, tendonosis, tendonitis, etc
  • Neurologic symptoms like headache,or memory loss
  • Depression, anxiety, insomnia
  • Or any of a vast variety of other symptoms

These are just some of the side effects that you are experiencing from taking Levaquin, Cipro, Avelox,Floxin and any of the other Fluoroquinolone and Quinolone family of antibiotics that the pharmaceutical/medical industry prescribes by the tens of thousands every day without regard to the damage that they cause.

What Is The Levaquin Tendonitis Solution...

Are you afraid that you are never going to heal?

Are you afraid that you are going to get MORE injured from the Quinolone poisoning?

Speaking bluntly...your fears are well founded. People have hurt for YEARS, and their pain has gotten worse down the road.

But there is hope!

Levaquin Tendonitis Solution Cover

The pharmaceutical companies that create and profit from the sale of these antibiotics and the doctors that prescribe them have no incentive to investigate a cure- or to even prevent these problems. But that doesn't mean that there are no answers- there absolutely are, they are just not going to come from the same people that poisoned you in the first place.

Like any problem, you have to find out WHY the problem exists. Until you do that, you can't figure out HOW to fix or diminish the problem.

There is hope for you because there is enough information out there from various arenas of research to show you WHY you were damaged. And only when you know why you were damaged can you begin to reverse that damage.

The Levaquin Tendonitis Solution ebook tells you WHY you were damaged when so many others weren't, WHY you hurt, and why you CONTINUE to hurt more and more.

But just as important or even more so, the Levaquin Tendonitis Solution gives you a step-by-step protocol on how to repair and reverse the damage that you sustained. It's an instantly downloadable HOW-TO book on reversing the pain and damage that you've experienced and HOW-TO start getting your body to heal.

It's not about hope, or believing that you can get better, it's about HOW the body works and HOW to help it heal.


kerri knox, rn Kerri Knox is an ER/ICU nurse with 15 years of experience. She is also a Functional Medicine Practitioner, helping people suffering from chronic illness and chronic pain issues to find relief and become healthy again.

joshua tucker Joshua Tucker has 12 years as a Massage Therapist specializing in the eradication of Tendonitis pain and problems. He uses cutting edge technology and equipment that most massage therapists have never even heard of.

How Can 'The Levaquin Tendonitis Solution' Help Me...

There are no better options out there for you. There are pills and 'therapy', but as thousands of people like you report, they don't work.

Does your doctor have a cure? Or even anything that helps? Does your doctor think your symptoms are just in your head?

The medical model focuses on symptoms.

YOU need to focus on the CAUSE.

The Levaquin Tendonitis Solution does just that! Together we look at the cause of your pain and other symptoms and show you how to correct the negative factors that are conspiring to keep you hurting and disabled.

In This EBook You Will Discover....

Page 24: If You Only Do ONE Thing, Do This!

Find out what single factor can make the biggest difference to your entire dynamic. HINT: It's a common nutritional supplement. (You might already be taking it, but not the right kind and not the right amount!)

Page 33: Is Your Muscle Pain From The Levaquin?
Are You SURE?

You took Levaquin, now you have long lasting pain. But Levaquin is (theoretically) out of your system after just 3 days. So why do you still hurt? Is it the Levaquin? Or did the Levaquin set off a chain reaction of problems that now have you STUCK in a pain dynamic? It may not actually be the antibiotics that are causing your pain.

Page 22: Are The Medications You're Taking Now
Actually Preventing You From Healing?

Did you know that many pharmaceutical drugs, like the ones you may be taking to 'manage' your pain, may actually be preventing your body from healing effectively?

Page 57: What One Food You MUST Eliminate and What One Food You MUST Add

and that's just the start....

What Else You'll Discover

What the 9/11 Ground Zero workers have to teach you about overcoming your pain and toxicity

What look alike problems might have been 'triggered' by Levaquin

Why most lab testing is virtually useless and which one is WORSE than useless!

How to get tested for problems that your doctor won't test you for



KT Garron writes

"After experiencing increasing inflammation and pain over more than a 12 month period following my cipro toxicity . . . and many hours of research, I found your site. I immediately purchased your program and within a few short months I started noticing an improvement. As a new RN, working as a clinical nurse, my career future had become uncertain, due to the severity of my tendinitis.

Besides doing EVERYTHING in your program I added a few more things, which seemed to help. The other, somewhat amazing thing, is that I could not remove anything from your program without experiencing a setback. Not sure why it is all necessary, and there is a lot there, but the fact that it works is nothing short of miraculous!

Much thanks and congratulations on the great work!"

Tom Johnson writes

"I thank GOD for you, your e-book, and your blog every day! A million thanks for all the great advice from your website, Levaquin Tendonitis E-book, diet, and supplement appendices in the past year. After 2 years, 11 doctors/specialists, countless hours of useless disconnected doctor consults, horrifying anxiety attacks, constant pain, total desolation -emotionally and psychologically, and many tens of thousands of dollars, I am practically free of most of the major tendonitis pain in all of my joints! Not because of traditional quick fix medicine. Because of the good food, supplements, and recommended therapies to bring balance back into my life! All thanks to you, your book, and blog!

Thanks for doing the right thing- no matter what. The world would be a much better place if everyone led their lives with their heart. I am so grateful for your book and advice. Because of you I am a healthy, loving, productive, and forever changed person. I appreciate life and live life more fully than ever!!

Infinity Squared Thank You’s Kerri!"

Even if You've Already Tried 'Everything'

You haven't tried this. Again, there's nothing else out there other than more drugs (that make your body less able to fight off the damage).

We offer a complete plan that will strengthen your body's healing system and allow you the best chance to fight off this ongoing damage.

It's not your fault that you have been poisoned by Levaquin. You trusted the medical system that ordered your prescription.

Your doctor got you into this extreme pain/problem, but he doesn't have anything to get you out of it.

So you want to know if The Levaquin Tendonitis Solution can help someone with extreme pain or toxicity symptoms.

The answer is, yes, it can. Having said that, the worse your pain is, the more damage your tendons and other structures have taken, the more diligence it's going to require on your part.

Here are some things you need to know before buying:

  • There is no quick fix! This will take time, patience, and effort.
  • You're looking at 1-6 months before evaluating to see if it's working. There's a lot happening in your body that needs to be affected.
  • The worse your damage is, the more time you need to give your body to recover once it is -actually- healing. (It's not healing now.)

It would be great if there was a pill to fix this, but unfortunately there just isn't.


Another Satisfied Customer
Shares Her Experiences

"The Levaquin Toxicity Solution is a Godsend. I was hurt yet once again by western medicine. This time severely. After just three doses of Cipro for a minor bladder infection, I was facing the possibility of my Achilles rupturing. I felt pain in every tendon in my body and I was swollen from head to toe. I felt deep despair and felt so violated. Through facebook I was able to find the Levaquin Toxicity Solution within 24 hours of the drug injury and within 2 months I was completely functional again. It’s been a year now since the injury, and I don’t have to take all the supplements every day, but I do find that the protocol still helps me feel my best. I’m back to kickboxing, hiking and swimming without the pain and worry that my life, or at least my quality of life would be forever over. Kerri Knox has blessed the world with the Levaquin Toxicity Solution by helping us save ourselves from the legalized drug dealers of the western medicine mafia."

Erin C., California

How Much Does 'The Levaquin Tendonitis Solution' Cost?

The Levaquin Tendonitis Solution is a 100+ pages Ebook jam-packed full of tried and tested research-backed investigation and a step-by-step PLAN to get you well again!

Remember it's not about treating your symptoms, it's about making your body HEALTHY again.

With your purchase you not only receive the instant ebook download, but you also receive a FULL SCHOLARSHIP to the Levaquin Treatment Support Forum!

In the LTS Forum you not only get to trade experience and stories with other people committed to healing themselves and getting their lives back, people like you that are suffering from Levaquin poisoning, people that are using the Levaquin Tendonitis Solution, you also get personal feedback from the author Kerri Knox, RN, FMP and contributing author Joshua Tucker, BA, CMT. You won't get THAT with any other book!

Wow, Yet Another
Levaquin Tendonitis Solution Testimonial

“…my husband was put on Cipro for a prostate infection, 4 times....but around the 3rd time he started having the horrible shoulder and arm pain and also hips and knees. Then his eyes became painful and he had floaters and was put on Pred Forte...

Anyway after research we realized that the antibiotic was the cause. Of course by then he had 2 cortizone shots and was diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff....he woke up with these injuries, he didn't cause them.

But we followed the protocol in your Levaquin Tendonitis Solution book and he is healed…”

Karen, Minnesota

Read Karen's whole testimonial here and how she figured out that she too was poisoned by these drugs when she just thought that she had Fibromyalgia!

Fibromyalgia from Levaquin and Cipro Antibiotics

The Ebook normally sells for $69.99, but right now, it's just $39.99 for The Levaquin Tendonitis Solution.

You also get Three Exciting Bonuses:

  • 15% off Professional Supplements for LIFE - at least a $199.99 value or even more over your lifetime!
  • A Supplement Checklist to Take with you shopping- a $9.99 value
  • The Vitamin D Fact Sheet- a $9.99 value

With the 3 bonuses and the Full Priority Forum Access, that's over $300 of REAL value for only $39.99

Yet Another Testimonial
For the Levaquin Tendonitis Solution

"No Body else has done a dammed thing about it but you.

The investment for your solution to heal is a must and saves one money on doctor’s appointments . For every Levaquin victim it is the best money they can spend.

I am one of them. Thank You Kerri for all the help."


Kerri are I are Committed to helping you get better, so we have provided the FULL PRIORITY FORUM ACCESS as our contribution to helping right the wrong that Levaquin has caused in so many peoples lives.

** Fair warning: We will stop selling this book if the forums become too crowded and we become unable to answer everyone's questions. We want everyone to get all the help that they need and we will stop selling the book without notice at any time! Get it today while it's still available!

Click the buy now button below to download and get started healing your body right now!

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You Also Get 4 Bonuses with Your Order

levaquin tendonitis solution full scholarship A Full Scholarship to the members-only Levaquin Tendonitis and Toxicity forums where you can share stories, get support from others committed to overcoming their tendonitis and toxicity and get your questions answered personally by Kerri or Joshua. A $200 value.


Levaquin Toxicity Solution
15% Off Emerson Ecologics
Professional Supplements FOR LIFE!

This is a very special gift for you. 15% off
the thousands of supplements from Emerson Ecologics. This could pay for the price of your book the first time you use it! At least a $199.99 value.


vitamin D fact sheetVitamin D Fact Sheet
Find out more about Vitamin D than your doctor knows. Packed full of useful tips and information about this amazing nutrient. You'll never take sunshine for granted again! A $9.99 value.


Supplement Check List


Supplement Checklist A bonus shopping and organizational list to print out and take with you to the health food store. Have all of the information that you need right at your fingertips. A $9.99 value included with purchase.


Another Satisfied Levaquin Tendonitis Solution Customer

"Dear Kerri, You are amazing. I already feel more energetic...I will keep it up for as long as I need to! You have been sent down from heaven to help us in this fight...I truly believe that. Two weeks ago I almost drove myself to a mental institution from despair, lack of hope, lack of sleep, and inability to cope with the constant aches and pains. Your protocol and suggestions may have just saved my life! I just thought you should know..... Cheers!"

SG, Littleteon, CO

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Levaquin Tendonitis Solution

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*This is an Ebook that you download and print, or read on your computer



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