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The Tendonitis Expert Newsletter, Issue #5-13-14 -- Two Announcements and a Question
May 13, 2014

Tendonitis and a Free Leaky Gut Quiz

Hello Everyone.

I'm very excited that over the last couple years the gluten free 'fad' has been taking off.

Gluten free foods are becoming more readily available, and there's been a noticeable shift towards organic pastured food sources and away from nutrition-less processed foods.

As you may or many not know, gluten is an inflammatory agent. And inflammation in the gut leads to Leaky Gut.

And Leaky Gut can lead to a variety of tendonitis-related symptoms: joint pain, muscle/tendon pain and ache, muscle fatigue, etc.

Fix Leaky Gut And You Can Heal Tendonitis

At the very least, your body becomes MUCH more functional, and your immune system works better, your cardiovascular system works better, etc.

And obviously, your digestive system works better.

Here's some great info (not on my website) on Leaky Gut, and a free Leaky Gut quiz (which then leads to a couple really good videos). **Of course it's a lead up to selling you something that you may or may not want, but it's important Leaky Gut info nonetheless).

Go Here For The Free Leaky Gut Quiz

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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