Cheri Davis
Massage Therapist
Redding, CA

Searching for high quality therapeutic massage therapy in Redding, CA? Check out Cheri Davis of Advanced Massage Solutions and Yoga.

Cheri is one of Redding, Ca's top massage therapists and Yoga instructors.

Cheri has 11 years professional massage therapy experience and 13 years yoga experience.

Based in Redding, CA Advanced Massage Solutions and Yoga offers high quality, therapeutic massage therapy and yoga instruction with conscious presence, insight and inner depth.

Yoga for Beginners in Redding is a great way for those wanting to learn how yoga can benefit their health and their life, and Cheri is a skilled guide and teacher.

Cheri has a career, life path and passion of helping others heal, relax, relieve stress and recover from injury. She helps with real solutions to your body/mind needs.

In addition to her massage therapy career, Cheri is also a yoga practitioner and instructor as well, so she has a powerful ability to connect and see your body from a truly holistic 3-D perspective.

Not only is Cheri Davis a massage therapist and Yoga instructor, she is also an alternative healing writer and has authored several health articles on massage therapy, yoga instruction, mind/body awareness guidance and healing.

Advanced Massage Solutions and Yoga in Redding, Ca offers many types of massage therapy, yoga therapies and alternative healing modalities. Cheri's healing article of learning the art of relaxation from the inside out is very popular among Cheri's massage and yoga clients.

Advanced Massage Solutions and Yoga is within a beautiful day spa in Redding, CA. Cheri's massage studio is inside of the premiere wellness spa The Spa Shoppes. Cheri offers deep tissue massage therapy, relaxation massage, spa massage in a day spa environment.

Advanced Massage Solutions and Yoga also offers Side by Side massage. Cheri specializes in couples massage private instruction as well as private yoga instruction.

Cheri's life path of teaming with other health care professionals has given her the skill to provide high quality medical massage for helping with injury recovery. Cheri's medical massage is highly focused. She has helped many people heal from injuries. She especially loves helping people recovery from whiplash, hip injuries and shoulder injuries.

For more information about this Redding, Ca massage therapist and yoga instructor, check out Cheri's website at