Reversing Bicep Tendonitis
It's Pretty Easy, Actually

Interested in Reversing Bicep Tendonitis and being pain free?

Do you have Bicep Tendonitis or Bicep Tendonosis?

Bicep Tendonitis is a progressive dynamic of increasing muscle tightness, connective tissue constriction, and pain and inflammation.

You had a problem long before you felt any pain.

If you're like most people I work with, you don't yet understand why it's still a problem and hasn't gone away yet.

It's pretty easy to get rid of your bicep problem and get back to using your arm again, and straightening it if you haven't been able to!

Are you ready to fix your Bicep Tendonitis?

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Aug 1st or sooner!

Do You Have These
Bicep Tendonitis Symptoms?

Have you ever though or said any of the following?

  • "I can't straighten my arm."
  • "I can't straighten my elbow."
  • "I can't bend by arm."
  • "I can't do bicep curls without pain."
  • "I can't hold my baby without bicep pain."
  • "I can't hold any weight in my hand while rotating my forearm."

If you have any of the above complaints, you have an issue.

If you've been to the doctor and received a diagnosis of Bicep Tendonitis, then it's offical!

Biceps pain starts small and builds up until it limits how you use your arm.

By now you've tried other methods to get rid of your bicep pain.

You've taken breaks from or quit working out entirely, you don't use your arms like you want to, and you're worried about injury and even worse pain in the biceps area.

You've tried ice packs. You've tried anti-inflammatory medicines, the stretching and strengthening.

Maybe you've even had surgery.

But you still hurt, and the pain and problem just isn't going away.

Do You Know Why None Of
That Worked?

That's easy.

You didn't do the RIGHT things.

You wouldn't dig a ditch with a spoon, would you?

There's a correct tool for every job. And you've been using the wrong ones. It's that simple.

The body works in predictable, reliable patterns. Your body only has ONE way to deal with pain.

You can use that to your advantage!

How Can I Help My Body Be Pain Free?

Tendonitis is made up of several physical factors.

If you don't EFFECTIVELY deal with them all, then you fail to adequately defeat the SOURCE of the problem.

The strategies your doctor prescribes only target a single factor (and don't even do that well).

If you don't use the RIGHT tool, you won't get the results you want.

You need the RIGHT set of tools.

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So, How DO You Sucessfully
Reverse Bicep Tendonitis?

Bicep Tendonitis is a progressive dynamic. Multiple factors are involved.

Reversing Bicep Tendonitis literally reverses that progression. From a downwards spiral of increasing tightness and pain to a quick Upward Spiral of DECREASING muscle tone and pain sensation.

You have to effectively deal with ALL the factors involved, or the problem won't go away. It might feel better, but it won't GET better.

If you want to get rid of Biceps Tendonitis, you need to REVERSE the process that has been getting worse and worse.

'Reversing Bicep Tendonitis' covers all the necessary bases and helps your body get back to a pre-injury, pre-pain state.

WARNING! This will take some effort. It will take some patience and diligence.

If you aren't motivated to spend a little time and effort to get your Bicep structures better, you should stick with pain killers and sitting on the couch.

Is There A Secret To
Reversing Bicep Tendonitis?

Yes! There IS a secret to Reversing Biceps Tendonitis.

Biceps Tendonitis pain might not even have ANYTHING to do with your biceps!

There Should Be No Secret....But There Is

It's not rocket science.  This info shouldn't be a secret.  Your doctors SHOULD know how to fix your pain and problem. But they don't.

It's not your fault you're in pain.  It's just that nobody's ever shown you how to actually get your body working it's supposed to be.

The trick to Tendontiis of the Bicep tendons is that we -assume- that if there's pain, there's injury.

Such is NOT the case.

There are several factors that cause pain, that have NOTHING to do with injury.

Do you want to know what those factors are?

Maybe your Biceps is the problem, maybe not......

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What Fixes Bicep Tendonitis?

What you'll find in 'Reversing Bicep Tendonitis' is EXACTLY what will fix your biceps tendonitis problem.

** Nutritional components of Bicep Tendonitis

** Eradicate Inflammation

** Find the SOURCE of the tightness (it's NOT your tendon)

** Take tension off the tendons (yes, plural)

** Repair any damage to the tendon (-if- you have any)

** Rehab any scar tissue (including from surgery)

** Get the nervous system to dial down its panicked defenses

** Deal with problems up at the shoulder, Biceps belly, and below the elbow (everybody's situation is different, I cover it all

Where Exactly Is Your Pain?

Reversing Bicep Tendonitis requires you to pay attention to and investigate where you REALLY feel pain.

Do you have biceps pain at your shoulder?

Do you have Bicep pain in the muscle itself?

Do you have pain at the elbow, even below the elbow?

Or is your pain a combination of those?

In Reversing Bicep Tendonitis' I'll show you how to deal with all of those.

I'll tell you why you have pain in those spots.

And I'll tell you how to get rid of it.

Wouldn't you like to know how to how to make that pain go away?

It's a skill you can use for the rest of your life no matter where you feel pain from a Tendonitis dynamic.

Is It Time To Be Pain Free Again?

If so, get to work.

Get the 'Reversing Bicep Tendonitis' program now, get working on it today, and be surprised at how fast your pain levels drop.

You'll also probably be really surprised at how much you learn about your arm.

The ebook is 84 pages with plenty of illustrations. It contains ONLY what you need to know, directions, and a complete plan.

And I'm always available for questions and fine tuning.

Get Reversing Bicep Tendonitis now.

Bonus:  4 Week Support Email Series

With your purchase you get added to a free 4 week support email series.

These emails go deeper into aspects of the self care protocol, give reminders, contain different FAQ's, talk about where you 'should' be at at a particular time, etc.

And you can refer back to them as they are part of the overall program, always there to be of value to you.

Get Reversing Bicep Tendonitis now.

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