Reversing Pulled Chest Muscle Injury

Reversing Pulled Chest Muscle injury (PCM) is what you want to do if you have pain and other pulled muscle symptoms in the chest.

We want a magic bullet, a quick fix, an effortless cure.

Unfortunately, that's just not how the body works. That's certainly not how Tendonitis works.

Tendonitis of the chest, just like Tendonitis anywhere else in the body, is a progressive dynamic of increasing muscle tightness, increasing connective tissue constriction, and an increasing Process of Inflammation.

You may not have known you have tendonitis in the chest, but you now suddenly have pain.  That is commonly how it goes.

You have pain. You've tried other options and you still have pain.

I created the 'Reversing Pulled Chest Muscle' program as a How To Guide to getting you OUT OF PAIN.

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Why Are You Still In Pain?

If you're here, it's likely that you've already tried taking time off, resting, using ice packs, stretching and strengthening, anti-inflammatories, splints and braces, corticosteroid shots, and on and on and on.

Maybe you've even had surgery.

And you're still in pain.

Some people just give up. Some people live with the pain and lose hope of it ever changing.

But you're not in that category, are you?

The good news is, for MOST people, a Pulled Chest Muscle is a relatively simple thing to take care of.

It does take some work and some diligence, but it's not a mystery once you know how to do it.

How Do You Get Rid Of Pulled Chest Muscle (PCM) Symptoms?

PCM is a PROGRESSIVE dynamic of increasing tightness, constriction, inflammation, and pain.

Rest and splints and corticosteroid shots and all the rest didn't work for you because they didn't target all the factors that go into your pain dynamic.

You have PCM due to several physiological factors.  Each one must be successfully dealt with for your pain to go away and stay away.

You can REVERSE the progressive dynamic by decreasing each negative factor, and that gets your structures back to working happily and healthily again.

Following the protocol in the 'Reversing Pulled Chest Muscle' ebook program is the way to 'fix' your pain/problem.

Immobilizing and resting your chest/shoulder will not work like you want it to. That's just not how the body works.

Surgery might work, but how does surgery reverse a dynamic of tightness, connective tissue constriction, nutritional insufficiency, and inflammatory reaction to pain? At best surgery can just repair a rip/tear injury.

And did you know that you can have Tendonitis pain without any actual damage? How will surgery fix that?

Just $29.97

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Immediate download arrives with the Support Email Series
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Can The
'Reversing Pulled Chest Muscle'
Program Help Me?

I'm not much at writing sales copy, but here's why you may want to consider purchasing the 'Reversing Pulled Chest Muscle' program.

If you follow the plan in the program ebook, it WILL work. You're going to learn an incredibly valuable lifelong tool you can use to keep yourself out of pain (whether it's the chest or elsewhere, the concepts are the same).

Reasons To Purchase the 'Reversing Pulled Chest Muscle' Program:

1. It contains ONLY what you need to know to get yourself out of pain.

At 98 pages, there is no fluff, no filler, no long thesis.

There is concise explanation and instruction that you can go through quickly so you can get started getting yourself out of pain.

2. The methods in the ebook work IF you do them.

The activities in the ebook are the most powerful, effective methods of getting rid of the negative qualities that are causing your Tendonitis problems, especially when used together.

You've tried the usual methods already, and they didn't work. That's because they weren't the RIGHT tools, and they just dealt with your symptoms, not the cause of the problem.

What you get with the 'Reversing Pulled Chest Muscle' program now affects the SOURCE of your pain and problem.

3. Right now the price is only $29.97!

What is it worth to you to have your pain levels lowered, to have use of your hand back, to not have to worry about causing 'more damage' to yourself?

I could charge more, the information in the book is certainly worth more than twenty bucks, and if I can help a lot of people get better at this price, then that totally works for me.

I spoke this week with a woman that spent $1,000 on twenty sessions of acupuncture and got no relief.

This ebook will normally be priced at $39.97. That's a great deal. And now you can save $10 more!

4. Instant download.

You could have the ebook in front of you in the next ten minutes, and by the end of the day you could be taking actions that will actually have you feeling better.

No shipping and handling to pay, and no wait.

5. NEW! Email Support Series.

From day one you'll get a regular series of program support emails.

These emails will contain:

  • Reminders to stay in action doing the RIGHT actions
  • FAQ's of the most commonly asked questions and confusions about the program and self-treating your pulled chest muscle injury
  • Updates on where you 'should' be at at certain points, and what to think/know if you're not
  • Expansion on certain topics and treatment specifics
  • Fine Tuning of what you're doing to get the results you want

6. Diligence But Not A Lot OF Effort.

Who wants to work hard to get out of pain? I don't.

The self-treatment program is NOT a lot of work. Not even 20 minutes a day (though more can certainly be better).

But like I said, we all want a magic pill and an effortless fix. I sure do!

The problem is, PCM just doesn't work that way. There is no magic pill or miracle drug that will fix your chest.

Any product that offers an effortless cure is INCREDIBLY unlikely to beneficially affect the CAUSE of your PCM/Tendonitis dynamic.

Perhaps you won't buy this ebook because you don't like the idea of having to put some work into it. That's fine, there's no reason to buy it and then not do the activities, so you just saved yourself $20.

Of course, you'll spend a lot more than that down the road on other options. How much time, effort, and money have you already spent? And did any of it have a money back guarantee?

7. Money Back Guarantee.

You get a 3 month, no questions asked money back guarantee with the purchase of this program.

My website is here to stay. I'll be here 3 months from now and 12 months from now and years from now.

You have nothing to lose, and I want to help feel better and finally get back to your work and your play.

Do you want to get out of pain?

Get the 'Reversing Pulled Chest Muscle' program now!

Just $29.97

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Immediate download arrives with
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