Want To Know The Secret To Reversing Shin Splints?

If you want to get running again, Reversing Shin Splints is in your future.

Probably by now you've rested, taken time off from activity, used ice packs and anti-inflammatories, etc.

And your shins still hurt when you walk or jog or run.

Your doctor had his chance, and now you're looking for something that will actually work.

Want To Know The Secret To Getting Rid Of Shin Splints?

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Do You Know Why Your
Shin Splints Haven't Gone Away Yet?

You've probably already read through the website, so you should have a good idea why the tendonitis in your shins hasn't disappeared yet.

That's just how Tendonitis works.

It's not mystery why you have pain in your shins. Reversing Shin Splints and getting out of pain isn't a mystery either.

Well, it won't be a mystery to YOU when you get this ebook!

Once You Know The Secret Cause Of Shin Splints, The Unknown Variable That Doctors Don't Think Is Important (-IF- They Even Know About It)!

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Reasons To Purchase
'Reversing Shin Splints'

1. It contains ONLY what you need to know to get yourself out of pain.

At 76 pages, there is no fluff, no filler, no long thesis.

There -is- concise explanation and instruction that you can go through quickly so you can get started getting yourself out of pain.

Some products out there are a package of 6 dvds and a thick instruction manual and workbooks and audio recordings, etc. That's great if that's what you're looking for, but this product is for people that want a get-to-the-point walk-through showing you how to reverse your Shin Splints pain dynamic.

2. How Do You Beat The Periostitis That Comes With Shin Splints?

This is actually the secret variable.

I bet you've never heard of 'Periostitis' before, especially not in conjunction with Shin Splints. But, you know how you can feel fine one minute, then start running and 5 steps later be in agonizing pain?

That's Periostitis. Inflammation of the connective tissue that wraps bone. Your Tibia (shin bone) in this case.

Learn how to dial down the Periostitis, and learn how to get pain free and stay pain free!

3. The methods in the ebook WORK if you do them.

The activities in the ebook are the most powerful, effective methods I've found and regularly use to get rid of the negative qualities that are causing your Shin Splint Tendonitis problems, especially when used together.

You've tried the usual methods already, and they didn't work. That's because they weren't the RIGHT tools, and they just dealt with your symptoms, not the cause of the problem.

What you get with the 'Reversing Shin Splints' ebook now affects the SOURCE of your pain and problem.

4. Right now the price is only $29.97!

What is it worth to you to have your pain levels lowered, to have use of your hand back, to not have to worry about causing 'more damage' to yourself?

I could charge more, the information in the book is certainly worth more than twenty bucks, and if I can help a lot of people get better at this price, then that totally works for me.

This ebook will normally be priced at $39.99. That's a great deal. And now you can save $10 more!

5. Instant download.

You could have the ebook in front of you in the next ten minutes, and by the end of the day you could be taking actions that will actually have you feeling better.

No shipping and handling to pay, and no wait.

6. Good news/bad news, this will take some effort.

Not a lot of work. Not even 20 minutes a day.

But like I said, we all want a magic pill and an effortless fix. I sure do!

The problem is, Shin Splints just doesn't work that way. There is no magic pill or miracle drug that will fix your shins. Rest and time off won't do it either.

Any product that offers an effortless cure is INCREDIBLY unlikely to beneficially affect the CAUSE of your Shin Splints dynamic.

Perhaps you won't buy this ebook because you don't like the idea of having to put some work into it. That's fine, there's no reason to buy it and then not do the activities, so you just saved yourself $20.

Of course, you'll spend a lot more than that down the road on other options. How much time, effort, and money have you already spent? And did any of it have a money back guarantee?

Promises of a quick fix aren't likely to work.

You need a plan that works. And you're going to have to work that plan.

6. Money Back Guarantee.

You get a 12 month, no questions asked money back guarantee with the purchase of this ebook.

My website and the 'Reversing Shin Splints' ebook is here to stay. I'll be here 6 months from now and 12 months from now, and after that too.

You have nothing to lose, and I want to help feel better and finally get back to your work and your play.

Do you want to get out of pain?

Bonus:  4 Week Support Email Series

With your purchase you get added to a free 4 week support email series.

These emails go deeper into aspects of the self care protocol, give reminders, contain different FAQ's, talk about where you 'should' be at at a particular time, etc.

And you can refer back to them as they are part of the overall program, always there to be of value to you.

Get the 'Reversing Shin Splints' ebook now!

Just $29.97

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Price includes tax
Immediate download arrives with the Support Email Series
Money Back Guarantee!