How To Get Rid Of Guitar Pain And Play As Much As You Want

Do you want to get rid of your finger/hand/wrist/forearm pain?

Do you you want to get back to playing guitar?  As much as you want?

You do? Then let's talk.

Do You Want To Quit Playing Guitar?

My name is Joshua Tucker.  I'm an expert in the field of Tendonitis (well, in the field of ELIMINATING Tendonitis).

Every day I help people get rid of pain they've had for months and years

It hurts me when I talk to guys that have to play guitar less than they want to because their hands/wrists/forearms hurt.

It really bothers me when guys say that they've had to take weeks or months off because they were afraid of injuring themselves even more.

But it kills me when I hear that they, or guitar players that they know, have had to give up guitar all together.

Quit playing guitar??  Why?!?   No!

Guitar tendonitis is easily remedied.  There is NO reason to stop playing guitar.

No good reason, anyway.

If you've been resting, or playing less, or taking time off, or god forbid if you've had to quit playing guitar, -its not your fault-.

Your doctors don't know how to fix you (obviously). Most of what you find on the internet is worthless (unfortunately).  

Our common sense tells us that if we rest the problem will go away, but unfortunately, that's dead wrong.

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Your Doctor Doesn't Know How To Get You Pain Free,
But I Can Show You How

You don't need to struggle.  

And you don't need to suffer anymore.

It really is easy once you get it figured out.

I've specialized in effectively reversing Tendonitis for the last 17 years.  I've worked on thousands of people.  Fixing the tendonitis mechanism becomes very 'cookie cutter' after a while.  

Ultimately, its all the same mechanism.  

Yes of course you are a special snowflake....but the mechanism of your hand and forearm pain is essentially the same as everybody else's.  

There is no mystery as to how to make your pain go away.

That's what makes it easy to fix.

"Guitar tendonitis is easily remedied. There is NO reason to stop playing guitar. No good reason, anyway."

The body works in very predictable ways.  You are hurting now for specific reasons.  And you can eliminate those reasons.

And then it's all guitar, all the time.  No Pain.

  • Back to impressing the ladies.  Back to making your kids smile.  
  • Back to your income from being able to play as much as you need to.
  • Back to doing what you love to do.  

If you're hurting now, and don't do anything effective to turn things around, it's going to hurt more later.

If you can't play guitar now, or have to limit it, it's not going to get better on its own.

The good news is, you can pick up your guitar again.  

I don't know why doctors don't know how to fix guitar tendonitis...but if you've seen a doctor and you're here'll agree with me that they don't.

Once you get your hands back in working order, you'll be able to keep them in working order. You'll be a tendonitis expert too!

WARNING:   It will take some time and effort and diligence.  There is no magic pill.  This is a self-care program, you have to put some daily effort in.

Will you do that if you can play guitar pain-free (before, during, after) again?

Which Of These Do You Want?

I'm just guessing that you DO NOT want:

  • decreased finger agility
  • decreased finger speed
  • wrist ache and pain
  • forearm ache and pain
  • aching and/or painful finger joints
  • worry about injury
  • worry about having to give up guitar playing 
  • worry about your income (if you're a pro)

Which of these do you want?

  • Play guitar as much as you want without pain
  • Playing guitar with no worries of more pain or injury
  • Increasing how much time you can spend practicing or performing
  • Never again having to pay a doctor or physical therapist to deal with your guitar pain
  • Impressing the ladies, entertaining your kids (or both!)
  • Never missing or having to say no to gigs
  • Back to normal finger speed and agility and endurance

Everything you've tried so far hasn't worked, or you wouldn't be here right now.

I want you to play pain free again. Do you want that too?

Then get to work today with the Reversing Guitar Tendonitis program.

--  You get a 12 month unlimited 'no questions asked' money back guarantee.  Give the program a serious try.

--  You get a 4 week Support Email Series full of FAQ's, check ins, and deeper discussion of program topics.

--  You get $20 off Phone Consults

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Click below. Get started with the program today.  

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