Reversing Guitar Tendonitis

Reversing Guitar Tendonitis is the strategy you want to use if you have pain, ache, soreness, and other limitation from playing guitar.

There is no quick fix, no magic bullet.

Your structure has changed with all the repetitive motion. Your nervous system is keeping an inflammation process in place, muscles are TOO TIGHT, and connective tissue is shrunk wrapped down tightly.

This is why you can't play very long without pain.

This is why, even though you took time off and take anti-inflammatories, you still can't play very long without pain.

Do You Want To Play Guitar 
Pain Free?

guitar tendonitis smashing due to pain picture
Don't Give Up Hope!

My name is Joshua Tucker. I'm a long time Massage Therapist specializing in the elimination of Tendonitis symptoms. I've been doing this work for 13 years, and over time it has become VERY clear that there's nothing mysterious about Tendonitis.

The content of Reversing Guitar Tendonitis is exactly what I use in my office with my clients.

Sure, in some people it's more stubborn than others, and there are a lot of variables involved, but EVERY case of Tendonitis follows a predictable pattern.

Once you know the pattern, and why it progresses the way it does, then it's a simple matter of REVERSING that progress.

Perhaps you've tried everything your doctors have prescribed. But you're still in pain. Why? Because doctors focus on symptoms, not the CAUSE of the symptoms.

Fix the cause, and you body will again work like it's supposed to.

Learn The DEEP Secret of
Guitar Tendonitis

Guitar players in pain have developed a SPECIFIC problem that is -uniquely- different from people that play other instruments and/or use computer keyboards and mouses, etc.

Doctors don't know it. PT's don't know it.

Every type of Tendonitis is a little bit different. The core of Guitar Tendonitis is a DEEP constriction, unlike any other cause of Tendonitis pain.

If you don't effectively deal with this specific factor, your pain won't go away, and can continue to get worse over time. It can even disable the use of your hand for playing guitar.

Maybe you're already experiencing that you have to limit how much you play guitar. Notice the trend of it getting worse.

Fix the deep constriction and trust me, you're be able to play AS MUCH AS YOU WANT!

Works After Surgery Too!

"I had severe tendonitis in right thumb and forefinger from many years of guitar playing-bought your ebook, thank you so much for your solution resolved what a surgery and cortisone did not.  I am playing for hours instead of minuets, in 3 weeks I have changed the pain and suffering I was dealing with to symptoms that are almost entirely gone, followed protocol -it works!!! thank you again I wish I had done this before surgery, best to you."


William P. from Florida

Play Guitar As Much As You
Want Without Pain

The nature of Guitar Tendonitis is such that you don't need to 'fix' an injury. It's incredibly unlikely that have any actual injury.

But you DO have a Pain Causing Dynamic. All you need to do is REVERSE the structural changes that have happened over time and REVERSE the pain causing mechanisms that are now firmly in place. Reverse the progressive dynamic and pain goes away.

With some work and diligent effort, you can make your forearms and hands happy again.

YOU can get yourself out of pain, and keep yourself out of pain, with the simple and effective protocol found on the ebook 'Reversing Guitar Tendonitis.

Can The 'Reversing Guitar Tendonitis' Program Really Help?

Every body and every situation is a little different.

But for the majority of people with hand, wrist, and forearm pain form playing guitar, the information and activities on the 'Reversing Guitar Tendonitis' program WILL lower your pain levels.

IF you follow directions.

IF you pay attention.

IF you are motivated to do the work necessary to reverse the pain causing dynamic AND actually do the work.

Like I said, there is no magic pill.

Having said that, Guitar Tendonitis is only a mystery until you figure out how to beat it. Then it's easy to keep yourself out of pain.

A little bit of work on the front end will make the rest of your guitar playing career a breeze, requiring a certain small amount of self care as needed to keep your arms happy.

Chris Liked It

"So I was basically ready to give up the guitar and felt like a failure because it has become such a vital part of my life, not to mention the money I have spent on it. But I must say that out of all of the things I have encountered on my guitar journey is meeting this website. This website is most likely the cure for tendonitis in the dictionary somewhere. I have bounced back within 4 days of buying the "reversing guitar tendonitis" book. 

It really has a lot to do with self care just like if you workout for two hours in a gym and NEVER stretch, you will REMAIN a locked up tense muscle. This program will help you avoid that if you can't follow it 100% even 80% will get you GREAT results." 

- Chris

From this thread: Wrist Tendonitis Guitar Player Fretting Hand

Just $29.97

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6 Reasons To Get
'Reversing Guitar Tendonitis'

Want to be pain free again?

There a lot of reasons that would have you want to get the 'Reversing Guitar Tendonitis' ebook, but here are six big ones.

Reason #1 - It Works

You have been looking for something that will deal with the SOURCE of the problem, not just the symptoms.

To correct a tendonitis issue, you need to REVERSE the structural mechanics that are causing your pain and disfunction.

It's amazing what you can do with the RIGHT tool. It's tough to play guitar with your feet. Just like it's tough to fix tendonitis from playing guitar with anti-inflammatories, rest, and splints and braces.

guitar playing guy getting tendonitis
Fix the Problem and
Get Back To Playing Guitar!

Reason #2 - Save Money 

The ebook is usually $39.97 but right now is only $29.97.

You can't beat that price. You've probably already spent a lot more than that, or at least, you will if you go the normal route of trips to doctors, etc.

Think of all the money you'll save if you follow the Guitar Tendonitis Protocol that you'll find on your ebook.

There's also a 12 month, no questions asked money back guarantee, so there's no risk.

Reason #3 - Now Or Never

Guitar players in pain have developed a SPECIFIC problem that is -uniquely- different from people that play other instruments and/or use computer keyboards and mouses, etc.

If you don't effectively deal with this specific factor, your pain won't go away, and can continue to get worse over time. It can even disable the use of your hand for playing guitar.

Learn how to find and eradicate this

Reason #4 - Never Hurt Again. 

You want to play guitar. And you want to play guitar soon. And you want to play guitar for the rest of your life.

You need to know how to keep this pain from coming back. It's a skill.

How valuable would it be for you to have the skill to keep your arm structures health and pain free, no matter how much you play guitar and/or work on the computer?

Reason #5 - Instant Download.

You could have the ebook in front of you in the next ten minutes, and by the end of the day you could be taking actions that will actually have you feeling better.

** No shipping and handling to pay, and no wait. If you ever lose your copy, I'll replace it for free.

Reason #6 - NEW! Support Email Series.

From day one you'll get a regular series of program support emails.

These emails will contain:

  • Reminders to stay in action doing the RIGHT actions
  • FAQ's of the most commonly asked questions and confusions about the program and self-treating your Wrist Tendonitis
  • Updates on where you 'should' be at at certain points, and what to think/know if you're not
  • Expansion on certain topics and treatment specifics
  • Fine Tuning of what you're doing to get the results you want

'Reversing Guitar Tendonitis'
Is Available Now

'The Reversing Guitar Tendonitis' program is here for you if you are in pain.

  • No big sales page
  • No scarcity sales tactics, there's plenty
  • No big stack of free bonuses that you don't really need or want
  • No time limits. Your ebook will still be here available for you later when you've tried everything else.

You can't beat the content, you can't beat the price, and there's no risk. If you don't like the ebook for any reason, I'll refund your purchase.

Get your 'Reversing Guitar Tendonitis' ebook right now and start making your hands, wrists, and forearms healthy again.

Just $29.97

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Immediate download with the Support Email Series
Secure Transaction.
Money Back Guarantee!

P.S. 'Reversing Guitar Tendonitis' will show you WHY you have pain, WHY you -still- have pain, and more importantly, HOW to make the pain go away and get back to playing guitar as much as you want to.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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