Achilles Tendonitis, surgery, recovery, still recovering

by James
(San Bruno)

My story is pretty simple.

I run every summer. This last summer, at age 48, by the end of July I had pain in my Achilles so bad I could barely walk.
After 6 months of rest and anti-inflammatory meds, I wasn’t any better. My doctor said my Achilles Tendonitis needed surgery if I wanted to get running again.

I had Achilles Tendonitis surgery on one side, then two months later on the other side.

It’s basically been 6 months, and I’m still rehabbing myself. I can’t run, but I can walk without pain, and I’ve been speed walking, and am about to get into short jogs and build up the strength of my tendons.

I admit it is taking longer than the doctor said it would and I’m not happy about that, but all in all, as long as I can be running -next- summer, I’ll be happy.


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