What Is Tennis Elbow?
The Facts And A Deeper Understanding Of How It Works

What is Tennis Elbow, you ask?

Tennis Elbow is what it's called when you have Tendonitis primarily located at the lateral epicondyle, the outside of your elbow joint. But really that consists of  structures in your forearm as well.

It's the slang term a general name, like calling it Elbow Tendonitis.

Also called Lateral Epicondylitis.

Like most physical issues and ailments, t's not a problem at all once you know how to deal with it....

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What Is Tennis Elbow?

Technically, Tennis elbow is a location of Tendonitis.  See:  What is Tendonitis?

Tennis Elbow is not actually an elbow problem. It is not a problem with the ligaments of the elbow, though they can become involved depending on your specific situation.

It's a 'problem' of the muscle, connective tissue, and tendon that attaches to your elbow bone. But people call it Elbow Tendonitis anyway.

On the other side of the forearm is Golfers Elbow....which makes them both qualify as Elbow Tendonitis.

Medial epicondylitis is also a cause of elbow joint pain.

What Is Tennis Elbow And What Causes Tennis Elbow?

While caused by many activities, the one most commonly associated with this type of overuse injury is Tennis and other racquet sports.

Ironically, only a small minority of individuals with Tennis Elbow injury and/or pain actually got it from playing tennis.

Typing, knitting, hammering, and other repetitive motion activities are all causes of Tennis Elbow, depending on what exactly and how exactly your are doing the activity.

Golfer’s Elbow is essentially the same kind of 'Elbow Tendonitis' with the same pain dynamic, but on the opposite side of the elbow/forearm.

If you have a sore elbow, feel around where you are hurting. You will feel some ache and if your press harder, some sharp pain. You will also feel skin on top of a mass of muscle (Extensors) and maybe some harder tissue that is the tendon(s) connecting muscle to the bone of your Lateral Epicondyle.

If you have pain in your elbow and forearm, and even more pain when you try to use your hand/arm, you probably don't need to find out more about Tennis Elbow Symptoms.

What Is Tennis Elbow?
Here's What You Need To Know About Elbow Tendonitis

Tendonitis is an irritation (made by several factors including muscle and connective tissue tightness, inflammation, nutritional insufficiency, and can include small wear and tear micro-trauma) of the forearm tendons and structures that attach to the Lateral Epicondyle of the elbow joint.

While some people like to call it Elbow Tendonitis I wish they wouldn't. It's inaccurate. There is no such thing as 'Elbow Tendonitis'.

Unfortunately, there -is- a Pain Causing Dynamic in the area that is bigger in scope than just the wear and tear injury on, and irritation of, the affected tendon(s).

Just like in every case of Tendonitis, the Pain Causing Dynamic is feeding on itself and making you hurt more and more.

And it will continue to.

And so far, you have not been helping it in the RIGHT way to make it better.

This Pain Causing Dynamic starts with tiny microtrauma of the tendon and tendon sheath, which leads to Pain.

Both cause your body's protective/healing response, Inflammation to kick in.

Inflammation makes you hurt even more.

When your body feels pain, the only way it has to protect you is to tighten up even more.

The tighter you are, the more you hurt, the tighter you get, the more microtrauma you get, the more pain you get, the tighter.....etc.

In short, muscles get tight from use, the tendon starts to get small injury, the body responds by tightening muscles and releasing locally a chemical that enhances your sensitivity to pain. Repeat.

Click here for more information on Tennis Elbow Pain

There are many Tennis Elbow causes.

Unfortunately, few of the commonly prescribed methods of dealing with Tennis Elbow are helpful, and almost none actually reverse the problem.

For instance, Tennis Elbow Braces aren't likely to beneficially help but will definitely prolong your suffering.

Let me say that a little differently....

They won't help the source of the problem. They won't 'fix' Tendonitis, or make the Pain Causing Dynamic go away. And your elbow tendonitis will slowly (or quickly) continue to get worse as you are 'supported' while you continue to aggravate your injury.

What Is Tennis Elbow? 
It Usually Goes Like This:

You notice and then suffer from Tennis Elbow pain for a while, and then when you realize that it’s not going to go away on its own, you go see a doctor.

Your doctor recommends one or more of:



Elbow Braces, and Anti-inflammatory medicine. When those don’t work, she ups the recommendation to Corticosteroid Shots. When that fails, the next step is Tennis Elbow Surgery When that fails, you’ll wish you had found this website much earlier :)

What is Tennis Elbow?

My Personal Theory

What is Tennis Elbow? My personal theory is that you don't really care what Elbow Tendonitis -is-. I think that you just want to know what to do to actually make it go away.

Am I right? Do you want your pain gone? Do you want to know how to keep it gone?

Keep visiting this page as I add other resources. The BEST thing you can do to get yourself out of pain RIGHT NOW (for free!) is to check out the How To Reduce Inflammation page for important background information and for the link that will take you to the Tennis Elbow Treatment page. Read the Treatment page and actually do what it says to do!

It's a fast, free, incredibly effective method for Tennis Elbow Relief, and it may be all you need to become pain free.

There are 3 Factors you must deal with when choosing an effective Therapy For Tennis Elbow. What you will find on the Treatment page gives you an idea of what that looks like.

What is Tennis Elbow? It is Elbow Tendonitis. And treating Tendonitis can be easily managed and even cured.

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