About Joshua Tucker
The Tendonitis Expert

Hello. I'm Joshua Tucker.

Professionally I focus on Carpal Tunnel and all forms of Tendonitis, and I have the experience and skill to deeply understand the dynamic (and more importantly, show you how to make it go away).

While Tendonitis is a mystery to western hospital medicine, the dynamic is really pretty simple to deal with once you know how.

I love helping people get out of long-term pain, quickly and easily. My favorite kind of client is someone who has had pain for years or decades, tried everything else that is out there but still has pain, and hopes against hope that there is a way to live pain free again.

I get a kick out of the look on their face when I work on them for ten minutes and they feel better than they've felt in years. And they have hope again.

Updated Program Is In The Works!
Feb 1st or sooner!

The bulk of my 19 years of experience is with repetitive strain injury like Carpal Tunnel, Tennis Elbow, Plantar Fasciitis, Shin Splints, Achilles and Wrist Tendonitis, etc.

I’m an active person, with a background in a variety of activities and the injuries that come with them. 

  • Whiplash?  Been there, done that.
  • Meniscus injury?  Yep.
  • Ruptured L5-S1 disc?  Ouch.
  • Torn ligament in the thumb?  No problem.
  • Fun times getting and getting rid of tennis elbow, achilles tendonitis, forearm pain, etc.  It's part of the learning curve.

In 2008 I shifted my focus from doing one-on-one therapy to producing and developing a line of "The Treatment That Works" DVDs and 'Reversing Tendonitis' ebooks, and this website.

Now instead of helping one person at a time, I can help hundreds even thousands at a time.

About 8,400 people a day land on www.TendonitisExpert.com and take a look around.

Last I looked, out of 64,444+ million websites in the world, currently www.TendonitisExpert.com rankes 157,126 in the world and 107,186 in the US (As per Alexa.com and close to the same on other site rank trackers).  

Not bad, I say to myself.  Not bad.

Joshua Tucker Can Show You How

Tendonitis and Carpal Tunnel are simple to deal with, once you have the RIGHT information.

It became clear to me that wrist pain and elbow pain and achilles pain (and all the other pains) from Tendonitis is absolutely unnecessary, but the vast majority of the population haven’t had access to the answer to their pain.

I am very interested in helping thousands of people at a time, and I will always love working with people one on one.

I went to the Brian Utting School of Massage in Seattle, WA.

At the time one of the top massage therapy licensing programs in the country, with a 16 month, 1,000 hour program, it provided in depth skill and training around 'fixing' Tendonitis problems. And I did over 600 hours of hands on supervised practice outside of class in that time (which is more than most massage therapists even go to school for).

A past professional member of the American Massage Therapy Association and the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals organization (as well as Nationally Certified), I spent the next 16 years in full time practice. This included working from a home office, renting space in a chiropractor’s office, and having an office in an office setting with other massage therapists and naturopaths/homeopaths and nurse practitioners.

I also did some office chair massage gigs and a wear-a-uniform massage job gig (right out of massage school) just to round out my experience.

My Pet Peeves

  1. When someone has seen different doctors and physical therapists for YEARS and still are in pain (it bugs me that so much time was wasted and so much needless suffering was allowed to continue).
  2. When I'm cooking in the kitchen and somebody tries to help or advise me. (Don't do that.)
  3. When I can't get to 200 points in Scrabble. (Shameful!)

I’ve spent many years doing volunteer work with an organization that provided massage services to AIDS patients, a small amount of time volunteering with children fighting cancer (at Children’s Hospital in Seattle), and injury and sports massage at various events.

I was one of two massage therapists working on the athletes at the CrossFit International Games (the last year at the Ranch and the first two years in LA).  

Having roamed around San Francisco and the Bay area and then Sacramento for years with Kerri Knox (about half of that time boondocking out of a 40' RV), we lived in Sacramento Ca for a couple years and Seattle for a couple years while we work of various projects. 

She is a long time ER/ICU nurse. Her website Easy-Immune-Health.com and her Functional Medicine practice is an amazing resource for unprecedented results for people with Chronic Illness.

Yes, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome are not a mystery and are curable, no matter what your doctor tells you.

And she can say 'eosinophilcesophagitis' quickly. It's hot!

Captain Wonder Ties The Knot

The only down side is that my one-eyed dog now lives with my parents and their two other dogs on 50 acres in Northern California.

I hope he thinks it’s a fair trade off.  I think he's way happier getting to run around all day and bark at racoons all night.

I look forward to working with you soon. Let me know how I can help.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., CMT
The Tendonitis Expert

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Updated Program Is In The Works!
Feb 1st or sooner!

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