Bicep Tendonitis

Having bicep pain, can't straighten your arm, can't work out?

Bicep Tendonitis could be the culprit.

And if it's not Bicipital Tendonitis, it could just be a Tendonitis dynamic of increasing muscle tightness and connective tissue shortness causing the problem. Hello Repetitive Strain and the issues that come with it!

Like all Tendonitis, with the RIGHT know-how and a little bit of effort, you can reverse the dynamic and get your arm working pain free again. Repetitive Strain Injury just needs the RIGHT self care and you can make it all go away.

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What Is Bicep Tendonitis?

Biceps Tendonitis is officially called Tendonitis of the Bicep Tendon.

Great, but what does that mean?

Great, but what does that mean?
upper bicep tendon tendonitis anatomy graphic
Bicep Tendonitis Can Be
At The Top End Too!

Technically it means your bicep tendon is inflammed.

Great, but what does that mean, really?

It means that SOMETHING is irritating your tendon and creating a pain dynamic.  

The REASON for the tendon being inflammed is far more important than the fact that a tendon is inflammed.

Here's what you need to know: 

Inflammation isn't the CAUSE of the pain. You didn't just get pain out of the blue for no reason.

Doctors tend to tell you to Rest, and they prescribe a variety of things like Corticosteroid Injections and Anti-inflammatories like Ibuprofen to treat the Process of Inflammation.

And they think for some reason that that will cure your Tendonitis, even though time and time again it doesn't. 

See:  What Is Tendonitis?

The problem is, Tendonitis is a DYNAMIC. It is a mechanism consisting of several factors.  Just dealing with one of those factors, and not even dealing effectively with that one factor, will always result in more pain and problem.

Tendonitis of the Bicep - Upper End Or Lower End

You can have Tendonitis of the Bicep tendon at either the top bicep tendon up at the shoulder connection, or at the lower end where it connects to the forearm. Or both.

USUALLY if people are complaining of Bicep Tendonitis, they're talking about the lower end. If there's a problem with the bicep tendon up at the shoulder, it's usually called Shoulder Tendonitis, because, well, the shoulder hurts. So it must be a shoulder problem right?

You have to REVERSE the tendonitis dynamic if you want your biceps tendonitis to resolve. It's the same dynamic, regardless of whether you have pain at the shoulder end or the elbow end.

The Bicep Tendonitis Dynamic

There are three main factors to the Bicipital Tendonitis mechanism.

  1. Muscles get tighter and stay tighter.
  2. Connective tissue shrink wraps, compressing and constricting structures.
  3. Some amount of inflammation, that becomes chronic.

Maybe things felt fine yesterday, and then you worked out, or gardened, or some such.

Today you can't straighten your arm, or can't straighten your arm without pain.

This will likely have you think that you have injured your self.

Here's why:

Over the years, you've used your muscles. They slowly get a little tighter, a little tighter, and then that new tightness becomes the new 'normal'.

Connective tissue shrinks down, constricting movement and telling the nervous system that things are tighter and harder to move.

Less circulation, meaning less new nutrition in, and less waste product out. This gets things a bit mucky in there.

At a certain point, there is an irritation and then a pain signal. Your body automatically compensates for this, and doesn't even tell you about it.

A process of inflammation kicks in.

Then one day, often out of the blue, you cross a threshold, and you feel pain and limitation.

This is the Tendonitis dynamic.


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I can't thank you enough and I thank God for sending your website and you to me.  Thank you again!"

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Bicep Tendonitis
Why Won't It Go Away?

Will your Bicep Tendonitis go away?


Go away for good? Unlikely.

It usually works out such that it hurts, it gets better, then the pain comes back and stays a little longer, it goes away but comes back a little quicker and a little worse.

It could be a one time tweak. And that's great.

But if your Biceps Tendonitis returns, it's predictable that it will return again. And again.

That's just the way the body and Tendonitis works. It's always changing a little bit....the Pain Causing Dynamic is always trying to get worse and your body is always trying to make it better.

But it's safe to say that, fast or slow, by default we're always in a Downward Spiral of progressive tightness and pain.

If you are an athlete or do heavy work, it may be useful to know that Tendonitis can create a weak spot in the structural integrity of your muscle, and can play a role in getting a Bicep Tendon Rupture.

If you don't have an -actual- bicep tendon tear or injury, but you can't straighten your elbow (or straighten your arm, depending on how you want to think about it), check out this thread on that specific topic: Help Identifying Inner Elbow Pain Can't Straighten Arm

How To Get Rid Of Bicep Tendonitis?

Either you just tweaked your structure and it's hurting and sore and tight, or you're looking for a solution to a longer term Bicipital Tendonitis dynamic.

What to do, what to do....

  1. Relax muscles.
  2. Open up constrictive connective tissue.
  3. Reduce inflammation.
  4. Deal with nutritional insufficiency

How do you do that?  Get my Reversing Bicep Tendonitis ebook.

Bicep Tendonitis really is one of the easier Tendonitis problems to deal with. It's easy to reach, easy to manipulate and move, etc. And half the time, the Bicep isn't even the problem.

It's just a matter of learning how to cure Bicep Tendonitis, and then ACTUALLY DOING THE WORK.

If you've tried rest and everything else your doctor has prescribed, and you're still hurting, it's no big surprise (to anybody but you) but it's certainly a big dissapointment. That was a lot of wasted time and effort.

Only the RIGHT methods done the RIGHT way are going to make a difference, and the only way to make a difference is to REVERSE the bicep tendinitis dynamic (and remember, it's a dynamic that you're dealing with).

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