The Free Facet Joint Program

Welcome to the start of your Free Facet Joint Program.

Yes it's free.   Why?


  1. it's not pretty.  Production values are low.  But, the content is what actually makes a difference
  2. Facet joint syndrome is/can be extremely painful.  In your back, it's hard to reach. So I'm telling you WHAT to do to make it better, but I'm not charging for it because results are all on you.
  3. This is not a fast fix (in most cases).  So it's not for everybody.  It's for people with motivation to get better, who have patience and are willing to be diligent about the self care.

Is there a catch?  Nope.

Really, what's the catch?  No catch.   

I'll tell you now though, some nutritional supplementation is required.  If you want to get out of pain you MUST take them.  

You don't have to get them from me. I do sell a set of nutritional supplements, and I'd LIKE you to get them from me.  You don't have to, you can get them locally or elsewhere on line.  But maybe you'll get them from me (at a competitive price) and I'll make a little off it.

So again, no catch.  If you buy the supplements from me, great.  If not, that's great too.

"Oh you're terrible you're just selling supplements!"  Nope.  I'm a really nice guy with an expertise that you need, I have given you a plan to get better that includes some needed nutrition, and I wouldn't complain if you bought them from me, nor will I complain if you don't.

See, I just lost some people right there.  People are funny like that online.  C'est la vie.

In the Free Facet Joint Program, you will learn

  1. WHY you have facet joint pain (no, it's not because of your facet joints, there's nothing wrong with them)
  2. WHY it doesn't just go away over time
  3. WHAT to do about it.

The WHAT to do about it includes

  1. Getting necessary nutrition into your body so it can have a chance to work correctly, so...Reversing the nutritional insufficiency factor
  2. Getting the too tight muscle and connective tissue that is compressing your vertebrae and your facet joints to not be too tight....Reversing the tightness factor
  3. Dialing down the Inflammation Process that is releasing pain enhancing chemical into your tissue, making things hurt and making tight muscles even tighter....Reversing the inflammation factor

See...I just lost some more people, because they read that and decided that it wasn't going to work so why bother.  And some people will walk away because it's free and thus of no value.  And some people would rather get surgery because hey that will magically make life better, right?  And some people would just rather live with terrible pain. 

Oh well, win some lose some.

I'm here for the people that want to fix their facet joint syndrome.

The Free Facet Joint program is super simple.  There's a learning curve of course as you learn to do the things I'll tell you to do/show you to do, but I'm keeping this thing as simple as possible (perhaps too simple, we'll see).

Nothing else has fixed your pain or your problem.   Nobody has told you how to get rid of the CAUSES of your facet joint pain.

Now somebody will.   Start the program.  Get started with the program.  Get to work.

Join the Free Facet Joint Program here

Right now it's web page based.  Soonish it will also be available on a phone app.

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