Want To Return My Levaquin Prescription

by G

I was recently prescribed Levaquin.

After reading your article I want to contact my doctor and tell her to send me a refund for the two prescriptions I purchased for my foot condition.

What should I do?


Joshua Comments:

Hi G.

We all make our own choices around health care.

The more we educate ourselves, the better choices we can make.

I'm certainly not going to tell anybody to take Levaquin or not to take Levaquin...

I'm sure you already have, but one would want to evaluate one's situation. Why were you prescribed Levaquin? In what Levaquin dosage? What are the alternatives? Do you even need alternatives?

Antibiotics, which are useless against virus issues, are prescribed for viral infections just to make people feel like they are getting care.

They are prescribed for Urinary Tract Infections, and because there are fast natural alternatives, prescribing something like Levaquin or Cipro that have the dangerous side effects that they do is, in my opinion, CRAZY.

And some things will just go away if allowed to run their course, especially when you get enough good nutrition and Vitamin D and such.

There are various questions to ask oneself (and I'm curious, of course. Tell me tell me!).

Can you even get refunds on prescriptions? That may be an interesting experiment. I can't imagine a doctor's office giving a refund for anything.

I have no idea what a pharmacy would do, though I imagine that they have policies around returning merchandise which include never giving a refund for prescriptions once they are filled.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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