Am I always going to have to live with Tendonitis pain?

by Tiffany Mataya

I was diagnosed with tendonitis on the right forearm over a year ago, and my question is why does the tendonitis go away and then as fast as it leaves it comes back hurting bad?

Am I always going to have to live with it?


Joshua Answers:

Hi Tiffany.

What I always say to this question is something like: If you don't do anything to -effectively- make tendonitis go away, then it's predictable that it will never go away.

Tendonitis pain comes and goes becaue the body is always trying to make you better. But the Tendonitis dynamic progressively makes structres tighter and has the nervous system respond with more Process of Inflammation.

Just because the pain goes away, doesn't mean that the Tendonitis goes away. It doesn't go anywhere unless you -make- it go away.

More questions, more answers.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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