Cervical Osteoarthritis

Cervical Osteoarthritis is not caused by age.  Let's get that out in the open right off the bat.

This osteoarthritis in the neck develops for a few very predictable reasons. It is avoidable.  It is reversible to some degree (depending on how far along you are with it).

Having said that, any cervical osteo arthritis that has developed so far WILL continue to get worse, quickly or slowly, if you don't do anything about it.  

So I'm glad you're here so you can learn what it is and what to do about it.

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What Is Cervical Osteoarthritis?

Cervical Osteoarthritis is, basically, osteoarthritis in the neck.

Great, so what does that mean?  

Your doctor will tell you that you have degeneration of your joints and a 'disease'.

Osteo arthritis is NOT a disease.  You -may- or may not have degeneration, but that's irrelevant.  Or at least, that's not the problem.

Cervical osteo arthritis is, technically, inflammation of one or more joint structures in the neck.

Unfortunately, the technical definition isn't going to help you at all.

What will help you is to understand the Causes Of Osteoarthritis.  That's what will give you access to the fix for the pain and problem.

My point is, in this scenario, the WHY is -much- more important than the WHAT.   See:  What Is Osteoarthritis   Everything there applies to you, but in the neck and shoulders area.

What Causes Cervical Osteoarthritis?

If you've got Osteoarthritis neck pain and reduced range of motion, there's definite reason why.

Impact injuries like car crashes, falling down the stairs, boxing, football, etc, all can and do cause Whiplash Neck Injury.

Essentially, there are two primary causes of cervical osteroarthritis:

  1. Impact injury (as from car accident, boxing, birth trauma, etc)
  2. The long term compressive effects of the Pain Causing Dynamic

See:  Causes of Osteoarthritis

What Do I Do About 
Cervical Osteoarthritis?

Well, since I'm presuming that you want to make all the pain go away, then you get to work making the pain go away.

"How do I treat Cervical Osteoarthritis?" you ask?  Great question.

First off, remember WHY the osteo arthritis in the neck developed.  That's the key.  

Then you go after those reasons with a vengeance:

  • You go after the muscle tightness that is causing compression of the joint.  
  • You go after the connective tissue constriciton that is causing restriction on the muscles and compression of the joint.
  • You go after the inflammation process that is causing pain and more muscle tightness that is compression the joint.
  • You take care of your nutritional status so your body is replete with the necessary nutrition required for optimal operation (so muscles can relax, so inflammation can dial down, so pain will reduce, so joint tissue can heal

The more effectively you do that, the more your Osteoarthritis symptoms will go away.

Remember, the important part is not the 'damaged joints', its the compression being applied by all the structures around the joint.  The joint has no chance if the compression and nutritional insufficiency does'nt get corrected.

My cervical osteoarthritis treatment plan is in the 'Reversing Whiplash' ebook.   The whiplash dynamic is the tendonitis dynamic is the osteoarthritis dynamic.  So all the tool you need are in there.

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