Chronic Forearm Pain From Playing Racquetball

by Matt
(Pittburgh, PA)

I have been playing racquetball and have chronic pain in my forearm. Occasional pain in the elbow also.

Stretching seems to help a little, but not completely. Is this tendonitis of the elbow or something different?


Joshua Answers:

Well, my first thought is that it is Tennis Elbow. That's just from what little info you gave me.

Answer these questions and I can make a more informed opinion.

1. How long have you had chronic forearm pain?

2. How long have you played racquetball?

3. Did you have pain before playing racquetball?

4. What else do you do with your hands/arms?

5. Please describe the Forearm pain, and the location.

6. Please describe the elbow pain, and the location.

Keep stretching. Gently, lightly, and often throughout the day. Whatever it is, longer, relaxed muscles are better than short, tight muscles.

Answer the above questions, and lets get this figured out. I'm happy to help.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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