chronic jaw tension, dizziness, and possible sinus infection

by Lana

I've been suffering from extreme jaw tightness and dizziness for 5 months now. I am at the point where I feel completely hopeless.

So many of the doctors an "specialists" I've seen know absolutely nothing, and simply try to get me to buy something from them. Nothing they have said to me indicates they have significant knowledge of the things I'm going through.

I'm turning to you based upon what I've been reading on your website. You seem like an expert and I'd love your input.

It started with a floating/drunk kind of feeling, and I experience it every single day since October 2011. It came with deep, deep pressure behind my nose (like sinus area), into my back upper teeth, headaches. I first thought it was a sinus infection but after x-rays and CT scan, it showed no infection whatsoever.

Started to get pain behind my right eye, deep ache in my right ear, and local heat coming from that ear (noticed this when taking my temperature and my right ear keeps showing a low grade fever, left ear normal)

Soon after I started to get tightness in my throat, sometimes like a golf ball was stuck in there. Tightness feels mostly in my soft palate and immedate back of throat area.

This was then folowed by a progressively worse jaw tightness that radiates into my temples (temples, especially the right one, is sore to touch). I have headaches in my temples everyday and also behind my ears, back of head, forehead and of course the maxillary sinus area.

My doctor said it's anxiety and gave me a presciption for Cipralex. I reluctantly used it for a month and nothing changed at all, so I stopped it. Tried muscle relaxants and they did NOTHING. Advil lessens headaches but deep pressure and tightness is always there.

Got an NTI device made for my mouth at night to lessen the impact of clenching on my back molars (and hence, my masseters). After $500 and two nights, I developed pain and locking in my LEFT jaw. Very disheartened. Haven't used the device in several weeks and the left jaw pain and locking still exists.

Been to a chiropractor twice and she's done myofascial release and some trigger point therapy intraoral, masseters and neck muscles. She's also twice done acupunture. No changes wahtsoever. Is it still too early to do anything?

I'm just wondering if you think jaw tendons are involved here and if so what the heck to do about it. Massaging my jaw muscles and neck muscles, as well as neck stretches, brings only temporary relief. By temporary I mean literally about one minute before everything starts cramping up in my jaw again.

I'm thinking now about trigger point injections and steroid treatment but I don't know if I'm just desperately grasping at straws.

I don't understand why everything keeps going back to the cramped and tight position whenever I stretch or massage. The dizzy/floaty feeling and daily headahces and intense pressure are too much to bear 5 months later. I have three young children and am unable to be as effective as I should be as a parent. This saddens me tremendously. Any thoughtful guidance and suggestion and advice are HUGELY appreciated.

please note: I paid for the "quick response" option and
await your response! Thank you!


Joshua Answers:

Hi Lana. (I changed your name to make it extra anonymous. I usually don't, but did this time.)

Ouch. That doesn't sound fun at all.

Sounds serious to me. Not necessarily 'dangerous' serious, but it's interesting to me that your doctors haven't paid much attention. It doesn't sound like run of the mill TMJ, and sounds like there's some infection involved. I'm not a doctor nor do I deal with systemic issues, but I have a couple suspicions. I'll have Kerri take a look to see what she thinks once you answer the questions below.

I have some more questions before I start talking, but let me say just a couple things first.

1. The doctor that said it's 'just anxiety' is a quack and a danger to his patients. That's just my humble opinion, of course.

2. There are a few very good reasons why muscles get locked, or said another way, there's specific reasons why muscles can't relax. We'll talk about that.

3. I understand 'hopeless'. When my ruptured disc was bad, I spent some time screaming into a pillow until I passed out, because there was nothing else to do about it but scream into a pillow until I passed out....

Let's try to solve this puzzle before it gets close to that.


1. Health history. Detailed. History of headaches? Were you fine 6 months ago? Details.

2. History of car crash, fallign down the stairs or off a horse, broken bones, boxing matches, etc?

3. Your 3 children are yours, in the sense of you were pregnant with them? (This is a 'how much nutrients did you lose from pregnancy' question.)

4. How were your pregnancies? Easy? Problematic?

5. How old are you kids, in relation to when this started?

6. Are they having any health issues?

7. Where do you live (really looking to see how much sunshine you get)? Alternately, do you know what your Vitamin D level is? If you don't, get a level taken.

6. Are you an anxious person? Type A personality (go go go always busy fast mind etc)?

7. What happened in October 11? or before that?
Were there any highly stressful occurrences, like death in the family, divorce, get fired, etc?

8. Did you travel anywhere, drink water from a new/unfamiliar source, get food poisoning, in the relatively recent past? H Pylori bacteria overgrowth, for instance, can cause some mighty strange symptoms.

9. How's your digestion, recently and historically?

10. How's your energy levels, recently and historically?

Answer the above so I can get a more clear picture of what's going on, and we'll go from there.

Please reply using the comment link below. Do not submit a new submission to answer/reply, it's too hard for me to find where it's supposed to go.


Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Comments for chronic jaw tension, dizziness, and possible sinus infection

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Mar 18, 2012
response to questions
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your speedy response, Joshua!
Here are the answers to your questions:

1. No major health issues. No headaches at all prior to this onset. In fact, I used to brag about how I rarely if ever got a headache.

2. No car accidents, falling down stairs, etc. I went snokelling once last August and had a very hard time with it and had to give up, but no "accident" involved.

3, 4 & 5. I've had three normal pregnancies. No difficulties with the pregnancies or delivery. They are between the ages of 7 and 11.

6. None of them have any serious health issues.

7. In Sept '11 my mother passed away. It was just as I began coping better with her passing that these symptoms set in.

8. Was in Cancun, Mexico in August '11 (hence the snorkelling I mentioned above). I didn't have any food poisoning or problems when I was there or when I came home. I never thought about H. Pylori though I always thought it was more of a stomach issue.

9. Very good bowel habits and no unusual digestion issues.

Vitamin D - I did get my levels checked with recent bloodwork and it was low. Curently supplmenting with 4,000 IUs of Vit D along with a multi, Cal/Mag, 5,000 mcg B12 and Omega-3. Just started this a few weeks ago.

Personality - definitely a stress/worrier type person. I've really been working on that and had done some EFT on my own.

Energy levels - have pretty much always been low since adulthood. I should mention I also did one session of Cranial-Sacral Therapy but didn't notice any difference in symptoms.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this as well as the whole muscles-refusing-to-relax thing. Sometimes I get really mad at my body like, "Why are you doing this??" But then I think it's just responding to some attack. The problem of course is not knowing what kind of attack it is!

Mar 18, 2012
forgot to mention...
by: Anonymous

I forgot to mention that I did have an x-ray, CT scan and endoscopic exam of my sinuses and it all came back negative for an ENT pathology. I REALLY thought it was a sinus infection, possibly a stubborn fungal one, even though I had no discharge whatsoever. But the tests proved it otherwise.


Joshua Comments:

Ahhh, tests.

Sometimes they're proof positive, sometimes not.

So. Three main points.

1. Type A personalities have high Magnesium requirements.

2. Major stress issues can/do catapult a system into a downward spiral. I'd put money on that it's no coincidence re: the timing of the onset of this. That timing is very common for people and health issues.

3. Nutritional status: babies suck nutrition out of you, figuratively and literally. We don't eat well enough to replace it (US diet sucks). Type A pulls more magnesium that you replace. Magnesium is required to deal with stress. You were already short on Magnesium, body wasn't able to deal with stress -> downward spiral.

So. First things first. See my Magnesium for Tendonitis page.

Then see Kerri's: Magnesium Dosage page, and associated pages.

She's really the one you should be talking to right now. She commonly deals with your situation, from a systemic perspective that includes nutrition, but also related systemic directions including: adrenal fatigue, cortisol and other hormone levels out of whack, various inflammatory issues, and possible bacterial overgrowth (h pylori) or parasite issues.

When the body can't deal with stress it sets you up for the onset of things your body then can't fight off very well (bacteria, parasite).

H Pylori causes a whole host of random symptoms. Probably not the issue with you, but that's a case where testing is a very good thing, if indicated.

First thing to do is get a bunch of magnesium into you and see what happens.

Think of it like water. If you don't drink enough water, your body fails to work. Same thing with magnesium. So don't think about it like a supplement, think about it like water (but DO pay attention to Tolerance Level!)

More questions, more answers.

Mar 21, 2012
Joshua asked me to comment
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!


Joshua asked me to comment on this thread. So, my first thought is YIPES! That is really strange. If it's not a sinus infection or a chronic ear infection, I don't know what that is. Have you seen an ENT to rule out a condition known as mastoiditis, which is an infection of the mastoid bone behind the ear? It 'should' be seen on a CT scan, and is almost always accompanied by an ear infection. So, it's a long shot, but worth asking about.

Next, have any of your laboratory tests shown a high WBC count? That's an indication of an infectious process and is usually elevated if there is an infection. However, if you have not had any fevers or anything of that sort in the long time that you've had this, that seems to rule out an infection since an infection doesn't keep festering over months and years, but usually ends up becoming an acute problem with fever at some point.

So, assuming that this is NOT an infection, it certainly sounds as though Joshua's advice to get magnesium and lots and lots of it into you is a good idea. Maybe that is not the whole answer, but it certainly sounds like there is an element of muscle tension/cramping that is the hallmark of magnesium deficiency.

The other thing that I would suggest, is to read my pages on Gluten Sensitivity. While your issue is certainly not 'typical' of gluten sensitivity, the problems that are resolved on a gluten free diet are SO diverse and sometimes so crazy and seemingly unrelated that ANYTIME someone has a problem that their docs have given up on, I always recommend a two month trial of a gluten free diet.

Maybe it sounds weird, but I have seen weirder things resolve from a gluten free diet and it's certainly worth a try since your life has been so devastated by this. But also get onto tons of magnesium. I'd also recommend using magnesium gel and rubbing it right into your face and jaw where the pain is the worst.

Kerri Knox, RN

Mar 21, 2012
by: Anonymous

It's interesting you mention magnesium. I forgot to mention that along with the the other supplements I mentioned that I've been taking about 600mg of magnesium citrate at bedtime. My thought is that it would help with the nighttime clenching but I'm not sure if it's helping with that issue. I've been taking it for about a month now, so I don't know if it should have "kicked in" by now or if it's still too early to tell. I will definitely go to Kerri's page to read more.

Your website really is a wealth of information! I was reading about the icing you recommend for tendonitis and wondered if you think it's worthwhile for my jaw situation?


Joshua Comments:

Rub the jaw, definitely. Not ice massage so much, but try it out and see how it goes (I find it more annoying then helpful so just do non-ice rubs).

More magnesium. 600mg isn't bad, but I'm guessing it's far from enough. Work your way up to and then push Tolerance Level.

Keep us updated.

More questions, more answers.

Jun 12, 2012
Solved My TMJ Problem
by: Emerson

For at least 7 years I've suffered from chronic tension headache, dizziness, floating, nausea, various head pains and fatigue. I went to a Relax The Back store and the guy said my symptoms sound like what a local doctor specializes in. It's chiropractic under the name The Blair Method or something like that.

After tests and X-Rays the doctor said it appeared my Atlas Vertebra was out of position because of trauma. I've had more than my share of head injuries. Anyway, he pushed it back into position and immediately the dizziness and floating stopped 80-ish percent.

He also told me the lift I was told to wear in my right shoe twenty years ago is wrong because my legs are not a different length. Imagine all the damage I've been doing all these years running and lifting weights. I imagine the rehab will be for a good number of months but at least I'm on the right track. I'm hoping the head pressure goes away.


Joshua Comments:

Yep, there's definitely that too.

Magnesium is vital, some good/skilled chiropractic can help, appropriate jaw work, maybe neck/shoulder work too.

It just all depends on what one has going on.

For the record, 80% isn't 'solved'. But it's definitely FAR better! A quick 80% better is a win in my book.

And lifts and orthotics, yeah...I'm not a fan.

Jun 24, 2012
I have all of Lana's symptoms too
by: Patman

For a year now I have been suffering from Jaw and neck tension. I first noticed it when I was working in Australia. It got severe to the point I couldnt open my mouth without a struggle one day at work and had to leave. It takes a lot for me to go to a doctor about anything. I went and the doctor told me it was stress. I dont stress but what he said did irritate me to the point of clenching my teeth.

I recently had a lumber surgery after a year and half of very bad sciatica which progressed and had to be operated on. Immediately after my surgery my symptoms of jaw/neck tension where gone and amazingly I was so impressed and overwhelmed by this that I forgot about my bad leg for the first ten minutes after I woke up.

Once I left the hospital the jaw tension started building again. 7 days after my surgery I started suffering Headaches, pressure headaches. gradually over the 6 weeks recovery I started getting very dizzy as well/headaches/pain around eyes and the jaw tension was back with vengeance!

Now its like my left jaw and neck is hot and sore. My jaw when I move it in and out on the left side makes these horrible swishing noises like there is fluid moving about or something grinding. My left Jaw bend is also harder and more swollen than the right side. I have a pain going around my head. Its like if i was wearing hair band going around my ears and hairline.
Thats where the pressure pain is. Ringing in the ears too.

A suspected craniosacral fluid (CSF) leak was ruled out after a brain MRI scan at 11weeks. Discs appear to be ok too, according to the neurosurgeon. Now Iv been referred for a neck scan and to an ENT. This is where I am now. Im struggling with work. Like... Im battling day to day. Everyday is a win but its starting to get me now. Going to bed is nothing i look forward to, its like my brain is a ball in water and its spinning. I get lots of nightmares and I cant get my neck comfortable. Its the strangest thing sometimes I wake up in the night and im extra dizzy and it feels a bit like my tongue is getting pulled down my throat. I feels as though my glands are hard on my left side and tender. Hopefully Mr ENT will do something. I really feel for Lana. I dunno how she manages this with three kids. I take cod liver oil, garlic and multivitamins. Sometimes I take zinc tablets because they seem to help my nerve problems in left leg and helps my health in general. Iv stopped taking them now. I don't take pain killers. The worst thing is not knowing what it is.

Please do give me some advice.

Jun 25, 2012
re: Emerson's comment
by: Anonymous

Emerson, it was interesting to hear about your experience with the atlas procedure as I have been thinking about that possibility. Just curious to know how many visits/adjustments you had and if you're still feeling the 80% improvement?

Jun 25, 2012
Patman on chronic jaw tension, dizziness, and possible sinus infection
by: The Tendonitis Expert

Joshua Comments:

Hi Patman.

It's interesting how all your jaw pain went away when your brain was distracted by the surgery.

Question: Did they give you any IV nutrition in the hospital during/after surgery?

It's interesting you say you don't stress. Everybody stresses. Everybody deals differently with it. The brain will actually distract you from stress by creating a very real pain dynamic.

So the jaw thing could be 'in your head', as they say, but in a way where the physical aspects are very real.

'I don't stress' plus the total absence of symptoms after surgery make me very curious. Get 'Healing Back Pain' by Dr. John Sarno. Substitute 'back' with 'jaw'.

Also, get the free The Tapping Solution ebook. And use/try that on the jaw pain/tightness.

I can't say enough about 'Tapping'. Even when I think it's dumb as I'm using it, it can be surprisingly effective.

My sense is that there is actually a lot of mental aspect to your scenario.

Having said that, many of those symptoms sound magnesium deficiency related, including the tinnitus. So follow the Magnesium suggestions.

Question: Do you have a history of car accident(s), falling off a horse, boxing, any other whiplash causing event?

Question: Swishing noise, like fluid moving when you move your jaw? Say more about that.

Oct 08, 2012
so horrible
by: Anonymous

I have. Hurting. Jaw. Too. I can. Empthy. Withyou. I need to cgo. Too the dentist. I mabie have jaw infection. Too. Hope. We both. Get. Well

Dec 05, 2012
Tightness of jaw causing issues with palate and trapping sinus drainage
by: 4 Years of This Pain :(

Is that even possible? I've been dealing with the symptoms that the first commenter mentioned for 4+ years. Assumed sinus problems and was told repeatedly that nothing showed up on x rays or CT scans. Then one day I went in (I'm persistent when I'm in pain!) and they saw that my head was slam full of infection. Surgery was scheduled for the next day. After surgery, even months after surgery, I was in MUCH more pain than before. It was like everything was just trapped up there in my head and could not drain out.

Side bar- I was in an abusive relationship (mental/emotional/verbal) when this started. My jaws are where I hold my tension and they've never been as tight as they were when I was married to this man and for the years that followed.

When I was young, I had braces b/c the orthodontist saw a pattern that my jaws were going to cause me issues. I did not wear the retainer (ugh) and I do believe now that my jaws have done exactly what he said they would do.

My teeth have suffered (4 root canals in a 2 year span). My migraines are off the chart. My head constantly hurts.

Does this sound even plausible at all?


Joshua Comments:

Hi 4Years.

Yes, it all sounds totally plausible.

Before I comment further, what did you mean by "Is that even possible?" ?

Jan 25, 2013
Muscle Tightness in Jaws
by: Leon

I have been experiencing muscle tightness in jaws upper and lower... doctors think its anxiety i am also experiencing ringing in ear like there is some sort of infection going on it has caused dizziness.

I had cat scans done and have found nothing. Can you please let me know what help i need. I tried magnisum in a low dosage but stopped i was getting stomach sensitivity.



Joshua Comments:

Hi Leon.

You didn't leave an email nor check the notifications box, so I hope you find this.

You describe the symptoms of magnesium deficiency.

And if the gut is extra sensitive to 'low dose magnesium', that's actually a sign that you NEED magnesium. So you might need to focus on topical application for a while while pusing the oral intake (broken up in small amounts frequently throughout the day).

Hot Epsom Salt baths, and Transdermal Magnesium Gel (opens in new window).

This thread is relevant for you. Read the whole thing.

Also see: Tendonitis Of The Jaw

Feb 13, 2013
Jaw incident
by: Percy

Hi, Josh.

I'm 20 years. I had a little incident. Last week, I was holding a flashlight with my mouth, and at one point, it literally slipped and held it with my teeth and acted as a lever that opened my mouth, not aggressive. There was no pain, only a scare after jaw movement and sound like a click in the left joint, like when a finger ring.

When I check in the mirror, I realized that when I open my mouth at the peak, there is a small bump, so imperceptible, that pulls the jaw two millimeters to the right. When I get close, leaving the peak, the jaw with a pull back their way nomal imperceptibly. Whenever I do that, never hurts, often click, but I'm afraid that's worse. Very rarely clicks very strong. Anyway, I can open my mouth normal, I can eat normal and talk normal. But I'm afraid that's worse.

Now, muscles seem tired for doing a job they are not used to doing. And I feel that the muscles become inflamed. I even feel a lump near the jawline (not just in the jaw line). I don't know if tired muscles give the feeling that I have jaw something subluxated. Do the muscles would cause those clicks? How long will the muscles recover? I think I have a strained muscle and that causes a dull pain in the cheek, not the jaw joint. Because there are times when the jaw joint does not clicks. :)


Joshua Comments:

If the muscles on one side are tighter than the muscles of the other side, they'll pull the bone towards that side. That applies to a single side, or both sides.

If you forcefully dislocated your jaw just a little bit, then potentially you stretched a ligament(s). Or your muscles and nervous system are jazzed up at the moment.

1. Massage the inside and outside of your jaws, both sides, inside and outside of the mouth. Gently. Relax it all.

If it gets worse, let me know.
If it gets better, let me know.

May 26, 2013
h pylori treatment and now all sorts of pain and problem
by: shar

I have been tested positive for her pylori, taken 2week triple therapy and symptoms started to disappear after stopping the antibiotics all 5he symptoms have come back plus some. .. started with abdominal pain (in which they removed my appendix) to no avail. Then told me up had h pylori, from an endoscopy with slight gastritis. I now have deep right eye pain, morning nausea, abdominal pain but not as severe, diareha one day constipated the next dizziness when I stand, extreme anxiety and now I have cramping in muscles and joints, jaw pain and pain in top of my head which is think are caused by anxiety. Please help mother of 2 and unable to function.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Shar. Sorry to hear that.

SOunds like the h pylori treatment A. didn't work and B. it killed the good bugs that were trying to keep the bad bugs at bay and now there's been a big overgrowth of h pylori.

Having said that, it's definitely not my field of expertise. Go to Kerri's site and start with this page H Pylori Bacteria, and talk with here there.

Having said that, did you take any fluoroquinolone antibiotic like Cipro or Levaquin or Avelox?

May 26, 2013
update on my health from Lana
by: Anonymous

Hi Joshua,

This is Lana, the original poster of this thread! I thought I'd give an update on where I am at with my original health concerns. It's been over a year since I first posted, and sadly my symptoms persist. However, 2 months ago I started doing a few different things and am feeling about 50% better (maybe even a bit more). It seems that my problems stem from a muscular imbalance and started working with a personal trainer and a PT who have expertise in postural-related problems. Here's what I've been doing:

1. Strenthening exercises for lower traps, rhomboids, serratus anterior, deep neck flexors, cervical paraverterbral extensors, core and glutes

2. Thoracic extension exercises on foam roller daily

I still can't fathom the fact that a muscular imbalance can cause such bizarre symptoms. From what I understand, if neck, upper back and core muscles are weak then the body calls upon other muscles of the body to compensate in order to keep the body erect. These muscles that overcompensate (jaw, scm, scalenes, suboccipitals, etc) aren't designed for stability but rather movement and so are forced to do double-duty, hence exhausting them and setting them up for pain.

I do have a couple of questions though that I'd really appreciate your insight on at this point:

1. Shouldn't I be further along in my recovery with 2 months of dedicated exercise? Maybe I'm just fed up and impatient but I really thought I'd be feeling closer to full recovery with all that I'm doing. Am I just being unrealistic?

2. Headaches - these have persisted, are more intense in the last 6 months, and are daily. I don't get this and I do believe they are muscular in nature. They are one-sided on the right that start at the base of my skull and radiates up and out to behind right eye, right temple and behind and in right ear. What brings them on can be specific or random. Definitely if I sneeze or cough the headahces start. Also if I look down for an extended period of time (like when I'm chopping vegetables or doing dishes) they start. Oddly also when I use my right arm a lot they start (though I have no pain or discomfort in my arm). The muscles on the right side of my neck are very, very tight and even with all the upper trap/scm stretching combined with strenthening exercises mentioned above, they won't release. I'm wondering if there are adhesions or scar tissue or something there. Am I missing something?

Again, Joshua, any insight or guidance you can provide to me is truly appreciated!

Jul 21, 2013
Jaw and temple pain
by: Anonymous

I am 23 and for the last 3-4 days ,i have a pain in my temples,along with a pain in my jaw bones .i cant stretch my jaws easily.also it is not easy to swallow.and i get pain in my ears.I dont know what this is,please help.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

Sounds like a cold/flu or other infection, but I don't know, so here's my guesses and questions, see which ones sound like possibles.

1. Ear infection. Do you have pressure in your ears

2. Other you have a fever, cold/flue symptoms, etc?

3. Have you traveled to a foreign country lately?

4. What's your Vitamin D level?

5. Did this come on fast or slow?

6. Taken any antibiotics lately? If so, how much and what kind?

7. History of car crash, falling down the stairs or off a horse, boxing, or other possible source of neck/head trauma?

Jul 21, 2013
Joshua Replies to Lana's Update
by: The Tendonitis Expert

Hi Lana.

I didn't have the
Reversing Whiplash Tendonitis ebook done 2 years ago, but it sounds like you could benefit from it now.

1. Shouldn't you be further along after 2 months of therapy? Ideally, yes, but realistically, it seems not.

2 months of therapy that doesn't adequately target all the right factors isn't necessarily going to provide any benefit.

You're 50% better, that's great. But we hit plateaus (not getting better) because pain shows up for multiple reasons, and if you don't address all the reasons, your body can't get all the way back to 'ideal'.

2. Headaches. I'm going to assume that you've ruled out medical issues like brain tumors and the like.

If you look down for a while and get headaches, and/or use your arm for a while and get headaches, combined with 'super tight' neck muscles etc, then that makes a good case for 'tension headaches', such that tight muscles, specifically the suboccipitals, compress the vertebral arteries that run through them, thus reduced blood flow to the brain, thus headaches.

There can be other muscles involved, of course, and there are, but that's a main one. Sometimes I get a tension headache, work my suboccipitals for a while, and it tones down or goes away completely.

When neck muscles like the scalenes (front and side of the neck/spine) are stuck too tight, then they can cause all sorts of problems too, including headache.

3. You didn't say anything about nutrition so I'm going to go with that you haven't been doing anything with nutrition. If your body doesn't have the right nutrition, your body can't operate properly. Including but not limited to, your muscles literally can't relax (to some degree) and thus stay too tight....and then connective tissue continues to pain and recurring pain and problem.

Personally, I'd get the ebook and follow what it says to do (regardless of whether you have 'whiplash' or not, you have everything that comes with whiplash).

4. Having said all the above and then having reread the earlier conversation/thread, whats' happening with the sinus symptoms?

Jul 22, 2013
Jaw and temples
by: Anonymous

Thankyou for the reply.Answers for the questions:

1:It could be ,but i dont have any ear pressure.

2:I dont have any infections,but twice i have felt shivers.

3:no foreign travels.

4:i havent had my vitamin levels checked.i do take iron and vitamin supplements.

5:it started with pain in my temples and then to my jaws.right now i have tightness in my jaws.

6:no antibiotics

7: i was in a road accident when i was 7,my foot was injured but i did not have any injury to my head.although my chin was stitched because of a deep cut. I dont know what could be the reason .

Thanks again for the reply.


Joshua Comments:

Well, no foreign travels, probably no foreign gut bugs.

You haven't take Cipro or Levaquin or any other fluoroquinolone antibiotic, that's super good.

See the Magnesium For Tendonitis link/page farther down the thread. Lack of magneisum keeps muscles locked tight, which causes tension headaches etc. That's a big one, I'd start there.

Make sure your Vitamin D level is between 50-80 ng/ml.

Aug 19, 2013
Neck stiffness, lightheaded
by: Anonymous

Hi all, I am a 29yr male and have been experiencing a number of these symptoms for about a month.

The back of my neck feels extremely tight and clenched most of the time. Occasionally, it has woken me up in the middle of the night feeling like someone is clamped down on my neck. Very unnerving.

I also have alternating feelings of head heaviness and lightness. When heavy, I feel pressure in a band around the back of my neck, and in the temples and sinuses in forehead and cheeks. It isn't painful but mainly just pressure.

The lightheadedness symptoms are when I feel sort of floating, but not nauseous. I especially notice it with motion such as when I turn my head. It feels like my head is bobbing, and I feel clumsier than usual, not as precise with my motions.

Lately, I've also had a bit of jaw stiffness. There is a spot on the bottom back left point of my jaw that is sore to the touch.

The front of my throat also feels quite harder than I remember, possibly around the thyroid and especially on the right side.

I am a very high strung individual and a chronic worrier. I am not taking any anxiety medications currently. I have moderately high blood pressure that fluctuates between 120's and 140's for systolic and about high 60's to high 80's diastolic. I am on a very low dose of Lisinopril 2.5mg. I was previously on 10mg but have since cut my pill in 1/4ths since I had been making some lifestyle changes, losing weight, and not loving the side effects of the med. I had heard it can potentially cause liver issues and I have had a chronic cough with clear mucus. Because of that, I've been wanting to eventually get off of Lisinopril.

I also take Omeprazole for GERD/silent reflux 1x per day.

My vitamin D levels have been quite low, around 34 on my most recent test. They had been around 20 about 6 months ago. I've since been taking a 2000IU pill each day. Should I be taking more?

I bought some calcium, magnesium, zinc supplements but havent been taking it. I took it once, and that night I had total insomnia the entire night where I didn't feel tired and didn't even sleep 5 minutes, so I've been scared to take it since.

I've talked to a few friends who research alternative medicines who suggested my issues could be spinal. I do have quite a few sore places along my spine, a few spots up high, a few in the middle, and a few down low, that are definitely sore to the touch.

I had been visiting a chiro/nutritionist, but I recently moved across the country last week, so I haven't been adjusted recently. The move and changes most likely have added to my stress. The nutritionist said it could be liver related as well.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

I need more info. Give me a detailed health history and expand on the symptoms.

Jun 29, 2014
jaw stiffness and omeprazole
by: Anonymous

I too have not been right have jaw and neck stiffness everyday comes and go during the day stays for a gr or so i get a buzz feeling after a cigg.

I heard some people say they felt this way taking omeprazole so u may want to check that out.

Jul 08, 2014
jaw and neck tightness with joint and stomach pain
by: Anonymous

Get off the omeprazole its what causes the tight jaw seems other meds for gerd does too.

I'm going through this myself and it lead to a mini stroke.

Jul 11, 2014
One more thing to check..
by: Anonymous

Lana, I know you posted this a while back but here's my take on it.

I had similar symptoms for years, lightheaded, trouble waking up, falling asleep, super tight jaw sinus pain galore. had two sinus surgeries and always blamed it on the sinuses, but 9 times out of 10 I would get a ctscan and be clear, no infection. did the NTI device, CPAP, you name it, I have tried it.

Besides your symptoms two things key me to my recommendation. A vitamin D deficiency, and the stress of your mother's passing.

This could have stressed your adrenals and in turn caused hypothyroidism (excessive cortisol for long periods of time can shut the T4 to T3 conversion, creating excess Reverse T3). This lingers even after the stress is resolved.

Google Dr. Rind, he has a nice symptom matrix you can explore to identify with. You can also measure you body basal temperature to coarsely confirm you are hypo, and/or have adrenal insufficiency. Armed with that go to a Doctor that understands adrenal fatigue and hypothyroidism. (not an endocrinologist).

I have very similar symptoms and once I ordered tests validated I was indeed hypo, and had to strengthen my adrenals.

Another good sites to read up on this is stop the thyroid madness . com and articles by Dr. Chris Kresser.


Joshua Comments:

Thanks anonymous for the comments.

1. Yep. Vitamin D is a hormone that's basically at the base of our body regulation/operation.

The vast majority of people in the US are insufficient/deficient.

2. Stress eats up nutrition. Illnesses/physical dysfunction often follows periods of intense stress (loss of job, loss of a loved one, car crash, etc), primarily due to that one becomes nutrient insufficient because the stress mechanism used it up and left you short on it.

3. I'd suggest functional medicine practitioners, they get my vote as they can effectively deal with adrenal fatigue and the vast majority of hospital doctors don't know anything about it.

Kerri of is an example of a great functional medicine practitioner, and there's LOTS of good related info on her site.

Jan 26, 2015
by: Anonymous

Hi! I had the same problem all kind of problems and suddenly I had gum disease.

My dentist wrote a letter for hospital, because my eyes and mouth were dry + I have swollen knots around my jaw line.

Now I have Sjögren's syndrome. Feeling very tired all the time.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

My dentist tells me that clenching/grinding one's teeth at night wears down the gum and boneline.

So chronically tight jaws, meaning, chronic jaw tension, can be one factor leading to gum problems.

Sjögren's is primarily a problem of inflammatory foods and Leaky Gut
Leaky Gut (will open a new page from Kerri's site).

Systemic inflammation and nutritional insufficiency/deficiency leads to fatigue, chronic fatigue, and a host of other possible problems.

Mar 02, 2015
@lana @josh
by: Anonymous

So I was told repeatedly that I have tmj...the supposed cause of my severe headaches, jaw popping sound,ear aches, dizziness, nausea, imbalance, pain behind my eye when I look down or up, tightness in my face muscles near my ear from my temple area tip my lower jaw..

I also began to have very bad sinus issues, lots of mucus and nose blowing eventually somewhat losing my taste and and smell of food. I Went to an ENT SPECIALIST AND THEY FOUND A MASS GROWING ON MY PALLET, BEHIND MY EYE which was pushing against my eye and ear causing all of these problems..

I had it removed and now I think it's growing back a year later! I went to many many Ent' s and the E.R. but they all said it was stress and anxiety caused and that they found no problems with me except for the tmj possibly cause by a dental problem or stress causing it...keep checking it out! Go to a specialist!

Apr 13, 2015
Eagle Syndrome
by: Agnes

Hello, to everybody that have neck, head, sinus, nose and teeth pain. Verify your styloid process.

I'm suffering the same pain for 7 months and finally I have diagnosis- Eagle Syndrome (too long styloid process) very rare disorder that need to be operate.

None of medical coud give me the diagnosis, finally the jaw surger cobfirmed it. Good luck.

Regards Agnes

Apr 28, 2015
Same symptoms: need help
by: Anonymous

Hi I am 22 years old and i am currently going through very similar symptoms.

My symptoms are:
severe tightness/pressure on my upper palate, jawline, mostly right side, nasal congestion, no energy, pressure behind my head and eyes.

The most disturbing symptom is my eyes. I am not able to look at computer or tv for more than 20 min. I have photophobia. I went to doctors specialists and even Chrioropracter but unfortunately nothing help.

I have been dealing this for a year now if u guys know anything that would help please let me know.

All my test came back perfect and I did ct scans and X-Rays. The only thing is that I had misalignment on my neck which Chrioropracter said but I been there for two months and I had seen no changes.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

Do you have any history of head/neck trauma like from a car crash, boxing, falling down the stairs, etc?

May 05, 2015
Wisdom teeth removed?
by: Jeannie

Many of these comments sound like what I have been going through, starting about 7 years ago, with last ten years feeling like a fight for my life. The original post especially. Kills me my kids had to grow up with their mom only half functioning.

I have not seen anyone mention cavitations however, especially wisdom teeth removal. The percentage rate of these slowly building up infection is very high, yet very few doctors/dentist have any knowledge of this. When I gave up on doctors helping me after reaching extreme desperation, to even get the kids off to school, drive, I jut could not even function anymore, I researched like many above and finally connected the dots.

Age 16 had 8 amalgam fillings (mercury!) and wisdom teeth removed, this is when little, what we accept as normal signs & symptoms started. needed to pee all the time, super hot for no reason even in freezing weather, dizzy spells, dehydration and more. Later light chest pressure ( thought it was emotional since going through relationship issues), felt something was off, but thought it was vitamin & mineral deficiency...I was actually right...mercury messes with a lot of this, especially magnesium!

Forgot to mention that my joints on right side would get "locked" so would have to crack all the time and spine cracking (crepitus). Right eye vision was getting blurry.

Only a few months after having my first child, dentist replaced my fillings with composites and did one root canal. INSTANTLY, something was very wrong.

Never had headaches in my life (was 30 at the time), but they started everyday. No sleep was enough. Fatigue and more. Thought it was post partem. Second child (age 37), during pregnancy KNEW, no doubt something was wrong, since then have been in "fight or flight" mode, barely functioning.

Cavitations (many other names such as NICO, etc. for this. When teeth pulled, most of the time the periodontal ligament is left behind, it becomes a dead tissue and just rots in your mouth, not allowing the hole left behind to heal properly.

Especially all the way back in your jaw and the opening right there into sinuses for top cavitations, it slowly seeps infection
In the path of least resistance.

Root canals are basically leaving a dead body part in your mouth and encasing it with a crown...speaks for itself.

Regular dentists do not deal with this and will tell you you are just crazy. They make lots of money off these procedures.

Research Dr. Hal Huggins, Dr. Weston Price, Dr. Mercola and plenty more. For me, regular dentist and no doctors EVER helped me.

Went to alternative dentist (Biological, Holistic, etc.), sometimes digital X-rays will show it, but Cavitat is more accurate. Already have opened up right side of wisdom cavitations and root canal (right lower jaw), ALL severely infected. Explains decades of right sided issues which eventually spread to entire body. So basically have had an active infection continuously pumping into my body for about 25 years.

Have TMJ, classic for this situation along with SO many signs& symptoms that can be very crazy and too numerous to list. But PURE HELL!


Joshua Comments:

Hi Jeannie.

Sorry you had the experience, and THANK YOU for sharing. That is important stuff.

And kudos to you for continuing to look for an answer until you started finding actual answers. In a world of doctors not caring or knowing, that's what it takes to 'get better'...never giving up and continuing to look for a solution that works (and an explanation for the WHY of the situation).

May 06, 2015
Any cause??
by: CT Mom

I found this after 7 months of searching.

I am a registered nurse with 22 years of experience and can find no "reason" for my TMD.

Started as a cracked tooth and was diagnosed with TMD. Long story short...Severe temple and bridge of nose pressure with runny nose every day!! Night guard seemed to make it worse.

Since then have had normal CT maxillofacial, normal panoramic X-rays, no bite issues per orthodontist, mouth guard was fixed by orthodontist, lab work all normal, no arthritis in jaw, I even changed some meds known to possibly cause TMD and hypertonia. Have been to 3 ENT's, a naturopathic MD, One OMFS and 2 dentists. No reason found.

I do have a lot of stress but have found ways to help that and I appear to be clenching more than actual grinding. I take Magnesium, B-Complex, B-12 and a thyroid support supplement.

Been on a soft diet x 2 months.

Still in pain daily.

Any ideas? Lyme disease??


Joshua Comments:

Hi CTMom.

1. How much Magnesium are you taking? What kind?

2. is there 50mg of B6 in the B-complex? Most are less than that, and you want at least that much.

3. What is your vitamin D level?

4. Any history of jaw/facial trauma like boxing, car accident, falling down the stairs, etc?

5. Are you a Type A personality?

6. See the last post by Jeannie on infections from dental work.

7. How much gluten/sugar/processed foods do you eat?

8. Did you have ANY of these kind of symptoms before the cracked tooth?

Lyme disease, maybe, but if you had a lot of chronic stress and chronic magnesium insufficiency, that could result in grinding/clenching that cracked the tooth which would help put you in into a Downward Spiral (see the Pain Causing Dynamic link to get that idea across).

Or if your nutritional health is such that your dental structures are weak (including the above) that would allow for easier tooth damage and resulting pain dynamic.

May 06, 2015
pain dynamic
by: Anonymous

Ok . I see the pain dynamic but no recommendations for how to get in an upward spiral.?


Joshua Comments:

Did you follow any of the links on that page to continue learning about the causes of your pain/symptoms?

Did you answer my questions? I don't see any responses.

Aug 09, 2015
Atlas Orthogonal chiropractor
by: Anonymous

I experienced much of your symptoms. I woke up feeling drunk and dizzy. Turned out it was an upper cervical issue.

I had a misaligned atlas that caused me jaw tension. Search for an Atlas Orthogonal chiropractor in your area. Depending on how many degrees your head and neck are off depends on your recovery time.

I'm not 100%, but after 6 months of treatment I feel 50% better.

Hope this helps!

Aug 30, 2015
Some should Consider Temporal Arteritis, Don't just base on age
by: Anonymous

Symptoms of temporal arteritis can include:

excessive sweating
disturbances in vision (blurred vision, double vision, reduced vision)
sudden, permanent loss of vision in one eye
throbbing headache (usually in the temples)
fatigue and weakness
general ill feeling
loss of appetite
muscle aches
transient jaw pain (this sometimes, but does not always, occur with chewing)
unintentional weight loss
bleeding gums
facial pain
hearing loss
mouth sores
drooping eyelid
joint pain and stiffness
shoulder and hip pain and stiffness (While these symptoms are indicative of polymyalgia rheumatica, approximately 50 percent of patients with temporal arteritis also have polymyalgia rheumatica.)
tenderness in the scalp and temple areas

Sep 01, 2015
Eagle syndrome
by: Agnes

Please verify immediately your styloid process, disorder called Eagle Syndrome.

It is visible only CT 3D scan. I have exactly the same syndroms including sinus, nose, palate pain.

I have styloid about 6 cm, post operation, by waiting for next surgery because removed too less of styloid.

I try to help the people becouse also I was without diagnosis,while I was diagnosed by myself. Non of doctor diagnosed it before.

Good luck, please let me know.

Oct 01, 2015
Doctor says muscle tightness in mouth is from Anxiety
by: Anonymous

My name is leon and I read up on what Lana health issues are.. Personally I am experiencing very similar physical issues like Lana.. I have had muscle tightness in mouth like palate lower and upper..

Doctor says its anxiety.. I had this issue just about over 10 years.. I am wondering if I am lacking some sort of elements in my body..


Joshua Comments:

See the Magnesium For Tendonitis link/page in this thread.

Magnesium is an important place to start. Lack of magnesium equals anxiety symptoms (one of many many possible symptoms).

Dec 13, 2015
Jaw aches, lightheadness
by: Grace

I need help to figure out what is making me sick.

I did travel internationally about 10 years to
South America, India, Africa ,Bahama, Mexico
and all of Europe after my trips I did a
parasite cleanse for about year just to be on the safe side, even though three parasite checks showed no parasites, I felt tired, and had brain fog so I went infectious disease MD to be sure nothing was found.

About a year later, I had dizziness, stiff neck,
it hurts when I turn to the right, my temple is swollen on right side of my head.

I have a rash on right side of my neck,
and I have big knot on the right jaw joint that knot size of a fifty cent piece. The dentist told me it was charley horse, I needed a mouth massage which I have yet to do.

One oral surgeon told me the only way to know is biopsy. Next month I will have that done.

I had two head MRI's and nothing was found but sinus infection which was addressed.

Since no MD could figure it out they had me try different antibiotics over a span of 3-4 month after that I had fungal infection I was put on DIflucan.

I took it hesitantly because of the fluoride . I was shocked when it stopped my
heart palpitations I had for two years!

I had dental cavitation all cleaned out they did find a bunch of gauze left behind years ago, when I had my wisdom teeth removed. I had root canal extracted all the mercury taken out.

My naturopathic did full work up and put me on hormonal balancing, nutritional balancing, on magnesium and I had my seventh lyme test, and it was negative. I was put on Vitamin C IV I'm gluten free vegetarian. who eats organic.

I do have a slight curvature to my spine of 23 degrees I do yoga and have an inversion table.
I know something has been missed I know there is cause for my symptoms.///


Joshua Comments:

Hi Grace.

1. If it's parasites, that's a whole other conversation, and doesn't at all rule out #2 below.

2. Nutritional lack explains much of your symptoms, or at least, a major factor in some/all of your symptoms and is the first easist place to start.

Heart palpitations, brain fog, too tight muscles, cramping/twitching/spasming, dizzyness, stiffness, poor circulation, etc. All symptoms of nutritional lack.

3. Did you get a biopsy? If so, did it show anything?

4. How much Magnesium did the naturopath have you on? What kind of magnesium?

5. What else did the Naturopath have you on? If you weren't on enough B6, for instance, then you weren't getting/absorbing/utilizing enough of that Magnesium

6. Did you have any bloodwork done, as far as showing nutritional levels? If so, give details.

7. Did you take any Fluoroquinolone antibiotics like Levaquin or Cipro or anything ending in -floxacin?

Yes, of course doctors randomly gave you long term antibiotics just to see if it would help. Even though they found no bacterial infection....?

8. Heart paplpitations are primarily caused by lack of Magnesium (and other micronutrients).

9. Do you still have mold issues? Been tested lately? I'm not an expert on the mold thing, but that's pretty problematic and I can suggest a cheap and possibly effective self treatment.

10. Years old gauze means years old infection, and that's a huge draw on the immune system. Lots of inflammation and other not great stuff floating around.

11. It may or may not be worth it to get another parasite test (from a source that gets far more accurate test results than the hospital tests) if your parasite tests were from hospitals. Probably I'd wait and see what adequate nutritional intake does (I'll wager $1 that your naturopath didn't have you on enough of anything).

12. Dealing with nurtitional lack is still priority #1 (and cheapest and easiest and most baseline necessity).

You're organic and gluten free, that's a huge plus.

Vegans and vegetarians are notorious for Vit B12 insufficiency/deficiency. See #6. And, research shows B12 supplementation is benefical regardless of blood level.

And again with the years old gauze and chronic infection, B12 is necessary for the body's normal daily detoxification process, so even if you were getting some/enough B12, it wasn't enough as (if) you had higher requirements due to chronic infection etc.

Mar 29, 2016
Similar systems to Lana
by: Anonymous

Have been suffering from the exact same symptoms as Lana for over 12 months now. Been to numerous specialists and none of them seem to have the answer. Lana - please post if you ever found a solution.

Thank you.

Mar 31, 2016
follow up
by: Lana

It's been a long while since I first posted my health issues, and I wanted to provide an update on how I'm doing at this point.

After trying TONS of different things and spending lots of money, the thing that has helped me the most is WEIGHT TRAINING. I'm not 100%, but I went back to work in 2014 (I had stopped working because my symptoms were terrible) and I don't have headaches with as much intensity or frequency. My jaw doesn't kill - though it feels a bit fatigued sometimes, but no where near the level of pain I had originally. No more eye or ear pain. Sinus pressure tremendously reduced. Dizziness/head wobbling reduced to "very manageable". I do have days that are worse than others, but it's usually when I haven't trained in a while and my body starts to "revert".

I believe that my issues, while bizarre, were mechanical in nature and related to poor posture from hours and hours of desk work on a laptop that weakened my posterior chain. Basically my glutes, upper back, and extensor neck muscles have been undergoing a re-training. At first I was doing band resistance, but results were limited. So I started doing heavier weights and everything feels so much stronger. I still am dumbfounded how all my seemingly unrelated symptoms were related to postural/mechanical issues. Of course, I am basing this conclusion on what has been the only thing that has worked for me.

I hope this update is helpful for others!

Feb 15, 2017
I have the same systems as you.
by: Georgina ody

I have almost the same. ENT doctor said tmj.

My jaw hurts and my face my ears back of the neck. pressure in my head. I have back teeth missing. I feel like I am going to die. Plus got curse spine and arthritis in my neck. i thought it was my sinus.

I think I need to find a doctor that deals with this tmj. It sure hurts.

May 19, 2017
Muscle tightness in palates lower and upper jaws
by: Anonymous

I been suffering with lower and upper muscle tightness.

I don't know if it's coming from anxiety or neck disc issues. Most likely from anxiety.

Jul 21, 2017
Oral facial pain, jaws, neck, vertigo, leg cramps & throughout
by: Anonymous

I have read all your unfortunate pain seneriio s and my heart goes out to you all.

I also have all of your symptoms. I've had 2 head traumas from accidents and whiplash also. On top of that , dental trauma from cracked lower molars in auto accident and fall on my face.

So between them all, and every scan, tests, p/t for chiropractic, Accupucture, infared, myofascio pain and cramps throughout my whole body, i truly can empathize with all of you since I do experience the same symptoms you all do.

The stress and anxiety it brings on of not being able to put a finger on on cause is beyond frustrating.

So in conclusion to it all, it may not be just one issue, but all of them included since our bodies were never intended to have been made to tolerate these injuries and the pain syndromes that follow.

So never ever give up researching. God has given us the ability to never give up as he knows our mental & physical makeup better than any human no matter what profession, and thanks to their knowledge we've come closer to our answers, my hat off to you doctor s for trying.

But these symptoms don't come on for no apparent reasons out of the clear blue. Trauma comes in many forms. History from Familay members know that also who know you better than anyone else.

Read if you may in your Bible, Proverbs 3:5,6. & Palsms 55:22. And really focus on what our loving creator is telling us to rely on him for the answers. And eventually we will find out what's the cause for these bazaar symptoms our bodies are going through from our trauma we've been through! May all of us persever without let up. Our loving god, Yahweh, Jah, Jehovah, will Gide us to the right answer eventually. Have complete faith in him, he will never let us down... my love and heart goes out to you all...

Oct 20, 2017
Dizziness jaw/atlas
by: Anonymous

I know this original post was from years ago but, 5 months ago I got whiplash. I wasn't in an accident, it was just a case of someone jerking the steering wheel and me not expecting it.

I began having chest pains, thoracic outlet issues, numbness and paralysis in my arms, tingling, numbness in my face, panic attacks (multiple per day), tingling in my legs, heart palpitations, headaches, knots on only one side of my back and shoulders (which were not helped at all with muscle relaxers), ringing in my ears, eustachian tube disfunction, issues with smell, burning sensation (like a sunburn with no sign of sunburn), jaw clicking and pain, choking feeling in my throat and the worst symptoms DIZZINESS and BRAIN FOG.

Tests showed nothing. MRI, CT scans, X-rays, blood work. Drs said they couldn't help and I was referred to a neurologist. Meanwhile I'm going to a regular chiropractor, for about a month and a half and it doesn't seem to be helping (it did help with the nerve issues but not the dizziness and Brian fog).

I do massive amounts of research and am convinced I have a misaligned atlas. I go to the NUCCA chiropractor, my atlas is in fact misaligned.

Get adjustments for two months twice a week from this chiropractor (atlas adjustments). The dizziness decreases a small amount but I'm still very dizzy. Figure I'll probably have to live with this, probably have some sort of permanent damage that is preventing me from getting better.

At work one day with my hand on the right side of my jaw, resting it there. This makes me super dizzy. Up to this point I've been very careful with my head movements and activities trying to prevent further damage.

Now I say fuck it, lean my head on hand on the left side to see if it reverses it. I start getting strange pains at the base of my skull at the back of my neck. But I somehow feel a bit better. I run it past my chiropractor and he seems unconvinced at the relationship between jaw and neck/back.

A week goes by and I'm just sick of it all and do some more research and find there is an actual relationship between your jaw and issues in your atlas (although I could not find an abundance of journals/studies).

The next time I go in for an adjustment I ask if my jaw can be adjusted somehow. He uses this small hammer type adjustment tool. And I leave, wait til the next day and start massaging my jaw and face after more googling. A week and two more adjustments later, I am significantly less dizzy.

I am unsure if starting with my jaw in the very beginning would have saved me all of this time and money but from my personal experience it worked. Then again maybe my body is just starting to heel itself.

I hope this helps someone because I've been searching for answers for the passed 4 months. I felt completely hopeless when doctors told me that my condition was a mystery. I had to take it into my own hands and connect the dots. There is a complete gap of knowledge when it comes to medical drs and chiropractors where they refuse to overlap.

I imagine all of the people that feel they cannot be helped and it makes me sad.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

Thanks for all that.

1. "chest pains, thoracic outlet issues, numbness and paralysis in my arms, tingling, numbness in my face, panic attacks (multiple per day), tingling in my legs, heart palpitations, headaches, knots on only one side of my back and shoulders (which were not helped at all with muscle relaxers), ringing in my ears, eustachian tube disfunction, issues with smell, burning sensation (like a sunburn with no sign of sunburn), jaw clicking and pain, choking feeling in my throat and the worst symptoms DIZZINESS and BRAIN FOG"

Those are all symptoms of magnesium insufficiency/deficiency. They can be caused by other things, of course, but those things also cause magnesium insufficiency/deficiency.

2. You certainly may have an atlas issue (I'm cynical enough to think that an atlas chiro is of course going to say that your atlas is 'out' a surgeon is going to say that you need surgery and a podiatrist is going to say you have a foot problem).

Having said that, jaw issue (even just too tight muscles causing jaw issues) can/do compress nerves that guessed it, some/most/all of your symptoms.

Dec 14, 2017
Look into Temporal Arteritis
by: Anonymous

Look up Temporal Arteritis and seek medical advisement immediately. Can cause blindness and stroke if not treated.

Jan 21, 2018
Dizziness pressure headaches etc
by: Cata

I’ve read through many comments here As I have been dealing with many of these issues myself.

Head pressure stiff neck headaches everyday numbness in my arm ... foggy detached feeling, vision is starting to act up ... I have sensitivity to bright lights and loud sounds and so much more!!

I’ve been to numerous doctors where they said it’s all in my head and made me out to be crazy up until I saw a neurologist a few days ago and he did a cervogenic mri and noticed I had a smaller than normal spinal canal and possible Chiari malformation where my brain sinks lower into my spinal canal.

I suggest anyone having these symptoms see a neurologist right away and ask for a mri of your neck and spine. I went almost 3 years with this feeling like death and no one understood! They all thought it was in my head. Definitely worth looking into as I have ear pressure and jaw tightness and so many symptoms as many of you have mentioned. Hopefully this is helpful!!!


Joshua Comments:

Any doctor that tells you it's all in your head is a terrible, terrible doctor. Certainly unskilled, and 100% uninterested in being a skilled doctor.

Jan 30, 2018
Possible causes
by: Anonymous

I dont know much about this website but i was reading all the responses and I have been going thru a nightmare myself with chronic pain in left upper teeth for about a year now.

These are the things I have discovered you could look into maybe. Eagles syndrom...very rare its an over grown styloid bone can cause pain ur discribing.

Arthritis in your ligaments even ligaments of your teeth can have this yes it does exsist...teeth growing into sinus...also Trigeminal Neurelgia Very rare usually theres a source of that..anyway hope this can help someone in pain God Bless.


Joshua Comments:

THere's always a source.

"WHY" is an important question to ask.

If there's any 'itis' of any ligament anywhere in the area, WHY is it inflammed/unhappy.

There's always a cause/reason.

WHY is there trigeminal neuralgia symptoms?

WHY is the pain happening?

"It's all in your head'

Teeth growing into a sinus/wisdom teeth doing something not good...those might be the WHY, IF that's happening. But maybe it's chronic muscle tightness and jaw clenching that's causing all that....


Jun 30, 2018
Headache, dizziness, jaw pain
by: Connie

I just found this page today, after almost 6 months of many of the same symptoms described here. I had a hysterectomy in December, and on Jan 12th, I woke up with an unending headache that lasted 12 days. Went to the emergency room, xray and CT-scan were all clear. Was referred to a neurologist, but decided that my chiropractor was my best chance at relief here. Since those 12 days, the pain is not as acute as it was, but it won't go away.

I am often dizzy, the floating feeling is frightening, and when my upper jaw/teeth aren't hurting they are tingling. I am at the end of my rope, and finding this page, and the others here, has been a godsend. Although I wouldn't wish this on anyone. I'm going to start the magnesium and vitamin D immediately. I don't know what else to do.


Joshua Comments:

That's good you had tests done to rule out some 'bad' things.

Magnesium and Vit D3, absolutely. For instance, surgery is going to reduce magnesium (potentially a lot, and likely you were already low).

Before I respond more: Were you given a fluoroquinolone antibiotic like Cipro/ciprofloxacin or Levaquin/levofloxacin before/during/after surgery? If you don't know, call the doctor/hospital and find out.

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