Corticosteroid Injections

Professional athletes are given Corticosteroid Injections so they can 'play through the pain'.

They get over-use, repetitive use, and traumatic injury to their muscles, tendons, and connective tissue.

You also have overuse, repetitive use injuries, and pain.

They get paid big money to work with injury.

You probably don't.

If you are considering whether to get or continue to get cortisone shots, I hope that this page helps you make the right decision for your health and wellbeing.

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Corticosteroid Injections
Temporary Relief At Best

Corticosteroid Shots for Tendonitis and/or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome are generally effective at TEMPORARILY diminishing your sensation of pain.

See:  What Is Tendonitis?

However, an injection won't cure you, won't heal you, won't reverse your condition.


And, corticosteroids inhibit calcium absorption, impair bone formation, and accelerate bone breakdown.    Not something you're going to notice immediately, but it can be in process there in your body.

Shots interrupt but do not reverse nor stall the Pain Causing Dynamic. Plus, there are Corticosteroid Side Effects to be concerned about.

So........where to start....

Your Doctor saying "Well.....let's try a Corticosteroid shot and see if that helps..." ?

That's a good spot to start.

Corticosteroid Injection Myth Busted

Q. Why do doctors prescribe these Corticosteroid Injections??

A. Because they are pretty reliable for decreasing pain and Inflammation. 


Granted, besides the possible adverse side effects, the shot may cause more pain than you are presently experiencing....but it's worth a shot isn't it? (pun intended)

It's one of the tools in their tool bag. None of the tools actually cure Tendonitis, but they're the only tools they have so they have to use something.

And again, shots are pretty reliable for providing temporary pain relief.

Just keep in mind that the pain is being suppressed, but nothing is being 'fixed'.

Q. Are Corticosteroid Injections good for Tendonitis?

A. Corticosteroid Injections may be helpful enough for conditions like Arthritis, but absolutely ineffective at slowing or stopping Tendonitis.

Even if it cuts down the pain temporarily, the Tendonitis dynamic stays in place, and is ready to let you know as soon as the steroid starts wearing off.

There are methods free of side effects, that work just as fast, and are truly effective, like learning How To Reduce Inflammation. 

And, injecting the tendon and/or close to it, For example, corticosteroids inhibit calcium absorption, impair bone formation, and accelerate bone breakdown.

Q. I just got a Cortisone Injection in my left wrist, and now it hurts REALLY REALLY bad. Is this normal?

A. Well, I don't know that it's 'normal', but it is far from uncommon.

Let's just say that it is a very likely side effect, that can last for a long time, or just a short bit of time. It depends on how your body reacts to the shot.

It's a bummer that a person not only has to heal from Carpal Tunnel and Tendonitis, but now you have to heal from the shot too.

Q. I had a Cortisone Injection and now all my pain is gone. Am I good to continue my normal routine?

A. No!

The only thing different is that the large levels of injected Corticosteroid Hormone is suppressing your inflammation process.

Your injury is exactly the same, but you can't feel it as well.

So if you go back to the keyboard or other hand-intensive work all day, or knit or sew for many hours, you will continue to irritate and injury your 'injury'. Possibly more so since you can't feel that pain that would have stopped you if you hadn't had an injection.

Corticosteroid Injections -only- suppress your Inflammation, they do not beneficially affect your Tendonitis damaged structure.

Q. Are Topical Corticosteroids, Oral Corticosteroids, or Inhaled Corticosteroids helpful for Tendonitis?

A. No.

And there are Corticosteroid Side Effects. 

Said another way, you would be unlikely to get any pain relief, -and- you would be at risk of side effects.

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