Ex-Guitarist with a positive story after Tendonitis and H1N1 Flu Shot

by Don
(Brisbane Australia)

Hello Joshua,

Sometime ago, I recall someone writing to you, asking for testimonials before they would buy any of your products.I guess in some ways, you might be able to call this a testimonial...

I purchased your guitar tendinitis e-book, which set me on the way to recovery. During that time, I had a H1N1 swine flu shot, which unfortunately I had a severe reaction similar to Levaquin toxicity... finding myself in hospital with severe systemic infections.

The reaction also triggered very bad Achilles tendinitis, which I've never had in my life before, especially since I am not a runner... the amount of symptoms I had would fill a book... the hospital doctors were able to beat the paralysing infection I had in my hip and spine with very strong antibiotics, fortunately they used the best available, which caused no further reactions...

Once home, still unable to work, and with no recovery plan given to me by the medical profession, I wrote to you in desperation. Lucky I did..

You and Kerri were able to give me a solid, effective, plan to follow, which brings us up to now..

Nearly four months down the track, I am back in the workforce, every symptom has dissipated, save for my usual original problem with my arms tendinitis, and my Achilles problem occasionally recurs, but with only very mild symptoms.

I do not know if you recall, but when I wrote to you I was in a very, very bad way. How could I possibly have made such a remarkable recovery in such a short space of time?

Very simply, I listened, and diligently applied information given to me by yourself and Kerri.

Yes, you are not doctor, but I believe Kerri is a nurse? So, what caused this incredible turnaround in my health? It was so simple, it really should embarrass the medical community..... the big ones for me were ....Magnesium, (I now have two bowel movements per day, yay!) Vitamin D, Rehydration, and proper application of your tendonitis protocol.. made good changes to my diet, but I believe nowhere near to what you guys recommended, yet still, I kept improving..

My new job involves lots of contract writing the old way on paper! That terrible fear that anything at all would 'damage' my hands again, is now replaced by a complete and thorough understanding of what causes pain and problem when we do overdo things... it was an amazing 'aha' moment, when you taught me inflammation is not a 'thing', but the beginning of a complex, and occasionally long winded (ie 'chronic') process of a vast array of events happening at any one time in the body. You also taught me, inflammation is the body's only response, but often not the best one.. I cried tears of joy, when I learned how rapidly it can be stopped in its tracks before it begins to wreak havoc.

Today, all I need to do is my ice massage morning and evening for five to 10 minutes to keep my hands healthy. I no longer live in fear, but I will say you are right again on another point, which I'm sure the doctors would hotly contest with you, and that is, rest is not a cure for tendinitis!

I rested for nearly 5 yrs, and every time I tried to even slightly increased
my activity it frustratingly immediately returned, can you say, depression?!

If only I knew then what I know now......Joshua, you call yourself THE TENDINITIS EXPERT, you my friend, truly are! I do not know of one other person in the world who has such a complete understanding and grasp on this annoying malady, and you have the tools for people to really help themselves, if they just do the work!

On a side note, I modified your protocols slightly to deal with my Achilles tendinitis. I ice during acute stages, but for a daily routine I have purchased a twin head 240 volt professional massage tool, which has the ability of pulse vibration. This machine has been a godsend, this is what I believed it is done for me. When I was poisoned by the drugs, I would use it on random, hurting tissue anywhere my body to help mobilize blood flow, loosen constricted areas, perhaps even shift pain enhancing chemicals, and any remnants of drugs residing in that tissue, however, was fearful of the bad drug remnants just moving to somewhere else?

One thing I'm 100% certain the machine did (does) is beat the hell out of growing scar tissue, and especially preventing that dreaded calcific heel growth that nearly all Achilles tendinitis sufferers will get.. one day I developed a terrible searing pain underneath my foot (Plantar fas.??) That night stood on the machine turned on high, after five minutes, the effect was amazing.slept well that night, next day problem completely nipped in the bud..

Well, that's about it. Whew! From real despair, to a real life! As human beings we like to hear words like 'cured', and unfortunately there are many unscrupulous people marketing three-day cures for nearly everything on the Internet, but when you are in pain...

Pain and problem does try to recur and show its ugly face in my life occasionally, however, I now have what I like to call "A Total Management Plan", and the knowledge to deal with things very early.

Kerri and yourself do amazing work, and you truly do enjoy trying to get others to help themselves by sharing your knowledge. I now have my life back, not by any other means, just the knowledge and tools you guys have shared with me.

Thank you so much. Merry Christmas, and a peaceful 2011!

Brisbane Australia


Joshua Answers:

Hey Don.

Thanks for the good words. Thanks even more for doing what it takes to heal your body.

Tendonitis can be and is bad news.

And other variables can come to play that makes things even worse.

But as you said, you took the information Kerri and I provide and made it your own.

Good for you, and rock on!

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The Tendonitis Expert

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