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Levaquin Class Action Suit
Is That The Best Strategy?

A Levaquin Class Action Suit is usually the first thing levaquin side effect victims think of when they think of trying to get some legal justice for the harm their doctors have prescribed them.

Levaquin Tendonitis and Cipro Tendonitis are the general terms for side effects of levaquin or any other fluoroquinolone antibiotic, but the damage can be so much more painful and debilitating.

If you suddenly have tendon ruptures, muscle tendon and joint pain, mental dysfunction, severe pain, vision impairment, etc, people rightfully want those that have harmed them to be punished.  And when your doctor tells you "Levaquin can't cause those side effects", and/or gives you corticosteroids to 'help', that just adds insult to injury (and actually, injury to injury in the case of mixing steroids and fluorquinolones).

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What Is A
Levaquin Class Action Suit?

Is it time for justice for victims of levaquin side effects?

A class action lawsuit is a legal action where lawers get permission from a judge to join A LOT of individual plaintiffs (or individual lawuits against the same defendant) into a single large lawsuit agaisnt a defendent that has allegedly harmed large numbers of individuals.

'Harm' and 'Injury' are legal terms.

'Join' is a legal term.

A class action has the benefits (to the court system) of having a single case, as compared to having hundreds or thousands of similar cases.

A class action as the benefits (to a law firm) in that because there are so many plaintiffs and such a show of harm that the ruling/decision can be for BIG money.  And the law firm gets a huge chunk of that.

What is a Levaquin Class Action Suit?

A class action Levaquin suit is a class action lawsuit involving a law firm, a target defendant (like Johnson & Johnson), and any number of participant plaintiffs.

If you google search for the search term 'levaquin class action lawsuit' the top ten results are full of lawers offering to sue for you...but most of them then say they aren't taking levaquin cases but will keep their eyes out for a class action suit for you, if one happens to come up.

So class action levaquin suits are hard to find.  That's one of the downsides about class action lawsuits, and specifically for levaquin lawsuits, that become very apparent very quickly.

Should You Join A
Levaquin Class Action Suit?

"Should I join a Levaqin Class Action Suit?"

That is a valid question that many people harmed by Levaquin ask.

Levaquin Tendonitis can and has ruined lives.  Levaquin Side Effects can be and are BAD, BAD bews.  From the physical anguish, the emotional anguish, the economic ruin, all caused by a very powerful antibiotic with well known and signficant side effects.

So, should you join a class action lawsuit for injury from Levaquin or Levofloxacin?

The Upsides

  • You just sign up, provide some info, and then sit back and wait

The Downsides

  • Hard To Find - Not every state has one to join, not many of them in existence...so you wait and wait for justice
  • Low Payouts - the lawyers get most of any win, and then it's spread out amongst the participants.  So you spend years for almost nothing
  • The Pharmaceutical company still wins - One big payoff is cheaper than thousands of payoffs, and a loss can protect them from an future litigation 
  • No Personal Attention To Your Specific Situation

A Strategy Better For You Than A Levaquin Class Action Suit

You might want to consider a lawsuit in small claims court, or go after your doctor personally instead of his drug supplier.

Le aquin class action suit maybe not the best of ideas for Levaquin Tendonitis

Small Claims Court

Years back a big three car manufacturer  was sued by thousands of people in small claims court.  Many states have a limit on how much a small claims case can sue for of around $10,000.

So imagine thousands of $10,000 lawsuits, which overwhelmingly went against the car company.  

Specifically for Levaquin lawsuits..."On May 20, 2013, the district court held a status conference. According to that conference, there are currently 1,879 cases pending in the MDL, involving 1892 plaintiffs. Of those cases, 1182 have been settled and 153 are currently in settlement negotiations. There are four cases pending in state jurisdictions, and no trial dates are set in those cases. There are 1228 active cases in New Jersey. Roughly 898 of those cases are currently subject to dismissal due to settlement.

A thousand suits is FAR more punitive to the big Pharmaceutical companies that one or two class action suits.

Interesting points about small claims court:

  • No laywers are allowed
  • 1-2 months from start to finish
  • Lower standard of evidence
  • Wins in small claim court can be used as evidence of wrongdoing in future litigation

Imagine that!  Win or lose in 1-2 months (instead of years and years).  They don't get to bring any lawyers!

Hold The Doctor Accountable

I can't give you specifics here, but essentially, some people have been having success suing the doctors that prescribed them this medication.

Including but not limited to:

  • Did not inform re: black box warning label
  • Also prescribed corticosteroids (it's a research proven fact that corticosteroids and fluoroquinolones do not go well together)
  • Don't tell you to stop taking the antibiotics if you inform them of side effects
  • Tell you that fluoroquinolones like Levaquin can't cause the side effects/damage that you informed your doctor of

I'm not a malpractice lawyer, so I'm the wrong guy to talk to about it.  But this can hopefully point you in the right direction

A Levaquin Class Action Suit may or may not be right for you, but it may be very beneficial to you to consider alternatives OTHER THAN a class action Levaquin suit.

Good luck, and keep me updated.

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