Healing Levaquin Tendonitis
Since Your Doctor Doesn't Have Anything To Help

There is almost nothing out there on the internet about Healing Levaquin Tendonitis. And there is certainly nothing useful coming from doctors and the medical community (that is still prescribing Levaquin and Cipro, btw).

There is, however, a lot of information about the side effects of the Levaquin medication on tendons and the body.

Unfortunately, that won't help you heal from them.  

Unless you're one of the lucky ones whos symptoms go away within about a year (without doing anything in particular), the ONLY thing that is going to help your body heal is REVERSING the effects Levaquin has had on your body systems/mechanisms.

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What Exactly Causes 'Tendonitis' and Tendon Rupture From Levaquin?

Levaquin side effects have been reported since the 80's, and the mechanism of damage is poorly understood. Tendon rupture and tendon damage are a known significant danger. The medical community seems to consider the benefit greater than the risk.

Yet about 30 of Levaquin's fluoroquinolone siblings have been removed from the market due to 'unacceptable' numbers of significant side effects

I wonder...do scientists and researchers really not know exactly how and why the Levaquin antibiotic causes tendons to get damaged so quickly? That's scarey.

Fibroblast Inhibition

It seems that cytotoxicity from the Levaquin medication causes inhibition of fibroblast proliferation. This means that the cells that constantly produce the cellular matrix of tendons lessen or stop producing.

This means that the constant normal breakdown of tissue is no longer being replaced. The pathologic mechanisms responsible for Levaquin induced tendonopathy seem to be multifactorial. Studies have implicated ischemic, toxic, and matrix-degrading processes.

Certainly, part of the cytotoxic effects could be from Levaquine somehow blocking tendon tissue from absorbing nutrients and/or oxygen.

If it could quickly block a tendon cell's ability to absorb nutrients, Tendonosis would start to happen instantly, and quickly progress. Tendonosis is a deterioration, degeneration, and cell death due to lack of circulation/nutrients. Pain is a symptom, and rupture becomes a possibility.

Nutrient Depletion

Levaquin depletes the body of various nutrition, specifically Magnesium.  Much of the immediate (and long lasting) symptoms like muscle pain, muscle weakness, twitch/spasm/cramp, anxiety and claustrophobia and mental fog are due to magnesium depletion.

Magnesium isn't the only nutrient effected.

Mitochondria Kill Off

Levaquin can and does kill off the population of mitochondria in the cells of tendon and other connective tissue.  

Mitochondria are the power plants of a cell.  No Mitochondria, no cell.

That's why you can take Levaquin at night, and the next morning your Achilles tendon, for instance, has literally totally fallen apart.  

DNA Damage

It also appears that Levaquin can cause DNA damage. This would mean that as new cells are produced, they are produced with damage/problem such that the body doesn't actually -heal-.

This partially explains why tendons and other connective tissue structures can hurt for decades and at any time rip or tear (or just fall apart).

This aspect is the hardest to reverse, and takes the most amount of time, as you literally have to out heal the 'bad' dna.

Regardless of the cause, this connective tissue degeneration can happen and depending on your specific scenario, is happening. Cell damagage and pain have been reported as quickly as 2 hours after starting Levaquin dosage. Something bad is happening in there.

NOTE:  You are NOT having a 'bad reaction' to the medication.  The medication is poisoning you.  Don't let a doctor tell you otherwise.

Levaquin Tendonitis
What To Do About It

Well, the first federal lawsuits of Levaquin claims started August 2010. I assume that it's such a long wait so more information can be gathered. It seems that nobody has any recommendations.

The Levaquin antibiotic has the potential to really mess up your body/tendon tissue with lasting structural deterioration and doctors, scientists, and researchers don't yet know the cause of Levaquin Tendonitis.

More research is slowly coming out though.  Unfortunately, the medical community isn't particularly interested in finding 'a cure', and the pharmaceutical industry certainly isn't.

While the medical industry doesn't have a 'cure', my partner and I- after doing MUCH research, testing and working with many people with Levaquin Tendonitis and toxicity, have figured out a few things that DO help.

It's just a matter of learning how flouroquinolones work, and how the body works.

There will NEVER be a pill or a magic bullet to cure Levaquin Tendonitis.  So don't wait for one.  It's going to take time and effort and a certain amount of patience while you do all the right things to help your body return to 'normal'.

Stop Using The Levaquin Antibiotic!

Obviously, stopping the use of Levaquin is a mandatory first step. Stop the source of the damage, and then try to counter and repair Levaquin side effects issues.

If your life isn't in imminent danger, you may wnat to consider NOT taking any fluoroquinolone antibiotic.

I saw on a forum today a person say "I'm taking Levaquin but I'm being careful."

There is no 'being careful'. There's either taking it, or not. Taking less may be safer than taking more, but ultimately, if you are taking any Levaquin dosage, you're at risk for Levaquin Tendonitis.

The problem here is that the agent in the Levaquin that causes the damage may get absorbed into the tendon, and hang out in there. This could be a factor in 'permanent' damage, in that taking it once can set you up for ongoing pain and damage.

Still, stopping the use of Levaquin is a required step to preventing more damage and beginning the process of helping your body heal itself.

If you took some and are having any side effects, STOP! (Unless your life is in imminent danger and it's worth continuing...which admittedly is a tough spot to be in.)

Not taking Levaquin in the first place is the only certain way to avoid damage. Unfortunately, it's too late for too many people that have already trusted their doctors and taken their prescriptions.

A Primer On How To Start Healing From Levaquin Tendonitis

Supporting the body's own healing processes, stopping the damage that is currently occurring and stopping the oxidative damage and stress that is going on in the body should be your PRIME focus in order to heal. Here are some suggestions to help.

Be clear, these are a beginning intro into what you'll have to/want to/need to do.  The following is not extensive nor all-inclusive.

1. Increase your protein and mineral intake. You want to get as much building blocks to the tendon. Use Bone Broth as the best Tendon Supplements to get all the collagen and mineral nutrients your body needs to heal and repair the damage Levaquin causes.

Often, damage doesn't heal because the body isn't getting enough of the necessary building blocks. And western diets- even in those who think that their diet is 'great'- are often seriously lacking in the nutrient department.

Protein deficiency can lead to weak collagen and tendon structures that may have contributed to the ability of the Quinolones to harm so badly in the first place.

Increasing your protein intake won't fix any of the CAUSES of the pain and problem, but it's one factor that will help make your body stronger and more able.

Not everybody is affected, and nobody knows why.

2. Do the Ice Massage from the How To Reduce Inflammation page.

This will get waste product out and new blood and nutrition in.

Alternate heat and cold for a bigger circulatory effect. This will also help get any Levaquin antibiotic out of the tissue if it is free floating. If it is bonded to tendon tissue, it won't help so much.

Inflammation is of of the most serious indirect side effects of Levaquin, in the sense that where there's damage, there's inflammation. Icing will help knock out the inflammation process if you -overwhelm- it with cold.

Along with dialing down the Inflammation response, equally as important is getting waste product out of the tissue, new blood, nutrition, oxygen, and protein TO the tissue.

Increasing circulation and decreasing pain levels won't fix the CAUSES of ongoing pain and problem, but it's a definite plus.

3. Read the Levaquin Tendonitis Treatment page and see what we are working on/looking at to get people well.

4. Get the Levaquin Tendonitis Solution. This book is the culmination of research, extensive testing and working with real people suffering from Levaquin Tendonitis. By far, this is the BEST solution out there for those suffering from Levaquin Tendonitis.

The Levaquin Tendonitis Solution WILL deal with the causes of your ongoing pain and problem.

5. If you don't get The Levaquin Tendonitis Solution, then you may find it valuable to get on the free 7 Day E-Course, sign up below.

Can Levaquin Tendonitis Be Fixed?

I believe that we can heal almost anything in our bodies, we just need to find the right tools to make that happen, and the Levaquin Tendonitis Solution is the right tool.

It's amazing how the body works. It is an incredibly complex system of systems. Levaquin disrupts and affects many of those symptoms.

The key to healing Levaquin Tendonitis is knowing how the body works, knowing how Levaquin affects the body, and then doing the RIGHT things to beneficially and effectively affect the body.

In my experience, people either get better in a year or less (without doing anything in particular), or they don't.  

When taking the right measures for recovery, people do make gains and get better, and even get pain free.  I would NOT leave your recovery up to time.  I would NOT sit around waiting for doctors to find a cure (they sure haven't so far.

For the people in SEVERE pain and problem, taking the right measures is their only chance at recovery.  The more you learn about Levaquin and the required self care, the more that will make sense.

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