Levaquin: Is there a cure?

by Ralph
(West Point, VA, USA)

Hi Joshua, I am a 45 year old male who was prescribed Levaquin for a prostate infection. After 3 doses, I had a severe reaction, started with neverousness, sleeplessness, and a racing heart. I did not sleep for over 24 hours.

This happened on July 17th, 2009. Almost a month later, I have pain in just about all my tendons. Legs, feet, toes, fingers, hands, wrists, elbows, legs, neck, shoulders, and arms. Sometimes it is milder than others. Sometimes it is so intense I can hardly make it out of bed.

I have seen my PCP who is looking for an answer and documenting my reaction to the medication. I have had blood work which shows nothing. I have seen a neurologist and orthopaedics doctor,no one has an answer.

I called the FDA and was told this could lasts weeks, months, years, or possibily all my life. I filled out a Med Watch form for them.

At 45, I feel 95. I was a very active weightlifter and working on my CFT.

Now I feel like I have tight rubber bands in my body ready to rupture. The FDA said it was tendons.

I am trying alternative medicines; any supplement that supports joints and tendons.

What can I do? I am at a loss and each day has become more of a nightmare.



Joshua Answers:

Damn Ralph, I'm really sorry to hear that.

I don't know what Levaquin dosage you took, but it is safe to say that you have been POISONED.

Some people respond differently than others. It looks like you fall into the category of people that it doesn't go well for.

It sucks. Period. It sucks even more that from everything that I have seen, there is no cure.

But everybody says there
is no cure for diabetes, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, depression, etc, and there is.

Levaquin tendonitis and poisoning is new enough that there hasn't yet been a discovered cure.

So we need to do the best we can.

We need to get the body as clean as possible and support it's ability to heal itself.

Will this work? I don't know. Is it better than giving up hope and living that life with this pain? Absolutely.

If you haven't, read this page. Levaquin page and the Healing Levaquin Tendonitis page. Also, the 'Conversation' page.

You have to deal with chronic inflammation. Start finishing your showers on cold.

You have to deal with tendons and a physical system that has been hit with a toxic substance.

Even if the DNA has been damaged, theoretically, and it will take time, you can help your body to be healthy and it will eventually replace the damaged DNA with again healthy DNA. We're looking at years here.

Plenty of people will say that there is no cure, no hope, nothing to be done about it. Lots of people will argue about the DNA thing.

There are people that have had pain and damage and are healed up from it. So it is possible. The question is, is it possible for you?

From everything I've seen, there is no quick fix. Research seems to say that the Levaquin poison/toxicity is already out of you, but that the damage has been done.

And not just a one time damage to tendons, but damage to the very core, such that it won't heal like regular tendon damage.

Read those pages I mentioned, and let's continue this conversation.

I'm happy to be as much a resource as I can be for you.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Aug 11, 2009
PART 2 - Levaquin: Is there a cure?
by: The Tendonitis Expert

I've got more coming Ralph. I've been talking about this and looking into it with Kerri from www.Easy-Immune-Health.com.

She's a bad ass and will be an amazing resource. Give me a day or two to write out a good plan and the reasons why.

There's got to be a cure for Levaquin poisoning.

If you're motivated and are willing, I will have some very good suggestions for you and reasons why, and a method to the plan instead of 'well, -maybe- you need this.

Will they work? Let's see. I'm very interested in this. I'm guessing you are too. And Kerri has some physiological insights that make a lot of sense and are worth a shot.

And, from what I can see, the medical community has nothing to offer you.

Back at you soon.

Jun 06, 2011
Levaquin Poisoning Cont'd
by: Aridzonan_13

My bout with Levaquin started in Feb. I'm lucky. All I get is a swollen ankle joint and nuclear gout. The real tragedy I've read about is the total disbelief of main stream and alternative medical practitioners to believe their patients when they say there was a severe and distinct change in their bodies after taking Levaquin. A friend's mother lost her ability to taste for 6 mos. It's like having the Big Pharma running it's own Spanish Inquisition. I've been able to greatly reduce my symptoms by going to an anti inflamatory diet. Two quarts of Spearmint tea with Stevia has really taken the edge off my problem. I've nuked the milk, cheese, red meat, wheat and sugar. It's time to boycott Orhto McNeil Janssen Pharma. Spread the word. Vote with your money!!

Feb 12, 2013
Please post update on cure
by: Patti

I am wondering what recommendations were made to help with levequin poison. I have also been poisoned by taking levequin and the doctors say it is not from that. They are passing me off to other doctors. I am on day eight of the master cleanse, my tendons in both my knees are still terrible.

Any help will be appreciated, not sure where to go for help.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Patti.

As a general statement, doctors don't believe that the Levaquin they gave could possibly cause problems. Even if they do, they have no idea why it did what it did or what to do about it.

I'm not being pessimistic when I say 'Don't expect anything from your doctors'. They're just not equipped to deal with it. Unfortunately, nor are they willing to deal with it.

See the Levaquin Tendonitis page and read through the threads on the bottom.

My highest suggestion to anybody that took Levaquin and suffers side effects from it is to get Kerri and I's The Levaquin Tendonitis Solution ebook.

It tells you why you have pain, how fluoroquinolones work, and how to counter the workings of Levaquin, Cipro, Avelox, etc.

And we run a forum for people working with the ebook, for support, etc.

Levaquin is a complex animal. It's out of your system in three days, it seems, but the problem is the effect it has on the body and the body's inability to then bring itself back to 'normal'. Some bodies do without doing any self care, it just all depends. Most do not.

I wouldn't rely on 'time' to heal in this scenario. Maybe it will. And if that's the case, doing the right self care can greatly speed up recovery.

Nov 17, 2013
Poisoned by Levaquin, no trampoline for me
by: Rhonda

Joshua, your insight and support seem very authentic as opposed to simply and "means to sell". I always appreciate that. Having poisoned myself for all but the last 3 capsules of a Levoquinn script; completely ignorant of the med's possible side effects and the aches that had already begun,

I know I have to change my lifestyle. In part, I needed a push to do that anyway, but this was not the obligatory method I would have chosen. I have been prone to joint inflammation since I was a teen, particularly of the hand. All part of what I believe to be an autoimmune response. What luck? Thanks Levoquin. Not.

For me, the Achilles was the initial painful joint. Today I can honestly say I never believed my own foot and calf would feel heavy and cause knee pain from simply wearing a boot or turning over in bed. Looking back now, I experienced insomnia and rapid heart rate the first few days of my poisoning period. I will work to beat it. That said I have much research to do that unveils effective treatment.

Since my "Tramp Camp", think 40-something's women doing tabata using trampolines in part, will undecidedly cause injury, I need options. Would you think Pilates which is often on your toes to be safe? I am happy to hear any new suggestions you have. I will be off to my easy chair now to peruse the web links you suggested.

Thanks for your web page.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Rhonda.

Well, if you have long term auto-immune issues or something that looks similar, then yes, I highly recommend some lifestyle habit changes: cut out all gluten, cut the sugar by 3/4, dump the bulk of hte processed foods, more water, and more nutrient dense food and therapeutic supplementation.

If you're suffering Levaquin side effects, then I highly suggest the Levaquin Tendonitis Solution. You need a targeted plan and you need to know what you're up against and how to give your body it's best chance of recovery (which, as an extra benefit, all the auto-immune stuff will also be getting dealt with.

Point being, I'm not going to give you any suggestions...because Levaquin is too big a deal for tips and tricks, you need the blueprint. Tips and tricks just can't get you the results you're looking for.

Tramp Camp sounds AWESOME. But I agree, trampolines are a bad idea for you right now. Get to work on the self care, and next year is definitely a possibility.

Aug 22, 2014
Levaquin had damaged my feet
by: Anonymous

After taking 2 levaquin tablets for bacteria pneumonia, the levaquin did something to my tendons and broke both my feet. Still healing.

Then had to have ankle arthroscopic surgery to repair the damage and remove cartilage from the ankle. Still healing. Have constant discomfort to both feet. Have had physical therapy.

Still healing and still no answers as to what to expect next. May eventually have to have ankle replaced.

Just wanted to make my situation known.

Feb 03, 2015
Levaquin is bad stuff
by: Denise

I will not make this long. I was given Levaquin in the Hospital a little over a year ago for 2 weeks with bacterial pneumonia. Then my husband came down with pneumonia and because I had so much lung damage our doctor had me take it again. We both started to have terrible body aches and swelling of all of our joints.

Here it is 2015 and we both are still in crappy shape. I have tendonitis in my shoulders and arm, wrist you name it you feel like crap. I am really tired of this and if this has been going on why was nothing said upon the initial treatment.

I have always been a very healthy person I did enjoy yoga but all activities seem to make this worse.

It sure is a strange place we live in. Sorry for all others suffering this is so wrong.

Feb 26, 2015
Levaquin tendon pain, pain, pain
by: Trisha K.

I'm hoping there is hope for the pain this terrible drug has caused in my life!!!! I work at a gym & was training with a trainer and losing weight when I took this 'medicine' for a week out of prescribed ten days!!

I only had some post nasal or allergy problem which I took Levaquin for and now I'm crippled from it!!!! I can't even dress myself some mornings!!! I can't even play on floor with kids in daycare room at gym!!!

I'm wondering if taking co-q10 might help repair damage. Thanks for this site because it gives me some hope at least. I've been doing a lot of praying & I pray for those out there that are affected and I am trying my best to keep my usual sense of humor in spite of the terrible pain!!!

Good luck to all those out there that may read this and don't give up whatever you do!!!!


Joshua Comments:

Hi Trisha.

There is definitely hope. But while some people recover within a year or so without doing anything in particular, everybody else better get to work doing the right things to give the body what it needs to have a chance to recover.

I'm all for praying, but in the case of Levaquin, unless prayer can replete nutrition that Levaquin depleted from the body, personally I'd put my focus on actively countering what the Levaquin did to the body.

Yes to CoQ10. But it's definitely more complex than that. Or should I say, multifaceted, meaning, adding in just one thing isn't likely to give you the results you want.

Thus I suggest The Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Solution (renamed from The Levaquin Tendonitis Solution). It covers all the factors that need to be addressed (including you need -enough- of the -right- kind of CoQ10, or it's rather a waste of time).

Tips or tricks aren't going to get you the results you're looking for. You need a complete plan (and you need to get to work implementing that plan).

Aug 16, 2018
Sinus Infection to whole body pain
by: Sherrie

June 2018 I took 10 days of Levaquin 750mg, then 10 MORE days of Levaquin 500mg for sinus infection. I felt anxious, edgy, couldn’t sleep, and then the pain started in my elbow. I am a 53 year old female, vegetarian, who work out 4 days weekly plus play tennis, and run Spartan races. I thought I was sore from working out. I thought being vegetarian/vegan I was not eating correctly. I stopped working out, and have started to eat chicken 😔

I handle pain well and push through soreness. But when my feet started to hurt and I could barely walk, especially upon waking....I knew there was more wrong. I am also an ED nurse and have seem side effects of medications. I can’t pick up my water bottle without pain. I am so sad.

Am I going to live like this?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Sherrie.

I hope you're not going to live with this...

From what you've described so far, you have a decent chance of recovery just from getting enough of the nutrition that the Levaquin depleted back into you.

The anxiety, edginess, and insomnia is likely just from the sudden magnesium depletion. Hopefully the muscle pain also is (without magnesium, muscles can're relax and can't work correctly).

There's is other nutrition involved in that too or course, but that's a big one.

Maybe you also have mitochondrial damage, but maybe not. But first is symptoms from the sudden nutritional depletion, the next level is adding mitochondrial damage to that. The next level is adding local connective tissue DNA damage (unlikely from what you've described).

I'd get the Fluroquinolone Toxicity Solution program asap and get to it. I definitely wouldn't leave your recovery to time and hope. This isn't like twisting an ankle while running, this is a whole other animal and it's not that you're not recovering, it's that you can't recover. (Some people with your symptoms can and do, but I wouldn't wait the up to a year to see if that happens, get to fixing it now.)

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