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Tendon Supplements aren't really a big topic, even though there is an epidemic of various kinds of tendonitis type injury and pain out there happening in the U.S.

Take a look at Major League Baseball pitchers. Management has an entire set of rules around managing pitchers in the hopes of avoiding injury. It's not rare, it's the norm.

Nowadays, everybody accepts that Tendonitis and Carpal Tunnel are possible and likely and commonplace, and that they are hard if not impossible to get rid of.

Yet nobody is asking why our bodies are taking so much damage.

Here's one partial theory.

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Our Current, Normal Diets
Don't Contain Enough Nutrition
To Keep Our Bodies Strong

Tendon Supplements like protein, collagen, vitamins and minerals just aren't found in our food supply anymore at the levels they should be or used to be.

We used to eat -ALL- the animal. Now we only eat the steak cuts.

We used to eat heart, liver, adrenal glands, brains, eyeballs, tongue, tendon, bone marrow, etc.

From Caveman times up to 60ish years ago, we ate everything of the animal that we possibly could.

nutritional dominoes falling
Without Nutrition Bodies
Work Less and Less

Cavemen never worried about Tendon supplements. They caught it and ate it and didn't waste a thing. While they probably didn't make soup....I'm sure they swallowed down every every morsel they could get, and sucked the marrow from the bones of the meals.

As soon as we learned to cook a bit more sophisticated and make cooking pots, we made bone soups and bone broths, concoctions of all sorts of parts, and bone and marrow, threw it all in and let it cook for long periods of time to leech the nutrients out into the stew.

What do we eat now?

Meat, but just the pure meat cuts, and nothing of the rest. (Ok, except hot dogs, they are full of all sorts of left over parts....)

Processed foods. Sugar. (Which pull more nutrients from you than they provide.)

Crops are full of pesticides and are lacking nutrition because the soil they grow in has been so overused that there is little vital nutrients in the dirt for the plants to absorb.

It really is NO SURPRISE that high school athletes, college athletes, normal office workers of various ages, and 22 and 50 year old athletes all get various kinds of Tendonopathy, Tendonitis, and tendon injury.

Even little league baseball players are becoming a focus of concern due to Tenodonitis pain and injuries they are getting.

Aren't Tendons As Strong As They Should Be?

Of course tendons are strong. The can hold an amazing about of load and torque.

Are as strong as they SHOULD be? Are they as strong as they COULD be?

But the connective tissue structures of our body are only as strong as their potential IF they have the appropriate building blocks of protein and collagen.

Individual protein fibers form together to make collagen, which form together to make various kinds of connective tissue structures.

If you have Tendonitis, one possible factor at play is that you have some level of collagen deficiency.

Which includes some level of insufficiency or deficiency of minerals or other vital nutrients.

And if you are like most people in the U.S., you certainly aren't getting as much high quality, nutrient dense tendon supplements naturally from your diet as you could be.

Some people may argue this, but if you start to look into it....

If you have a problem with getting Tendonitis in different spots and have a hard time healing, it's a safe bet that you are more collagen deficient and/or nutrient than you want to be.

If you aren't already, it's time to consider finding good tendon supplements. Especially if you have tendonitis pain.

Let's Talk About Collagen

Tendons are made up of a Collagen Structure.

Whether you have a strong collagen structure, or a weak collagen structure, it depends on the nutrients that you take in.

There are many types of collagen (29), but we are mainly speaking here about Collagen Type 1 and Type 2 Collagen, which makes up the vast majority of the body's connective tissue.

Connective tissue literally holds us together. The stronger it is, the better it can do it's job without breaking down, or getting irritated or injured.

Our diets contain much less collagen than traditional diets did. Once pasteurization, processed foods, and big supermarkets came into our culture, nutrition started going out.

In the old days, our diets naturally contained tendon supplements that our bodies needed and used.

And we're paying the price on a variety of levels:

We don't heal as fast, we injure more easily, and we break down faster and younger.

70 year olds can be and should be upright, strong, and active. Vast numbers of 50 year olds in our culture have a hard time getting onto their feet in the morning, and live in some amount of physical pain.

Does having enough protein intake equal never getting Tendonitis? No.

If you eat enough protein and necessary mineral nutrients, you can have a strong, healthy body. And if your Tendonitis has anything to do with insufficient protein/mineral intake, certainly you will heal better, heal faster, and avoid injury better.

Our Bodies Are Constantly Breaking Down

Due to normal metabolism and catabolism, the tissue of our bodies are constantly breaking down and rebuilding.

Collagen regeneration is constantly taking place. As you slowly get Tendonitis your body constantly rebuilds the collagen structure of the tendon and surrounding connective tissue.

See:  What Is Tendonitis?

If you have a collagen deficiency, your body -can't- rebuild the collagen structure. It doesn't have enough building blocks.

This is partly why people get Tendonitis Injury, and stay injured. Your body literally won't heal if it doesn't have the right collagen building blocks to reform the damaged collagen structure.

In other words, no bricks, no wall. No steel, no bridge.

Not enough protein and collagen in, no tendon.

I have worked with a few people specifically with bad Tendonitis and/or Whiplash, and they just wouldn't heal. Until months of pain and suffering later, they finally took my suggestion and increased their protein and collagen intake. And within a week their pain was gone.

Imagine that!! They finally gave their body what it needed.

(Take note: Do what I say and you will feel better!)

How To Help Heal Tendonitis Fast
With Tendon Supplements

Tendonitis tendon supplements are a part of the solution.

Tendon supplements are a necessary part of an effective treatment for tendon pain and tendonitis.

Surgeons focus on surgery. PT's focus on stretching and strengthening.

-YOU- are going to put some focus on nutrition, if you want to effectively deal with the CAUSE of you painful tendons.

Whether it's Achilles Tendonitis, Wrist Tendonitis, Shoulder Tendonitis, or any other 'type' of tendonitis, those symptoms show up for a reason.

Lack of nutrition is one of those reasons.

You've read Magneisum For Tendonitis.

You've read Inflammation Causes Vitamin B6 Deficiency.

Ideally, you've read one of my ebooks too.

What should I supplement with if I have tendonitis?

There are a lot of things I -could- list and talk about here.

There are a lot of supplements I -could- talk about. All are important, some are just more important and more necessary and more effective overall, than others.

Main Point:  If your body is lacking necessary nutrition, it will either recover/heal slower, or not at all.

Vitamin C, for instance, is VERY important for tendon growth, repair, and health, and is required for the uptake of glucosamin/chondroitin sulfate.

One of the symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency is pain and pain that mimics Tendonitis.

And of course, Magnesium is a huge player in the Tendonitis dynamic.

I'm going to talk about a few supplements that you have to purchase, and then one you make for yourself at home.

Magnesium As A Tendon Health Supplement

The first tendon supplement is Magnesium. Follow the link to find out why it's so important.

Essentially, if you're short on Magnesium, then you're muscles literally can't relax. This puts constant irritating tension on the tendon. Also, magnesium is necessary for a strong healthy tendon.

One of the huge factors in Levaquin Tendonitis is that the drug pulls massive amounts of Magnesium from your body, causing stiffness and spasm and helping to damage tendon itself.

Any Magnesium supplement is good, as long as it's not Magnesium Oxide.

I've included Magnesium as one of the tendon supplements in the 'Tendon Pack'.

You can take Magnesium orally in pill or liquid (ionic) form, and you can use a magnesium gel like this Transdermal Magnesium Gel (opens in new page).

Vitamin B6 For Tendonitis

Vitamin B6 is required by the body for Magnesium utilization(just like Magnesium and Vitamin D are required for Calcium utilization).

Inflammation causes B6 deficiency, which causes pain and Carpal Tunnel-like symptoms.

You're clever, I don't need to say anything more about that.  As a tendon supplement and anti-tendonitis tool, B6 is vital.

I've included Vitamin B6 as one of the tendon supplements in the 'Tendon Pack'.

Vitamin D For Tendonitis

As I said, Vitamin D deficiency can cause symptoms of pain, random pain, and pain that mimics Tendonitis.

pretty Vit D tile picture
Vitamin D for
Muscle and Nerve Function

Vitamin D is actually a hormone that is the necessary base for MUCH of the body's operating systems. There's other ways to say that, but just get that adequate Vitamin D levels are VERY VERY IMPORTANT to short term and long term health.

While it's not necessarily Tendon specific, don't dismiss it. It's cheap and easy to keep your levels up. (No cost at all to get 20ish minutes of full sun exposure a day.)

The better the body operates, the better it can resolve your tendonitis pain and problem.  Vit D is vital for muscle function, nerve funciton, immune system function, etc.

You want Vitamin D3 (which is what you find on the shelves), and not D2 or prescription vitamin D2 (which is research proven to be worthless).

If you want to get an individual bottle of Vitamin D, I suggest that you get this Vitamin D Supplement online (opens new page to Kerri's site) or one just like it at a local store that carries Vit D supplements. 

I've included liquid Vitamin D as one of the tendon supplements in the 'Tendon Pack'.

ADDED BONUS: Current research shows that adequate Vitamin D levels (50-80ng/ml) reduce the incidence of breast cancer by 83% and the category 'all forms of cancer' by 33%.

Vitamin C For Your Connective Tissue Health

Yes, you can eat a lot of oranges. Go for it.  (Might as well eat more broccoli, though...)

People generally are either very pro-Linus Pauling-high-level-of-Vit-C intake, or anti- and don't think it's important.

Personally, I'm a high Vit C kind of guy.

Regardless of our personal opinions, there is all sorts of research out there regarding Vitamin C. Vitamin C is necessary and vital for, among other aspects of health and function, the health of your connective tissue.

Is your body falling apart in pain and various spots of tendonitis? Fill up your tank with Vitamin C.

Again, it's cheap and there's no reason not to, and it's good for you on a whole host of other levels too.

Some Vitamin C products are more absorbable than others, so if you want to actually get a lot into your system without your body hitting it's 'tolerance level' too soon, I suggest you get a product called 'Vitality C' which is in the Tendon Repair Pack (the upgrade to the Tendon Pack that also includes zinc and protein powder).

What Is The Best Tendon Supplement?

The truth is, they all work together.  But, some are more important that others.  And there's other factors to take into account.

My Best Tendon Supplement definition is a supplement that:

A. Works.
B. Is Cheap.
C. Is healthy for you and good for your body.
D. Really Works.

The above certainly qualify. And I'm a big fan of REAL food as a source of nutrition. Sometimes you need pills and supplements. And across the board, getting good nutrition on a daily bases IN YOUR FOOD...you just can't go wrong with that.

It's all about the basics. Almost always, basics work best.

So let's talk about Essential Bone Broth.

As a collagen supplement, it doesn't get any better than Essential Bone Broth.

While doctors and scientists love prescription medications and drugs, they often scoff at the thought of possible benefit from natural nutrition.

The bone (and jointa) of healthy, pastured cows is one of the best sources of collagen we can use as a collagen supplement.

Bone Broth contains all the tendon supplements that you need to have strong, healthy, injury-proof tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and connective tissue.

Said another way, along with amino acids and protein fibers, bone broth contains minerals in a form the body can easily absorb, including calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, silicon, sulphur, and trace minerals.

It contains the broken down material from cartilage and tendons--stuff like chondroitin sulphates and glucosamine, now sold as expensive supplements for arthritis and joint pain.

It is cheap. It is natural. It is everything that your body needs.

If you want to, you can buy expensive glucosamine collagen and/or chondroitin sulfate supplements, in various combinations and varieties of such. Not cheap. And you don't really know what's in it.

You do know exactly what's in bone broth.

I'll send you to the recipe in just a moment, but let's talk about it for a moment.

In my opinion, specifically for tendon health....

Bone Broth May Be The Best Of
All Tendon Supplements

It's cheap.  It's nutritionally dense, meaning it's THICK with various nutritional factors.

Basically, you get (organic is best) beef thigh bones with the marrow in them from you butcher. Have him/her cut them into 3ish inch long cuts.

You can also find these packaged, with or without meat on them.

You throw them in a big pot of water or crock pot. And let them simmer for 12-48 hours, depending.

This sucks all the nutritional goodness out of the bones and marrow and puts it into the broth.

Takes a bit of time, but almost no effort.

Then, you can make soup. You can make stew. You can pour the broth over rice, or add it to rice as the rice cooks so it will be absorbed.

I fry three eggs in 6ish tablespoons of cold broth (that is stored in the fridge). Tasty.

You can consider it a Collagen Drink. Heck, even a 'sports drink'.  It's a warm, tasty broth specifically designed to keep tendons strong, and to heal tendonitis.

Consider it a nutritional supplement. You eat it instead of taking it in pill form.

Are you an athlete and don't like to cook? Too bad. Get over it. Or find a neighbor grandma type to cook it for you. (She needs it too to keep her bones strong, and her hair long and healthy.)

Or just put it in a crock pot and ignore it for a night or two.

Are you an office worker and don't have time to cook? That's likely why you are hurting in the first place.

Food and nutrition has become such a neglected aspect of our lives. And we are paying for it with injury and pain.

Athlete, office worker, or grandma, you don't like having injury and ongoing tendonitis pain, do you?

You can stay in pain if you want, I'm just giving you the recipe.

Or, you can eat some yummy, hearty food that will support you having happy, healthy life.

Here is the recipe with some other related tidbits. Clicking on the link will pop up a separate page.

Essential Bone Broth Recipe for Strong, Healthy Tendons

Bone broth you can make from the store.  To save 15% on the 'Tendon Pack'  (which consists of the Magnesium, Vitamin D, B6,and B12 that I use), go to the Purchase Tendonitis Supplements page.

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