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Tendonitis Expert Testimonials

Thanks For Doing What You Do

I just wanted to say thank you for the work you are doing. I bought your book on Reversing Achilles Tendonitis and experienced pain relief for the first time in almost 4 months.

Previously, I had done everything including daily doses of anti-inflammatory drugs and one cortisone shots, visit to an Orthopedic Surgeon who took X-Rays and diagnosed it as Tendenosis, three weeks of Rehab therapy (which only made it worse because they focused on hyper-extension stretches) and a Sport’s Massage Therapist (whose “deep massage” bruised me from knee to foot and from which it took me two weeks to recover.)

Incredibly, I got relief from your therapy after the first day and have been improving steadily every day thereafter. The fascinating thing to me is that all these people had a piece of the puzzle, but no one was able to put it altogether like you did.

In fact, when I first read your book I knew immediately that you were no charlatan because you said everything the “medical community” had been saying for the past few months. The difference was, you had a comprehensive and workable plan that made perfect sense.

And best of all, I saw results almost immediately. After months of pain and expensive treatments, I had almost lost hope of ever walking normally again.

Now I am contemplating running again.

Wouldn’t that be sweet?

Yours Truly,

Jim Hebel

"Yep..listen to Joshua..I am too fearful to return to my metal guitar playing, but no one else has a total grasp on this potential life-long malady like he does."

Pain In My Left Hand But Only In Certain Riffs/Chords


Dear Joshua,

Thank you so much for creating the "Carpal Tunnel Treatment That Works" dvd. It is clear, informative and easy to follow.

I live in London and after visiting my doctor and being referred to a specialist on our national health service I received advice which intensified my symptoms. A cortisoid injection, wrist splint and stretching exercises did nothing to alleviate my symptoms. In fact the streches exasperated my symptoms and made me feel depressed. I then tried a product called the Flextend glove which intensified my pain and left me fearing I wouldn't be able to carry out any manual work ever again.

After performing the process in your dvd, my symptoms vanished after 4 days. I would recommend your dvd to anyone experiencing carpal tunnel symptoms, including the expert at the musculoskeletal department who was unable to recommend any helpful advice. You have greatly improved my quality of life, and for that I am eternally greatful.

I am an artist and work intensely with my hands on a daily basis. Although the pain I was experiencing in my arms and upper body has gone I still have awkward sensations in between my shoulder blades. Would you be able to recommend any processes/ dvd/ or information to alleviate these symptoms? I have complete trust in whatever you recommend.

Kindest Regards, Tariq Husein


Hi Joshua, My post is more of a testimonial rather than a question. I have been suffering from severe pain in my left thumb for about two years now. The pain tends to strike me about 3-4 times a year and leaves me utterly disabled for approximately 2 months at a time. By utterly disabled I mean I cannot open doors, write with a pen (and I am left handed) drive a car etc. Probably the hardest part to dealing with this pain is that I cannot hold my children when I am affected by it.

I am a registered nurse, I have served honorably in the United States Marine Corps, run a small farm and my wife and I have six children. I am very busy to say the least! So I cannot be burdened with the disabling and life altering effects which I experience from my thumb pain.

It seems like just when I am better I become ill again. The pain is so intense at times I cannot sleep, eat (without becoming nauseous) or function. I don’t take pain medication so I just deal with it. I have been seen by many doctors, surgeons, specialists, chiropractors (just about anyone and everyone in the medical field) all have told me that they do not know the source or problem that causing the pain in my thumb.

Some have even gone as far to tell me that I should just take pain medication to treat the symptoms rather than the problem. That’s not the answer that I want to hear!

Four day ago I re-injured my thumb; I don’t know how I think that it happened when I was mending a fence. Right away I began to feel the pain coming on. It starts out small and gradually increases over the next couple of days. This is probably the hardest part of the entire ordeal; the anticipation of intense pain just flat out rattles me.

So Saturday about midnight I was lying in bed holding my hand, not able to sleep. I decided to give the internet another chance, just maybe I could find some source or blog of other people who are dealing with the same thing that I was. I stumbled upon your website; I have to admit I did not sleep.

I read just about every testimonial I could and was relieved to learn of other people dealing with the same problems as me. After 3 hours of reading I made myself an ice dip and tried it. Today is day 3 of ice dipping and I am 100% pain free, not only has the pain disappeared but I have full mobility of my thumb. I can move it freely without any tightness or restriction! I have my thumb back LOL! Thank you so much for everything that you have done, you have given me one of the greatest gifts a person can receive. I can hold my children again and for that I am grateful. God Bless. Sincerely Jonathan

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