The ARPwave system

The ARPwave System

Do you have a partial or fully torn tendon or ligament? Sports injury or chronic long term injury that has already had surgery or you're thinking should have surgery?

Torn Achilles tendon? Torn ankle tendons and/or ligaments? Bulging or ruptured discs in your spine? Knee injury like torn Patellar ligament or torn ACL?

What if you could have a FULL RECOVERY in 6-8 weeks?

For instance, what if you have a torn Achilles, just had surgery or 'needing' surgery, and in 6-8 weeks you could be jumping rope?

And what if you could work on yourself at home and get these results?

With The ARPwave System
You Can

I've been a medical massage therapist for 14 years. My Tendonitis Ebooks and Tendonitis DVDs, when followed, are very effective at decreasing pain levels and getting the body working closer to optimal.

Depending on what you have going on, that info (again, if you do the work) may be all you really need.

Want A 6-8 week FULL Recovery
two days post Achilles tendon reattachment surgery picture
Or an 8-12 MONTH Partial Recovery?

For general Tendonitis issues, you just can't get more bang for your buckfor the $30-40 bucks the ebooks or DVDs cost.

And, there are limitations. I know my limits, I know what I can and can't help with. And I know what will -help- and what will -fix-.

Can I help your body heal an ACL ligament tear without surgery like the ARPwave system can?


Can I get you a FULL recovery after an ACL surgery, Achilles Tendon rupture surgery, Patellar tendon rupture surgery, Ankle ligament/tendon surgery like the ARPwave system can?

Nope. Certainly not a 6-8 week full recovery.

And when I say the ARPwave system allows a full recovery, I mean a FULL recovery.

If I referred you to this page, I suggest you look into the ARPwave system because it's your only chance of a FULL recovery.

Seriously. Nothing else can help you heal and recover like working with an ARPwave unit.

What's Your Injury?

If you have any of the following, and you are motivated for a fast and full recovery;

Any tendon or ligament tear including:

  • Partial or Full Achilles Tendon tear
  • Partial or Full Ankle tendon/ligament tear
  • Partial or Full Patellar Tendon tear
  • Plantar Fasciitis pre/post surgery, including bone spurs
  • Achilles Tendonosis pre-post surgery
  • Shoulder tendon/ligament
  • Pec tear
  • Biceps Tendon tear

And, if you had injury/surgery years or decades ago, and it's still not right, you can still get a full recovery with the ARPwave system.

We've all been trained to think that we need surgery for all of the above. Historically, that's always been true. But with the ARPwave system, chances are, you don't. You'll have to talk to the ARPwave guys for your specific situation.

Which would you prefer?

Option #1: A full recovery in 6-8 weeks?
Option #2: NOT a full recovery in 8-12 MONTHS?


Why You Got Injured

Doctors will tell you that the torn tendon/ligament is the problem. And while it -is- a problem, it didn't cause itself.

You didn't have a weak tendon/ligament, it was just being given more load than it could handle.

Your injury is where the problem ENDED UP. Not where it started.

The ARPwave guys can explain it better, but basically, this is why your tendon/ligament ruptured.

1. Muscles are shock absorbers. If they aren't doing their job, all the shock (force, load) has to go somewhere…like your tendons/ligaments.

2. The body is an electrical system. When you have an electrical disruption (due to old injury, scar tissue, compensation pattern, etc) your muscles don't get the signal they need to fire optimally. Basically, your body needs an electrician to get in there and reconnect the wiring. That's what the ARPwave system does.

3. If you have an electrical disruption (you do) and don't fix it in time, and a load is placed upon your body, your muscles can't fire fast enough to absorb the load, and that load transfers somewhere. If you tore your tendon or ligament, that's where the load transferred to.

So basically, you performed some action, your muscles didn't fire hard enough/fast enough, and force transferred to a part of your body not designed to handle the force.

This can happen fast, like a single running/jumping event, or it can happen slow, like with my ruptured disc. I hurt my ankle really bad when I was young. Then I had compensation pattern for 30+ years, where my right ankle/foot wasn't absorbing force optimally, so force transferred up, which resulted in knee issues and disc issues.


Cost and Treatment

After the free evaluation and treatment session, you'll be looking at about $3,300 for the ARPwave unit to be sent to your home for 50 days, 10 sessions with an ARPwave therapist over webcam, 40 self treatments, and time on the 'background' charge to stimulate healing.

The cost may or may not be worth it to you in trade for a full recovery.

But if you want a FUll recovery in 6-8 weeks (or sooner, depending on what you have going on)....


How The ARPwave System Works

** What would it be like to be jumping rope 8 weeks after a full Achilles Tendon rupture reattachment surgery (if you even need the surgery).

** What would it be like to have decades of back pain disappear in a single session because your muscles were turned back on (and decades of tightness turned off)?

How Does The ARPwave System Work?

The ARPwave System works because it disrupts the electrical disruption. Basically.

It's like an electrician going in and getting the wiring working again, reconnecting old connections (which the ARPwave literally does).

The ARPwave system is FDA approved, is a Class 2 medical device (which means it can't hurt you), and uses a patented electrical waveform.

The HOW is actually pretty complicated. Essentially, the ARPwave system does three things (in my words):

  • Turns on Muscles That Aren't Working
  • Stimulates Healing
  • Sets TOO TIGHT muscles To Length

Along the way, it breaks up scar tissue, increases circulation, decreases the Process of Inflammation, and reverses the Pain Causing Dynamic FAST.

All I really know is that it works. Personally, that's really all I care about.

Specific to you, if you're motivated to have a full recovery, there's nothing I can recommend higher than getting in touch with the ARPwave guys, having them ship you a unit and do your FREE first evaluation and treatment.

The proof is in the pudding, and the only way to really get a sense of whether it will work for you is to try it, risk free.

So What Now?

If you want a fast and full recovery:

1. Use the form below and leave your name and number and a brief description of what you have going on. You can also ask me any questions.

2. I'll have the ARPwave guys contact you.

3. With them you'll have a conversation where they'll ask you questions about your specific situation, explain how it all works to you, talk about the options, prices, what to expect, etc.

4. If you say yes, at no cost they'll ship a unit to you. And you will have a session with a therapist over webcam, telling you what to do with the ARPwave unit.

5. If you see benefit (reduced pain, etc) and want to continue, then you'll continue. If you don't you'll send the unit back (again, at no cost).

For Testimonials from ARPwave patients see: Does The ARPwave System Work?

Use The Form Below for a full recovery.

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