8 weeks in full cast after Achilles Rupture surgery and then what happens?

by John Ashton
(Yorkshire, UK)

Hi there everyone,

Just been reading through the comments and thought I would add one myself...

It has been two and a half weeks now since the operation (I had a full rupture of the achilles setting off for a run playing cricket).

I am now in my second cast after slight elevation of my foot after two weeks. I agree about the pain, no real pain felt when I did it. I think the worst thing is how long this may take for it to get right..

8 weeks in full cast and then what happens?

Physio? Will I be able to walk properly? Play golf? I have been given 8 weeks sick note for work, I am a PE teacher so do you think I may need more time off work?

Is is full cast for the entire 8 weeks or do you think they may put a boot on? Couldnt believe the size of my leg when I saw it when they took the cast off - all muscle mass detiorated!



Joshua Answers:

Hi John.

I can't predict what they'll do with casts and timing and removal and such. That's up to the doctors etc.

I can answer a couple of your questions, though.

You asked, "8 weeks in full cast and then what happens?"

That's a great question. I wonder what your surgeon will say. Probably something like "Go to Physical Therapy."

At PT you'll do some
stretching and strengthening, probably some Eccentric Heel Drops, definitely ultrasound.

Interestingly enough, those are the exact same things they do for Achilles Tendonitis.

Another way of answering your question is: After 8 weeks, you have to rehab your leg for all the muscle lost and reverse the shortening of the connective tissue of the whole structure.

You also have to reverse the dynamic that caused the rupture in the first place.

Good information to familiarize yourself with the following information:

Magnesium for Tendonitis
(You're lacking for sure)

Process of Inflammation
(You have a lot of inflammation process in there)

Michael's Post Achilles Tendon Rupture ARPwave story

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Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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