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This collection of Carpal Tunnel Surgery stories is for you.

If you have had any kind of wrist surgery for Carpal Tunnel, or are considering it, share your stories and read these stories to help you decide if it's the right choice for you.

Everybody has a significant to slightly different experience of surgery for CTS.  Some good, some bad.

What's important to keep an eye out for is HOW LONG any surgery benefits last AND how long recovery took.  Did a person have to recovery from the carpal surgery for 8 months and then -still- had pain and problem?

Were symptoms worse after surgery?  No difference but with extra pain from the injury surgery causes?

On This Page You'll Find....

On this page you'll find people talking about their surgery experiences (both leading up to and post-surgery), and you'll find questions people have about carpal tunnel problems and surgery.

If you share your experience, people facing surgery can learn from that and make better decisions about their care.

Carpal Tunnel Surgery is a serious undertaking, with possible risks and possible benefits.  Make sure that you know what you need to know about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - why you have symptoms, causes that surgery will never be able to help (like vitamin B6 deficiency), why symtpoms don't go away over time, etc.

So.  Have you had CTS surgery?  How was it?  How was recovery?  Did it help?  For how long?  Would you do it again (especially if there was a non-invasive way to get even better results)?

Inquiring minds want to know......

Share The Story Of Your Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Do you have a great story about this? Share it!

So many people have questions about Carpal Tunnel Surgery, 'Does it work?', 'Is it safe?', 'Is it painful?'. Mostly, 'Does it work?'

If you have had Carpal Tunnel Surgery of any kind, please share your story.

Specifically, let us know your pre-surgery symptoms, how long you had been suffering, the experience of the surgery, recovery, and present results.

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Carpal Tunnel Surgery Stories Other Visitors Have Shared

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Broken Glass sliced my wrist, Will I ever be able to use my hand again?  
I fell over on broken glass a month and half ago .. It sliced open my hand on the palm where the crease is on the round bit? I had stitches but ever since …

Worse than before carpal tunnel surgery 
I had carpal Tunnel surgery on both hands 7 months ago, which were severe. The only good thing about the surgery is that I can sleep at night. My hands …

My Carpal Tunnel Surgery Was A Success...Was It Really? 
i had carpel surgery 7 months ago and it was a success but in the past month i have been experiencing pain in my wrist , elbow and upper arm as it was …


Had carpal tunnel surgery and still have pain in my hands. 
I had carpel tunnel surgery on both of my hands sept 2009 and after that my hand have not been better. I am in pain with my fingers, hand and wrist. I …

Had the Carpal Tunnel Surgery now it's back...why is the wrist pain coming back? 
I had the Carpal Tunnel surgery about 5 yrs ago....recently it's doing the same on both hands...and the tingling in both arms are driving me crazy. …

Carpal Tunnel Hand Surgery on Right and Left Hands didn't work 
I had Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Surgery on the right hand in November 09 and on the left in December 09. In January and February of 2010 I did hand therapy …

Two months after mini release carpal tunnel surgery, no improvement. 
Had mini open release (very small incision) for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Sept 14, 2010. Two months later I have more numbness and much more pain than before …

Numbness after Carpal Tunnel Surgery, ZING during 
I had Carpal Tunnel surgery January 22, 2010. I still do not have feeling in my middle finger and insides (toward middle finger) of my ring and index …

No Grip Still Five Months After Carpal Tunnel Surgery 
I had surgery done on my right hand on september 9 2009. I had severe carpal tunnel syndrome. My hand has healed but I still have pain in the palm, …

Carpal Tunnel Surgery, 3 on my left, 2 on my right, wrist pain is now worse 
Hello i have been off work now for 1.5 years from CTS working as a welder/blaster/painter/train repair, and still even though i have went through 3 …

Recent Carpal Tunnel Surgery, still have weakness, pain, and a grinding feeling 
After over six years of pain, numbness, tingling and a weak ability to hold onto things with my right hand I had surgery in June 2009. My wrist was in …

Carpal Tunnel Surgery April 2010, wonderful at first now SEVERE pain and burning Not rated yet
I had carpal tunnel surgery in April of 2010. My wrist felt wonderful after the surgery until about 5 months ago. If I would twist it a certain way, like …

Endoscotic Surgery For Left Hand Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 8/24/11 Not rated yet
I've had carpal tunnel syndrome for 2 years. I worked in a fast paced school lunch kitchen continually moving my wrists by serving and also washing dishes, …

Sharp pain in right lower thumb bone years after carpal tunnel surgery Not rated yet
I have had capal tunnel surgery on my right hand about 10 years ago and then had a cyst on the same wrist and had surgry on that also about 2 years after …

Carpal tunnel surgery that's failed Not rated yet
Hi, my dad is near 80 years old & is a retired railroad driver. He had Carpal tunnel surgery a good while back but it left him knarled. So approximately …

Two Carpal Tunnel Surgeries....Different Results Not rated yet
I had Capral Tunnel Syndrome in both wrists, the left being the worst. I had the Carpal Tunnel Surgery on my left wrist in June 2009. Everything …

Carpal Tunnel Keeps Coming Back After 3 Surgeries On Each Hand Not rated yet
I have had 3 surgeries on each hand and yet my carpal tunnel is now back and as bad as ever. My wrist feels like it is broken. My elbow and shoulder …

My Carpal Tunnel surgery failed! Rheumatoid Arthritis Too Not rated yet
I had just been diagnosed with RA (rheumatoid arthritis) and the MRI results showed I had carpel tunnel in my right wrist. It really wasn't bothering …

I think my surgeon missed something when he did my carpal tunnel surgery on my left wrist. Not rated yet
Hi everyone. I'm wondering if my surgeon did a bad job on the surgery on my left wrist. I'm right handed but I mouse with my left hand (weird …

I had the carpal tunnel release surgery last year, and I have numbness again Not rated yet
After having off and on pain and numbness in my right wrist and hand for two years, it suddenly got really bad after I spent a long first spring day …

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