Achilles Tendonitis and Cipro ...suprise?!

by Karen
(Valencia, CA)

Hello and thank you for all your help. I was at a point where my achilles tendonitis was not getting better with extensive Physical Therapy.

I have paid a lot for my PT, it seemed a little better but as soon as I walked a while or did a spin class it was back with a vengeance.

It started after I had been on Cipro for about 5 days. I am an RN and I started looking Cipro up in my drug books. I had taken Cipro years before with no problem. This time, almost immediately after the 2nd dose I remember my calves hurting and my achilles would hurt if I touched it.

I was spinning about 9 times a week. I am overweight but spinning had helped me lose quite a lot.

When on the Cipro, I had to stop spinning, I didn't understand why after spinning for over a year, all of a sudden, I couldn't do it without such pain.

I went back to my Dr for the achilles, and calves pain. I mentioned I'm older now and I had read that Levaquin could bring on Achilles tendonitis.

I thought my Dr was going to choke!!! Immediately he took me off the Cipro., put me on Keflex, (for a recurrent UTI). He said my achilles problem would improve and go away shortly. Well, here I am, almost a year later, unable to spin, spent a fortune on PT with no relief.

I bought your book about Achilles Tendonitis. I jumped on it immediately, without reading on, on your site. I have been using Ice Baths and Ice Massage now for about 3 weeks. I have improved alot, but still not quite normal. I have only missed 1 day in the 3 weeks and I could tell the difference, so I'm back to the ice baths. They seemed to help the most.

Thank you so much. At one point I was in tears, thinking I may end up in a wheelchair because of this. At least now it is improving. I am now exercising, but ice right after is the only thing that seems to help. I am on Weight Watchers, stressing vegetables and fruit mostly with protein. I take supplements, but am not sure what amounts I should use. I'm going back to see in your book about the supplements and get
the specifics.

Thank you, I can't thank you enough. You have been a blessing and a miracle. YES a miracle. Thank you. No one mentioned your protocol or anything close to it. I have been to 2 Physical Therapists and 2 different sports Drs. You are the one. Thank you so much.


Joshua Answers:

Hi Karen.

That's great you've gotten benefit. Good!

And if your ACHILLES TENDONITIS Achilles Tendonitis is really Levaquin Tendonitis, then I highly suggest that you also get The Levaquin Tendonitis Solution ebook too.

What you found in Reversing Achilles Tendonitis ebook is good stuff, and depending on what you've done out of it, it clearly has given you benefit.

But we're looking for a fix, as far as I'm concerned.

Cipro symptoms are an ENTIRELY different animal than regular tendonitis.

Tendonitis, while nutrition is involved, is pretty 'physical'.

See: What Is Tendonitis

Levaquin and Cipro cause systemic issues, greatly throwing your body out of whack, and yes that does include some spot specific pain and damage.

Hopefully you just have pain and not damage, and we can get your body back into whack (yes, that's a technical term).

If your Cipro tendon pain hasn't gone away by now, chances are it's not going to go away all by itself (like your doctor was fervently hoping).

Levaquin and Cipro tendonitis tends to either go away on it's own within about a year....or it doesn't. People are still suffering years and decades later.

So. Check out and then get The Levaquin Tendonitis Solution ebook. If you don't fill the holes that the Cipro emptied out, things kind of literally -can't- get better.

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Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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