Achilles Tendonitis Surgery, Freaking out somewhat about the prospect of having it

by Ganette

In February of 2009 I started having horrible pain at the back of my left ankle.

I sort of ignored it as I was walking a lot in my job. (I work with children with special needs) By March the pain got worse and my ankle was swollen to about twice it's size.

I decided to go to my GP and he told me "bed rest for a week!?!?" I had spring break the following week and I said I'd take it easy then, he suggested I wear shoes without a back with support (clogs).

I bought new shoes and had a new outlook, back at school, it was horrible by the end of that week.

Went back to the doctor and was taken to x-ray. The following day I was told I had tendonitis and bursitis. What to do? Rest and ice...I got frustrated with the GP and went to a Podiatrist - he put me in one of those wonderful braces which I wore faithfully for a month while at work.

It helped so much there! I went back to Podiatrist and he suggested cortisone shot, I went for it with the understanding I had to be back in the boot for another 2 - 3 weeks while at work. I again was faithful with that.

There was also a MRI in there which confirmed all I stated before as well as a protruding heal bone. Fast forward to trying pads, a special sock and now orthotics.

I'm back to swollen and painful again. I bit the bullet and made the appointment to probably set up surgery.

Am I crazy? Is it worth being laid up for a few weeks? I guess I can't continue living my life like this either - I can't go for walks, have to think about going shopping and how long I can stand walking around (it's not long folks!). I just want this to increase my quality of life.

I've never had a "surgery" before so I'm a little anxious as I do like to use my feet. :-)

Advice and support is appreciated......


Joshua Answers:

Hello Ganette.

I've never had surgery before either. I can tell you, I don't want it.

Should you have Achilles Tendonitis Surgery?

If it was a sure thing, if it was definitely going to make it 100% better and get you back to square one, then it would likely be worth the pain, the cost, and the down time.

It -should- make things better. At least cause less

Some people have great results, some have poor results, some have worse results.

-WHY- is this happening, I like to ask? And, does surgery deal with that?

If you don't know already, I'm against surgery for Tendonitis in general.

In short, here's why:

1. Surgery injures you.

2. Surgery does not reverse the Cause of the Tendonitis and Bursitis and such.

3. Surgery doesn't deal with any nutritional causes of Tendonitis.

4. In my experience, surgery either makes things worse, or doesn't help at all, or makes things better...temporarily. It certainly won't get you back to 100%.

But most people would take 50% better. I don't complain about that. Pain sucks. Less pain is better.

Achilles Tendonitis is unique in that the tendon is so damn big, and bears such a vast mechanical load.

It's a major structural support. If it's hurting, it's not insignificant.

So if you don't get surgery, you need an option that will actually make things better. Congratulations, you have gone through the usual routine of doctors and time and effort and hope and multiple 'medical treatments' that do not help cure Achilles Tendonitis.

That's usually when people find me:)

I should have 'The Achilles Tendonitis Treatment That Works' DVD out in a month or so, but that doesn't do you any good now.

Answer some questions, and then I'll give you some non-surgery, and in fact surgery-avoiding suggestions.


1. How old are you?

2. Overall health?

3. Overall daily activity description.

4. History of pain in this area? History of Tendonitis anywhere?

5. General description of dietary intake.

6. Describe the pain. How, when, where, what makes better, what makes worse, etc.

7. Is there a lump/bump on the tendon? Where? Does it hurt? When you press on it?

8. Just the one side? Pain anywhere else in the body?

Let's start with that for now, answer those so I have a clearer picture of what's going on and where exactly you're at.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Apr 23, 2010
PART 2 - so sorry - Achilles Tendonitis Surgery, Freaking out somewhat about the prospect of having it
by: Anonymous

I did it and regret it.. But that is just me. i am worse not better... the surgery was great it was the recovery time. I heard I won't be 100% better for over a year. i have a friend that is on his 3rd surgery.. i am like 8 months in and i think i re-tore my Achilles i'll find out monday... :-(


Joshua Comments:

Well, we do what we do in life. Most of the time it works out, sometimes it doesn't. Consider it a learning experience.....

Let me know what you find out Monday!

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