Achilles Tendonitis Symptoms, but haven't even been diagnosed

by Dannielle A. C.

I hurt both achilles about 18 months ago. I had not ran in a long time because I had recently had a baby.

I did stretch but probably not enough. Both achilles were very sore. My left one always hurts significantly more than the right. I have gone to my primary doctor who sent me to a foot specialist.

This was about a week after it first started hurting. He took x rays but just said my achilles were tight. I have gone to two different chiropractors. One used some kind of wand that was like a shock therapy on my calf. He said it would take 12 visits, I could not afford it at the time.

Another chiropractor was actually treating me for a car accident and only was able to show me stretches. I also went to a massage therapist. It feels better when i wear high heels.

They hurt the most when i am just resting or trying to relax. I shopped 16hrs straight Friday in nikes and I finally just couldn't stand the pain in my left foot anymore.

It has been swollen for 3 days now. It has been about 18months now with the pin.

It can not just be from tight achilles. Any advice? Should i go back to the chiropractor for 12 visits? Should I go back to the foot doctor?

Is there anything i can do at home besides stretching and self massasge?

Anything you can tell me will be helpful and appreciated.



Joshua Answers:

Hello Dannielle.

Yes, there is A LOT you can do at home. All of it, actually.

That's why I wrote Reversing Achilles Tendonitis ebook. I highly suggest it.

One key concept, is that while yes, the Achilles Tendon is tight. But the question is, why is it tight?

It's because the Soleus and the Gastrocs, and the other muscles in there, and ALL the connective tissue intimately intertwined through all of that, is tight, and pulling on the tendon.

Stretching is good, if you do it right.

Chiropractic...not so much for this, IMHO. Unless that wand is very effective at lengthening muscle and connective tissue.

What would the foot doctor do? There's nothing -wrong- with you, things are just TOO TIGHT, and therefor continues the Pain Causing Dynamic and pain enhancing chemical from the now chronic Process of Inflammation.

If you don't reverse that process....

Plus, it's very likely that you have some nutritional deficiency. If nothing else, pregnancy takes a lot out of you.

Also, due to the ligament stretching hormone released with pregnancy, depending on how long after giving birth your started running again, it's possible that you did overstretch something.

But, that causes the nervous system to TIGHTNEN things up, which causes pain, which brings us right back to where we started.

More questions, more answers.

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Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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