Carpal Tunnel Diagnosis, what else could it be?

I have pain burning and numbness in my right and left wrists and first 3 fingers, which is worse in the evening.

I am right handed and the sysmptoms are worse in my right hand.

The symptoms increased quite rapidly.

Phalen's test showed no increase in symptoms.

I have recently been undertaking a significant amount of extra keyboard and mouse work. If i don't have carpal tunnel, what could it be?


Only doctors can legally diagnose, so I won't be diagnosing anything.

I can answer your questions though. :)

Whether it's Carpal Tunnel or Wrist Tendonitis, you definitely have a Pain Causing Dynamic going on. And it sounds like you have recently irritated it, or pushed it over the edge into pain.

Learn How To Reduce Inflammation, and learn about the New Ergonomics.

And I definitely suggest that you get The Carpal Tunnel Treatment That Works. It will deal with your symptoms, start to reverse the Tendonitis Pain Causing Dynamic, and help deal with the issues at the neck/shoulder that are partly to blame for your Carpal Tunnel symptoms.

More questions, more answers!

And let's go from there.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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