What Does Your Carpal Tunnel Diagnosis Really Mean?

Have you recently been given a Carpal Tunnel Diagnosis by your doctor?

Do you know what that actually means?

Your doctor mostly likely told you that you need to use anti-inflammatory drugs, rest, and a wrist splint or brace to reduce the pain and stop further 'damage'.

If you already tried that, then it's on to corticosteroid shots and possibly surgery.

But those are things that are done in the hopes of helping, and don't actually help you know what it means that you now 'officially' have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

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What Is A Carpal Tunnel Diagnosis, Really?

It is your doctor's job to give a name to that which is bothering you. You walked in with pain and/or numbness in your wrist/hand/fingers.

If you have pain, numbness, loss of range of motion, weakness of grip, that fits Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Hopefully your doctor will also take a verbal history of the issue. They may do a nerve conduction test to 'confirm' the diagnosis.

The diagnosis itself is a name given to your problem that is written down in your chart and entered into your medical history.

carpal tunnel diagnosis humor

A diagnosis of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome handed down by a doctor is that doctor's opinion of the name for your 'problem'.

The western medical system is designed such that every kind of complaint and pain must be caused by something specific. Even when it's not, it still needs a name. 

So if your doctor looks at your wrist for 5 minutes and asks you a couple questions, and then gives you a diagnosis of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome...why does s/he think that it's a wrist problem?  Is it coming from the neck?  The front of the chest/shoulder?  Further down the arm?

Is it a B6 innsufficiency/deficiency?  B6 deficiency causes CTS symptoms.  And Inflammation causes B6 deficiency. 

Point being, a 'diagnosis' is only as good as the person making the diagnosis.   And that magic piece of paper doesn't tell the whole story.

Not even close.

What Does It Mean That You 'Have' Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

A very tiny percentage of people that get diagnosed as having Carpal Tunnel Syndrome actually have a real problem with the Carpal Tunnel itself.

This would be something like having a significantly too small bony channel due to genetics or a crushing or breaking injury.

Sometimes a tumor can grow there in the wrist. Even though the chances are small, it's worth it to see a doctor to make sure this isn't the problem.

The vast majority of the rest of wrist pain and numbness doesn't have anything directly to do with the carpal tunnel.

Carpal Tunnel Diagnosis given to you by a doctor technically means that you have 'Carpal Tunnel Syndrome' (CTS).

As you'll see more of on the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome page, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a label for a collection of symptoms.

So when your doctor diagnoses you as having CTS, what s/he is really saying is that you have some or all of a certain group of symptoms.

The symptoms themselves don't actually mean that there is anything wrong with your Carpal Tunnel. They don't necessarily mean that you have any actual 'damage' or 'injury'.

For the most part, that's not how the Carpal Tunnel dynamic works.

It also depends on whether you have Wrist Tendonitis as part of the pain dynamic affecting the wrist area.

What Do You Do Now That You Have A Carpal Tunnel Diagnosis?

You have a few options once you get a Carpal Tunnel Diagnosis.

Option #1. Changing nothing, continuing to do what you've been doing, and hoping that it will just go away.

This will not work.

Option #2.You can do exactly what the doctor says. Anti-inflammatory pills, wrist splints and braces, muscle relaxants, rest, and corticosteroid shots.

This can also require taking frequent breaks form your job or hobby, or quitting altogether if symptoms don't get better.

This may work to some degree or other, but will rarely get you back to 100%.

Option #3. Finding a more effective treatment.

Whether you try Option #2 first and move on if it doesn't work, or whether you go right towards methods that will provide you fast, reliable results, Option #3 is all about reversing the carpal tunnel dynamic and making the pain and numbness go away.

This will work when you find the RIGHT method.

From my decade of experience, the fastest way to start reversing your Carpal Tunnel Dynamic is by....

Learning How To Reduce Inflammation. Learning how to do this, -and- doing what it tells you to do, will quickly begin to take the pain away and help your body successfully combat the Downward Spiral of pain and tightness.

A Carpal Tunnel Diagnosis is not a prison sentence. It is not a life sentence. It is just a message written on a medical form that means you have a certain set of symptoms.

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