Carpal Tunnel Keeps Coming Back After 3 Surgeries On Each Hand

I have had 3 surgeries on each hand and yet my carpal tunnel is now back and as bad as ever.

My wrist feels like it is broken. My elbow and shoulder and my arm feel like someone has a tight blood pressure cuff attached to it.

Please Help ! What can I do ?


Joshua Answers:

Hello Person Who Didn't Leave Name Or Email Address. I hope you find this response.

You've had 3 surgeries on -each- hand? 6 surgeries?

What were your doctors thinking??

Did they check your magnesium and Vitamin D and Vitamin B6 and B12 levels? Did they give you any?

How do they know the problem is at the wrist and not up at the neck and front of chest/shoulder, or even around teh elbow?

Your Carpal Tunnel doesn't keep coming back, it never went away.

Scar tissue from the surgeries is causing everything to constrict. Your Process of Inflammation is raging, and of course Inflammation Causes Vitamin B6 Deficiency which makes it all worse.

No More Surgeries!

If you do find this (or if someone else in your situation continues this thread) I'll give you suggestions and such.

Basically, you need to get your nutritional deficiencies straightened out. You need to open up all that shrunk wrapped (and getting worse) connective tissue, and you need to knock out your inflammation.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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