Doctor Says I Have Achilles Tendinosis Which Is Fluid In The Tendon

by Mike
(Fullerton, CA)

I've been dealing with chronic achilles pain/swelling in right foot for 3 plus years.

I initially went to a Sports doctor that prescribed physical therapy. After doing pt diligently for a few years (stretching, building calf muscles, etc) I still have same symptoms.

I can not run without severe swelling and limping for a few days after. Usual morning tightness and soreness throughout the day. I finally saw an mri of the area and am diagnosed with Achilles Tendinosis -- fluid inside tendon.

I have a great doctor -- surgery is scheduled in a few weeks. He is going to go in, drain, remove any dead stuff, re-stitch and shoot my blood platelets into tendon.

Questions: What can I expect for recovery times??

How long in cast? Have others had success with similar surgeries?


Joshua Answers:

Hi Mike.

How'd that surgery go?

I can't really answer your questions, as it depends on how much he cuts out of there.

4-8 weeks in a cast is common. But there's soft casts and hard casts...

Plus more physical therapy! Really you went to PT for 2+ years??

Also, your doc called 'fluid in the tendon' Tendonosis? Interesting...

Let me know how the surgery went, and where you're at now, and we'll go from there.

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Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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