Elbow Tendonitis 3 weeks after taking Levaquin

by Lori

My doctor prescribed me 2 weeks of Levaquin pills for a severe sinus infection. I only took one weeks worth after studying this toxic drug and realizing how harmful it is to my body.

3 days after I started taking it I woke up with tennis elbow in my right elbow.

At first I thought I had just slept on my arm funny and that's why it hurt, but the pain is every day now and my elbow is weak/painful when I perform simple everyday tasks.

I am an otherwise very healthy 32 year old with no health problems at all. The doctor and pharmacist both warned me that I may experience tendon problems with this medication but I thought surely I won't be affected since I'm already in excellent health, minus the sinus infection from hell.

The dr/pharmacist told me not to do any strenuous exercise while taking the medicine. That was fine with me...strenuous exercise, they said was like running a marathon or over-exerting myself in an exercise program.

The day before I woke up with my tennis elbow...I vacuumed. That's the ONLY thing I did that would be 'work' or 'exercise' for my elbow and that is something I already do on a regular/weekly basis as a stay at home mom. Nothing that my elbow wasn't used to!

So I am pretty furious that I have to deal with this pain from the crappy medicine I took for a sinus infection. boo. I am planning on eating a highly nutritious diet with plenty of lean protein, taking supplements, drinking extra H2O and stay away from high fat/high salt
foods....which is a good thing anyway.

I already eat healthy, but I'm going to kick it up a notch so my body can heal this stinkin' tennis elbow.


Joshua Answers:

Hi Lori.

Ouch, sorry to hear that.

When connective tissue has been damage by the Cytotoxic effects, the activity doesn't matter so much....

Tendonitis is bad enough, but levaquin works entirely differently.

Levaquin is a poison. Or at least, the effect is has on the body can be VERY detrimental to the body.

And I'll just add in, good fat is good for you. You need it and it's important for health and healing. Don't skimp on it. The 'problem' with fat only shows up when it's taken in with (lots of) carbs, and bad carbs at that.

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Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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