Golfer's Elbow and Wrist Tendonitis

by Naomi Spicer
(New Zealand)

I have golfers elbow and wrist tendonitis in both arms, have had for about a year got it from work.

I started swimming about 6 months ago as i do a physical job and my physio at the time said that would be good to help build up the other muscles in my arms.

Swimming is helping but I have to do it everyday to help reduce the pain to livable. What is your suggestion for treating both.

Going to start the ice dip today.



Joshua answers:

Hi Naomi. That's no good you've been hurting for so long.

So, you have Golfers Elbow and Wrist Tendonitis on each side.

I have some questions first and then I'll say more.

1. How exactly do you know you have Wrist Tendonitis?

2. Is the Wrist Tendonitis on the palm side, or the opposite side?

3. I assume the Golfers Elbow pain is basically on the palm side of your forearm, the flexor muscles.

4. How bad is the Golfers Elbow?

5. Is one side worse than the other?

6. What is the job/work activity that caused this, do you think?

Answer those questions by clicking on the COMMENT link below and I can give your some more detailed answers.

For now though, start Ice Dipping and do it consistently.

If you have been in a lot of pain for a long time, you may want to increase the number of dips.

The more you do now, the faster you will feel better.

Healing Golfers Elbow and making the pain from Wrist Tendonitis go away can happen quickly.

Even if you've had it as long as you have, and it hurts as much as you have been hurting.

Ice Dip both forearms at the same time, all the way up over the elbow.

So, there's that.

1. Ice Dip as much as you can, consistently for the next seven days.

2. Read through the website, all the pages about Wrist Tendonitis, Inflammation, and The Pain Causing Dynamic.

3. You may want to consider getting The Tennis Elbow Treatment That Works.

I haven't made a DVD for Golfer's Elbow, and I may not, because Tennis Elbow and Golfer's Elbow are exactly the same thing, except on opposite sides of the forearm.

Ice Dipping, and to a more complete degree 'The Tennis Elbow Treatment That Works', has the capability to make all your pain go away, if you do it as I describe.

You may or may not need something else for the 'wrist tendonitis', but depending on exactly what you have going on, Ice Dipping and/or the DVD can make the bulk of the pain vanish, if not all of it.

And, I'm happy to work with you here until you are completely out of pain.

Answer the questions, ask more questions, Ice Dip, and let's go from there.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Comments for Golfer's Elbow and Wrist Tendonitis

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Mar 22, 2009
Reply to golfers elbow and wrist tendonitis
by: Anonymous

Hi Joshua

I have seen a doctor who told me it was Carpal Tunnel, but i decided that I wanted another opinion so went to a physiotherapist who said it was tendonitis and that I also had golfers elbow. Told me that he couldn't treat the golfers elbow till my wrists were better.

The wrist tendonitis is palm side and my right side is worse than my left most of the time in both my wrist and elbow.

Yes the golfers elbow is the flexor muscle. My wrists and elbows are not too bad if I go swimming before work. They still hurt and I have to sleep with them straight to rest them.

I do costume props and I caused the injury by spray painting feathers for some angel wings hundreds and hundreds of feathers, my left hand held the feather by the stem and turned it while my right hand held a spray gun and sprayed them one side at a time, for 10 hours a day.

I didn't even think when I started to get sore that I was causing myself so much harm. At the moment I'm hammering in rivets and drilling and sanding hard plastic to make armour, I'm trying to be more aware and stop and stretch, I don't really take enough breaks, but I am getting better at that.

Just started the ice treatment.


Mar 22, 2009
Reply to golfers elbow and wrist tendonitis PART 2
by: The Tendonitis Expert

Hey Naomi.

I saw that you got 'The Tennis Elbow Treatment That Works'. (It will go out in the mail Monday.)

Good. Follow what it suggest you do, exactly, and you will be feeling -way- better 7 days later.

Do the Ice Dipping and you'll be feeling -way- better by the time you get it.


At this point, instead of wondering or worrying if you have Wrist Tendonitis or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, think about it like this:

With all the hand intensive work that you do, for the last many years your muscles have been getting tighter and tighter.

Like a sponge slowly getting squeezed, everything has started tightening and shrinking down, which makes things work not as well, and makes your body work hard to try to constantly counter the shortening.

Then one day you do something like you did for 10 hours.

You body tried to tell you with increasing pain....but you ignored it, and your nervous system got really scared and does the only thing it knows how to do to protect you from pain....

It panicked and set a particular mechanism to high alert. This equals all the pain you are having.

You may or may not have caused harm, but your certainly caused alarm.

Maybe you have actual Wrist Tendonitis damage.

Maybe you have actual tendon damage with the Golfer's Elbow.

You do have all the SYMPTOMS. Symptoms are different than actual damage. That is a worthwhile distinction.

For the record, wrist tendonitis on the palm side can cause carpal tunnel symptoms.

And it's important to understand that you can have pain with no actual damage.

Let's reverse the source of the pain. Then deal with any actual damage if you have any.

I'm surprised your physiotherapist said s/he couldn't work on the Golfer's Elbow until the wrist was taken care of. That's weird.

It seems to be proof that said physio has no idea what to do for Wrist Tendonitis problems. Or what to do with Golfers elbow, for that matter.

Do the Ice Dipping diligently until you get the DVD, at which point you will continue to do that.

If you want faster results and to help counter all the hand activity you are now doing, increase the number of dips. As much as you can.

The trick to getting results with Ice Dipping is, lots, often, and consistently over several days.

Keep me updated. Ask more questions.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

Mar 29, 2009
I've also had doctors tell me different things.
by: Joseph


I have also had different doctors give me different diagnoses for wrist tendonitis and golfers elbow and tenosynovitis.

I'm not sure who to believe, and I'm still in pain on the palm side of my forearm from my elbow to my fingers.

It's been almost a year, and I don't want to go back to the doctors. The rest and elbow brace and ibuprofen and corticosteroid shots haven't helped like they said it would. I don't want to have surgery, plus I doubt they know the right place to do surgery on anyway.

I've read through your website and it makes a lot of sense, I'm going to try the tennis elbow dvd, since you said tennis elbow and golfers elbow is the same thing but on different sides of the elbow. Makes sense.

I hope the dvd works. Nothing else has.

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