Healthy Foods To Eat

There are Healthy Foods To Eat, and there are unhealthy foods to eat.

It's my experience that we all think we eat healthy. Some people authentically don't know that sugar is bad for the body!

It's also my experience that people get surprised when they start having chronic Tendonitis pain and problem.

There are many factors that all work together to create the Tendonitis dynamic. The food we eat (or don't, as the case may be) is one of them.

Eating healthy food makes all the difference when wanting to get and stay strong, healthy, and functional.

But SURPRISE!  There's a lot that you THOUGHT was healthy for you, but really isn't.  

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Healthy Foods To Eat
Carbs, Protein, Fat

The everything we eat is either Carbohydrate, Protein, or Fat.

Carbohydrates are fast fuel, in the form of fruits, vegetables, wheat products, grains, and sugars, and products made form all of those.

Protein is the building block of our body structures. We get protein mainly from meat and dairy. Yes there is protein in bread and cereal and nuts etc, but I'm primarily categorizing protein as being from meat and dairy (because meat protein is about 2.7x more absorbable than plant protein).

Fat is a powerful source of slow burning fuel. Fat from meat, dairy, nuts, avocado, coconut, olive. There are other sources of fat like canola and sunflower oil, but I'd stick with what I just mentioned. Research shows that processed canola oil is a BIG cancer causer.

Below I'm going to list healthy foods to eat from each category. While many foods consist of more than one category, I'm going to go with what they consist of most.

Healthy Foods To Eat
Carbohydrate Foods

There is much debate about which is healthier, a high or low carb diet. *shrug* Experiment and do what's best for you.

Having said that, the science (the actual science) is clear that a high meat/fat diet is better than a high carb diet.

  • Humans have survived ice ages.  For all practical purposes, the only things for humans to eat during an ice age were animals.
  • The fruits and vegetables you eat didn't exist 500 years ago, much less 10,000 years ago.  They have been hybridized to be larger and sweeter so that you'll buy them in the store.
  • The cure for diabetes is a low to no carb diet.  This is in sharp contrast to the official 'diabetic diet' served to diabetics in hospitals, approved by nutritionists.  Nutritionists who do not believe that diabetes is reversible/curable.

In the Carbohydrate category, we're looking for HEALTHY foods to eat. So no sugar, and as little gluten as possible. There is NOTHING good about (processed) sugar, and gluten is an inflammatory agent.

Healthy Carbs To Eat:

Organic fruit: You get a little vitamins and minerals and lot of sugar, so don't eat too much.

Organic vegetables: Vitamins, minerals, fibers. You can't go wrong eating vegetables. Many need to be at least lightly steamed to make them more digestible.

Even if you don't like vegetables, they're important for a healthy body. Dark leafy greens are a major source of naturally occuring Magnesium in food. And if you have any Symptoms of Tendonitis, then you'd better learn about Magnesium for Tendonitis.

You also get 'toxins' from vegetables, like oxalates from dark leafy greens, lectins from beans.

Organic Rice: Brown, Red, Black, Wild. NOT WHITE (processed)! 

Having said that, white rice is nutrient poor, but it doesn't have anything like bran and lectins like brown rice does.

Organic Grains: this gets trickier, as some have gluten in them. If you are sick or in pain, I'd drop the grains. Too long a conversation to get into here.   Basically, cultivated grains (so being eaten in significant quantities) have only been around the last 2,000-10,000 years (depending on where in the world we're talking about).

Some humans can do ok with the huge amount of grains we eat nowadays.  But one can argue that MOST don't do well with the amount of grain in the standard american diet (SAD).  That's part of why the United States has such an obesity problem...grains and gluten cause inflammation and cravings for more food...and the food we reach for are predictably more fast cab/low nutrition foods which cause more cravings.

For more information about the unhealthy downsides of eating gluten, go to Kerri's site and educate yourself about Gluten Intolerance.

Clean, organic, non-gluten and non-sugar Carbohydrates are healthyish foods to eat. Don't eat too much cabs though, as it helps cause blood sugar spikes, and tells the body to store the energy as fat.

Healthy Foods To Eat
Protein Foods

Protein comes from a number of directions.

There is something to be said for a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. I personally prefer a high protein diet.

Healthy Protein To Eat:

Organic Cottage Cheese: Almost pure protein

Organic, free range, non-vegetarian fed chicken: If you can cook up and then chop up the heart and liver and add it to whatever you're making. Chickens aren't meant to eat vegetarian food. They also eat bugs, worms, stuff out of the dirt, rocks. They can't pass those nutrients on to you if they eat a vegetarian only diet.

Eggs from organic, pastured chickens: Approximately 7 grams of protein per egg. 4 in the egg white, and 3 in the yellow yolk. Remember Rocky eating raw eggs? While that's healthy -if- they're from organic, pastured chickens, it turns out that you lose 30%-40% of the protein if you eat eggs raw. Something about heat activates a process that allows the protein to be digestible.

Organic, free range, pastured beef: I eat more chicken than beef because I can digest chicken faster, and it feels 'lighter' than beef. Having said that, beef 'feels' like it gives me more oomph.

Organic pastured pork and chicken is pretty good too (beef has the best 3-6-9 omega ratio), but good luck finding that.

Organic, wild caught fish: Farmed fish are fed corn and other grains and antibiotics. Thus the nutrient quality they provide is far lower than wild caught fish. And the taste not as good as well.

Tunafish is a great source of protein, but potentially high on the Mercury, so I don't eat too much. Theoretically greens like cilantro help pull out the mercury, so when I eat tunafish I throw in a LOT of cilantro. Plus it's tasty.

Bone Broth from organic chicken and/or beef bones, joints, ligament, other connected parts: Simmering the bones in water for 12-48 hours pulls all the nutrients in the bone out into the broth. And there's lots you can do with the broth. And it's nutrient DENSE.

Find out more about Bone Broth as the best Tendon Supplements.

* Note: From a vegan and vegetarian perspective animal flesh and various parts is not included in a healthy foods to eat list. They get their protein from plant sources. I say great, do that if it works for you. But, over time, you might find yourself protein deficient, fat deficient, nutrient deficient...and having relatively weak connective tissue...not to mention vitamin B12 deficient....and skinny. And muscle mass is correlated to overall health. And I'm a big fan of muscle mass. I plan on being a strong and healthy and vibrant 95 year old.

There's good reason why prominent Vegan Youtubers (people who make money on youtube promoting a vegan lifestyle) are dropping veganism to eat meat....their health gets so bad they can't ignore it anymore.

There's good reason why professional athletes who go vegan don't stay vegan (and/or are unable to continue to play at a professional level and lose their spot or retire).

Clean, good proteins are very useful and healthy foods to eat.

Healthy Foods To Eat
Fat Foods

Fat's gotten a bad rap in the last many decades.

Let's bring the fat back.

Omega 3's fats are anti-inflammatory. Coconut oil is a thermogenic fat and a GREAT source of fuel. Fat from organic pastured chicken and cow is -actually- good for you. It's when you eat a lot of carbs, especially processed carbs, that you body gets thrown way off track towards blood sugar spikes and diabetes.

Want to cure diabetes? More good fat, LESS sugar and processed carbs (ok, little to no sugar or processed carbs)

Healthy Fat To Eat:

Omega 3 fats like Flax and Salmon: Salmon is a great fish to eat for all the good fat in it. Flax has to be cold pressed and kept in the fridge and out of the light, it goes rancid VERY easily. Krill oil is a new product high in Omega 3's.

Coconut oil: Coconut oil is amazing. Anti-bacterial, doesn't go rancid, can cook with at high heats. It's thermogenic, meaning it increases your metabolism and how many calories you burn at rest. Coconut oil bypasses the usual fat digesting process and is immediately available as fuel.

And it makes soups and chili EXTRA TASTY! I add 2-5 tablespoons to my oatmeal in the morning when I'm working out hard and wanting more calories. At 120 calories per tablespoon, that adds up fast. And it's directly responsible for putting on 30 pounds of muscle a couple years ago when I worked out a certain way and ate like a cow for three months.

Coconut butter: Just like coconut oil, only it has 198 calories per two tablespoons and 5 grams of fiber. Kind of like peanut butter, but from coconut. Great with apple as a high calorie snack.

Organic Avocado: Great in smoothies, as a spread, guacamole, sliced onto a sandwich or eggs, etc. Good fat, and good amount of fat.

Avocado has naturally occuring latex in it, so people with latex allergies don't do well with avocado fat.

Eggs from organic, pastured chickens: Approximately 4.5 grams of fat per egg, mostly in the yolk.

Various raw, organic Nuts: Almonds, walnuts, brazil nuts, hazel nuts, pecans and MACADAMIA NUT! Macadamia nuts are HIGH in fat. And tasty. Soak all the nuts first because most have some anti-nutrients in them that soaking gets rid of (basically). Some will begin a sprouting process which increases the available nutrients, others like walnuts won't.

Peanuts have too many problems with them to be on this list.

High fat foods, as long as they are GOOD fat, are VERY healthy foods to eat. And, they are actually healing.

Healthy Foods To Eat
Healthy Food Tips

If you're going to eat healthy, know -WHY- you want healthy foods to eat. Do you want to lose weight? Increase you muscle mass? Have more strength, better energy levels, more stamina, etc?

Or do you want to live long and prosper?

Here are some healthy food tips, from my perspective. And for the record, it's not just me making it up, it's me looking at the research and 'facts' (truth, of course, is relative, so do your own research and make your own choices).

Healthy Food Tips

** Get rid of all the old oils sitting around in your kitchen. They're rancid.

** Don't use canola oil. It's a known carcinogen. Stick primarily with fresh, cold pressed, coconut oil and olive oil. There are more good oils, but chances are, if you have more than one or two sitting around, they'll go bad.

** In a perfect world all food would be fresh, natural, organic, and wild or pastured. But it's not. So keep your eyes open and make the best choices available.

** When it says 'organic', ask some questions and see what that actually means. The more organic and natural (and simple) you eat, the healthier it is.

** Pasteurized is bad. Avoid it if you can.

** As a general rule, light on the carbs, heavy on the protein and good fats.

** As little sugar as possible.

** Little to no white flour and similarly processed ingredients, foods, and food products.

** Look into the research, at the facts, and use your common sense. The Food and Drug Administration vilifies raw milk and organic beef production and kombucha, but promotes toxic pharmaceutical products. Are they really looking out for your health and well being?

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