Horrible Experience, foot surgery to untrap a nerve and remove heel spur

by Virginia
(Orlando, Florida)

I had pain in my left heel for about 6-7 months and did everything the foot doctor told me to do, it never got better, so the doctor recommended foot surgery to untrap a nerve and take a bone spur out.

I have had a horrible, miserable time ever since I had surgery six months ago, my foot has gotten worse. Every step I take is painful and it's an every day problem to walk without pain!!

Especially when I first wake up in the morning, very painful and if I sit too long, my foot gets stiff and feels like I'm walking on nails jabbing through the heel of my foot.

I wish I had NEVER had this surgery!!!! I'm in worse shape now more than ever!!!!!


Joshua Answers:

Hi Virginia.

Thanks for sharing.

Yeah, foot surgery can go that way...commonly often.

Moving a nerve is major irritation to a nerve....

Heel spur removal can heal fast or slow, depending.

Plantar Fasciitis exists for a specific set of reasons, and unfortunately, surgery only attacks the symptoms.

Now you have to deal with the side effects of Plantar Fasciitis Surgery too.

No fun.

What are you doing for self care?

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Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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