I was given IV Levaquin in hospital for two days-my story

by Kyla
(Haverhill, MA)

My levaquin story. I need to vent.

While a patient in the hospital for GI bleeding, my Dr. had a chest x-ray taken because I had a fever.

Because a small pneumonia spot was found on my lungs, I was told that my Dr. had ordered an antibiotic to be given by IV.

I had no pneumonia symptoms, nor was a culture done that said the pneumonia was bacterial. Yet the Dr. informed me that my pneumonia was bacterial.

On release from the hospital, I went to fill my perscription for levaquin and did not fill it because of the $100 cost. I phoned the Doctor's office to complain of the cost and I was given a prescription for cipro, which I had filled at the local Walmart.

I had just read the side effects of levaquin, so I thought cipro was probably an improvement. I took one pill and then decided to read all the side effects that came with the percription. To my horror, tucked on the last page were the same horrible side effects as levaquin. There was no black box warning on the bottle.

Now, I became worried that the tighntness in my achilles tendon was from the levaquin and cipro.

On my follow-up doctor's visit, I told her why I had stopped the antibiotic. She admitted that she knew that this was a side effect of the drug. I told her that there were lawsuits against the drug comapany and her wise crack remark to me was "There are lawsuits against popcorn".

She also admitted that a culture was needed to determine that I had bacterial pneumonia. So, I was given a potentially dangerous antibiotic for something that may not have been bacterial. I was not informed of the dangers and my doctor knew the dangers. There was not even a black box warning on my medicine bottle.

I do not take medicine unless I have to because I have multiple chemical sensitivity.

The tightness in my achilles tendon seems to be subsiding. It has been two weeks since I took the levaquin and cipro. What can I do to help prevent potential injury.

I am very angry, that I was recklessly given these harmful drugs for something that might not even have been bacterial.

Thanks for letting me vent.



Joshua Answers:

Hi Kyla.

I hate
to ruin a good rant, but I'm going to throw in one thing here.

Pneumonia that shows up on X-rays is almost always bacterial. Considering you were in the ER with a GI bleed, it's unsurprising (and it's standard of care) that they treated your pneumonia even without you having pneumonia symptoms. Better to not let pneumonia kick in.

ER's are designed to save lives in emergency, not so much to have people be healthy per se.

So this is a rare case where I'll defend antibiotic use as the 'benefits being worth the risks'. Depending on what you had going on, which must have been significant to be in the ER, it might have been a good call.

Having said that, I agree with everything else you said.

'Lawsuits against popcorn'....she essentially said that she knew that Levaquin has serious risks but that she absolutely doesn't believe that there are risks.

That's different than, "I knew there were risks, but I made the call that the risks of pneumonia were riskier and more immediate than the small(ish) chance of Levaquin Tendonitis."

Keep an eye on that achilles. If it's subsiding, that's good. If it continues to, that's better.

Massage it, ice dip it for circulation, get a lot of good nutrition in you, all to help your body keep itself strong against any cytotoxicity.

If the achilles is hurting because of the Levaquin antibiotic cytotoxicity, there's not a lot to do about it other than high intake of CoQ10.

And, there really should have been a black label warning on that Cipro. That would have helped you make an informed decision.

Please reply using the comment link below. Do not submit a new submission to answer/reply, it's too hard for me to find where it's supposed to go.

And, comments have a 3,000 character limit so you may have to comment twice.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Mar 18, 2010
I know EXACTLY what you mean, but...
by: Terri S

This Levaquin and Cipro are MORE than antibiotics, they are CHEMOTHERPEUTICAL. Chemotherapy...CHEMO. They gave us some form of chemo without us being aware of it. Chemo destroys the good with the bad. It interferes with our DNA, it in fact must change it and who knows for how long.

While in the hospital being treated for Ecoli, I received three bags of Levaquin. They pumped me full of phenergan, causing blood clots, and then pumped me full of blood thinner and got my blood six times too thin. During my eight day stay, I had seven IV's in each arm because they kept failing and they were getting ready to go to my feet. This was about three years ago now and I can barely move, at all.

I've been to the ER a few times since then and was treated for a kidney infection with Cipro. It made me hurt even worse so that when I received yet another prescription for Cipro from my new doctor at the clinic, I didn't get it filled and it wouldn't have cost me a dime at Meijers.

My new doctor gave me a CT Scan only, even though I told her that it felt like my tendons, not bones and that I hurt above and below almost every joint. Upon BEGGING for help, at the extent of going to the ER, they, (the clinic), talked me out of going and promised to help me the next morning. I had to attend an orientation to go to this clinic and provide all paperwork before being able to be seen.

After four months, I had a CT scan and a thumb xray and finally a test scheduled with a specialist to see why I have such a hard time swallowing. This particular morning, they couldn't find my "proof of address", as in, "We're not going to see you". There was no attitude of, "It's ok, just bring it next time", etc. I KNEW that I provided all they asked for because I had already received two bills in the mail.

My appointment with the specialist was cancelled by the clinic. Now all I can do is go to the ER when I can't stand the pain anymore. Somebody has to do something about this. I wasn't like this before and I TRUSTED them!!!!!!

Jan 31, 2013
Levaquin can deadly if used in the wrong way

Levaquin is deadly if used to treat fungal sepsis. Lavaquin was used to treat our loved ones fungal infection that had gone into sepsis and sepsis shock. It was previously treated with several fungal meds that saved our loved one.Our loved one went from dying from sepsis shock to regaining her health back and was really on the road to recovery even though the anti fungal treatment lasted only for 2 days, which was really not enough time. Then around the third day the deadly treatment started. All anti fungal meds were stopped and only levaquin was given by iv only. Naturally The symptoms of the fungal infection came back and our loved one went into sepsis and sepsis shock again and passed. Why in the world would doctors use levaquin knowing that antibiotics will only make fungus grow and knowing how deadly antibiotics are to fungal infections?????????????????? This is something that I will never begin to understand.

May 01, 2014
Multiple doses of Levaquin for UTI while on Chemo
by: Lucy

I am 56 years old, female.

The first time I took Levaquin was when I had a UTI 7 years ago, and I was on chemo for acute promyelocytic leukemia. I had Levaquin several times back then, but was on so many meds and felt so wretched in general that I don't think I noticed any correlation between the Levaquin and my general exhaustion and achiness.

I remember having physical therapy for left knee bursitis sometime shortly after my recovery from leukemia.

More recently I was prescribed Levaquin last July 2012, last december2012, and this July 2013, all for sinus+ infection (I think 500 mg x 7 days each time), and am just realizing that the aches and pains all over were/are not from my illnesses, but from the medication!

Last fall I was tested for Lyme Disease, fibromyalgia, and thyroid issues because I was so sore and tired. All tests were negative. i had to have physical therapy on my neck because it did not seem like it could support my head without lots of pain. My right shoulder was also very sore (rotator cuff area) at that point, but it wasn't until the spring that I had physical therapy on that (after my December 2012 dose of Levaquin) for probable torn rotator cuff. My lower back was also giving me trouble with pain late in the spring.

It did not occur to my doctor or me that the Levaquin could be the issue. Each time my symptoms never fully resolved, but then get even worse again the next time I had a sinus infection ( and was treated with Levaquin). I am feeling this same way again now after that dose in July. It is like I have aged twenty years in a couple of months.

My left knee is very sore with what feels like bursitis. My shoulders ache. I am exhausted and a bit depressed. I have been dealing with lots of stress due to a death in the family, and was attributing it to that, but now I am fairly confident that the Levaquin is making me stiff, sore, and very fatigued. And discouraged.

I have not yet talked to my doc about my revelation. Am gathering data to discuss with her.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Lucy.

Levaquin depletes magnesium. Which is a HUGE part of muscle and joint pain and other symptoms post-taking Levaquin.

Chemo depletes the body of nutrition.

Stressors of any kind (pain, illness, stress, chemicals, etc) uses up nutrition.

1. You MUST get your body full of nutrition again, for a variety of reasons.

2. Levaquin itself isn't 'still' causing pain, it's the nutritional depletion that is preventing your body form working optimally. That hole MUST be filled if the body is to recovery.

Get your Vitamin D level to between 60-80 ng/ml ASAP.

See: Magnesium Dosage (opens in new window) and get as much magnesium into and onto you as possible ASAP.

May 02, 2014
Poisoned by IV Cipro
by: Poisoned

Last year, was in hospital and they pumped Cipro into me IV.

Naturally I didn't see any black box warning on the Neuropathy this causes because they told me nothing, about this drug of the side affects. It was while I was at home recouping, a month or so that I started to wonder why I kept having pains in legs, muscle tissues, burning pain in the top of my foot, weakness in my legs and arms, crawling feeling in my neck and head. Side effects were just too many.

The bad thing is, that it took me 14 months to figure out what did this to me, and I only knew as someone posted a story on FB about it. Then, I requested my Medical Records, and there it was...they had given me CIPRO.

I don't know about Levaquin, but Cipro is loaded in fluoride and it breaks the blood brain barrier, thus all the neurological events taking place. From all I have found out, it not only hangs up in the brain, but muscle tissue, bones, and into the cells. I have done all that I know to do and I am better but not up to par, and my stomach is torn up, have bladder pain, groin pain, etc.

I drink lots of water, do lots of magnesium, Vit. C, some oils from Young Living, etc. When I mentioned what was going on with me to a Dr., he looked up from his clipboard he was writing on, and then looked back down and said absolutely nothing, that's what happened.

I believe they know full well what drugs do to people but they don't care, they are in it for the money only. I beat Inflammatory Breast Cancer naturally and then this happens.

THIS is why I avoid Dr.'s as much as I possibly can and the one time I get put into a hospital, they poison me. Wake up people, for every drug there is a natural remedy and many moons ago, all drugs were made from herbs only, not so today.

Homeopathy has no side effects whatsoever, and a good route to take.


Joshua Comments:

More magnesium.

More Vitamin C.


Cipro, essentially the same thing as Levaquin, depletes the body of Magnesium (among other negative mechanism). As an antibiotic, it kills the good necessary bugs in your body along with the bad.

The Cipro isn't still in your body, but the repercussions are (kind of like getting hit by a car...the car is long gone but the effects remain.

How are symptoms etc now?

May 02, 2014
Continued: Poisoned by IV Cipro
by: Anonymous

Well, are you aware that yes, Cipro is still in the body because it hangs up in the brain AND in the bone marrow? You can never totally rid yourself of these fluroquinolones, never! It's been over two years now and I will say from all that I have done, that I am better but don't expect I will ever be the same.

And yes, I do know that Cipro, Levaquin, Avelox and the other three are the same. They have already pulled 6 of them off the market. We now have a group of lawyers going against Bayer for these drugs. Not a class action lawsuit either, but each individual separately.

I detest Doctor's, they have never done anything but damage me. They don't know how to cure, they know how to put a band aid on something, the Pharma doesn't create cures, they create customers.

And I also said what I said above, about never ridding yourself of it, because I am on lists where 1000's of people continue to get worse, and where one woman in particular is frying on the inside, her nerves are so damaged.

Her Doctor told her that, and he is also the one who said it was even in her bone marrow. There is also the MTHFR gene or something like that, which if you have it, you have even worse reactions to these drugs.

You mentioned at one point, that you were an advocate of antibiotics if you had pneumonia, etc. There are plenty of antibiotics BUT for some reason, they are pushing Levaquin and Cipro like candy and the Doctor's even argue with you if you refuse to take it. The fluoride alone in this crap is enough to do you in!

I think it's all in the plan. These drugs mimic something like 30-40 different illnesses/diseases, which allows them to push yet another drug at you to cover up the symptoms. If anyone thinks they are for us, you couldn't be more mistaken. It's ALL for the money, nothing else.


Joshua Comments:

1. I agree about the money.

2. Levaquin is a powerful antibiotic. What you referred to above re: me being ok with it for certain situations: only if it's a life threatening situation like life threatening pneumonia.


May 02, 2014
Joshua Replies to Poisoned by Cipro
by: The Tendonitis Expert


Having said that, there better be no other alternative and it better be life threatening.

3. Regarding whether it's out of the body in 3ish days or in forever, it depends on who you talk to.

My personal take on it is that it doesn't matter if it's out in three or in forever...you have to take the appropriate measure to get your body healthy again.

One of the reasons that you're on lists with 100's of people who are getting worse is because:
A. They aren't doing anything to help their body recover that is actually going to help their body recover.
B. When a body is massively depleted of necessary nutrition, it CAN'T get better until it's repleted (which they're not doing). Of course they're going to get worse.
C. Everything's on a bell curve...some amount of fluoroquinolone victims got hit BAD and may not be able to recover, for a variety of reasons.

Having said 'C', those folks better get to work doing things that will actually help the body. Waiting for doctors to come up with a pharmaceutical cure for cipro side effects will never ever happen, because it's an impossibility.

Along those lines, years of ongoing symptoms does not necessarily equate to fluoroquinolones still being in the body.

Massive nutritional depletion and mitochondrial population die off doesn't just get better with time.

See my car crash analogy in the last response.

4. An interesting legal tactic is to go after the doctors instead of the vast corporate entities (that have gov't protection vs. litigation). Doctors that knowingly gave dangerous drugs/antibiotics, often for non-bacteria issues, didn't warn of the black label warning, tell the patient that said drugs can't causes said side effects, etc.

May 02, 2014
Poisoned by IV Cipro - continued conversation
by: Anonymous

No, the people on the list have done many many things, some even died and some wish they would. Nothing seems to work for them and believe it depends on how much you get pumped full of this, some had both Cipro and Levaquin and also if you have that particular gene.

I don't see how you can flush the crap out of bone marrow and it's hard to get out of the brain. I function, have a cleaning business so am very active but in the beginning, it was very hard and still have hard days. I have done all I can, I eat organic foods as well, have a normal PH balance, drink loads of water, do Magnesium, Vit. C, you name it, I have done it and still do it. And to go after the Doctor's is like going after the Big Pharma. They will play dumb and lie about it.

I've already told the hospital how I feel about the drug and what did to me, but maybe I was just too nice about it as my friend's Mom was in there recently and the Dr. got ticked off because her Mother being 92, the Cipro would have killed her and he argued with her, even had the nerve to blame her for her Mom being rushed back 14 hours later. They sent her home, my friend asked them not to because she was having trouble breathing. The Doctor's and the Big Pharma, all a spoke in the wheel, because Pharma programs them.

I have been told by many a Dr. since then, that you can't get this totally out of your system, EVER. One even admits to how poison this drug is. There are also plenty of other antibiotics for pneumonia. My Sister had pneumonia, they gave her Levaquin, she got sick from one pill, so they gave her something else "normal."

I never heard of these before I was poisoned by them. The only way that some might need any of these, if is they are antibiotic resistant from eating the damn pills all the time. I am not, have had very little antibiotics and normally, I treat infections with CS and have other natural means. Levaquin, Avelox and Cipro, etc, are the drugs of choice because they KEEP people sick, plain and simple.

Two years later, I have massive floaters in my eyes, still get terrible groin pain and pain in the bladder and pelvic area, always feel as if I have a bladder infection. I have pains in my bones from time to time, and other things. I drink enough water to kill a horse, and all the other things I have mentioned.

I even do cell food which oxygenates and gets to a cellular level in the body, do iodine, etc, and still, here I am.

I also know those who took Cipro two times, then the 3rd time, it put them down. It all depends on the individual.


Joshua Comments:

Hi again.

1. I'm on your side.

2. I agree, it's about the individual's particular make up.


May 05, 2014
Poisoned by Cipro IV - Continued
by: The Tendonitis Expert


3. I agree about the whole 'doctors suck' thing. Totally.

4. "No, the people on the list have done many many things, some even died and some wish they would. Nothing seems to work for them and believe it depends on how much you get pumped full of this"

A. Doing 'many things' is irrelevant if the many things they have done don't have and/or never had a chance of helping.

It's an ugly but important truth.

B. Only that which has a chance of helping has a chance of helping. It will not help to do not enough of a right method. It doesn't matter how much of the wrong methods one tries, they're not going to work.

For instance: "I even do cell food which oxygenates and gets to a cellular level in the body" Personally I wouldn't rate that as something in the realm of 'stands a chance of helping'. So no matter how much of that anyone does.....

C. Here's one way of looking at the topic of how much Levaquin/Cipro a person takes: It doesn't matter how much gets pumped into them, it matters how much magnesium gets depleted (and the side effects of that), how much mitochondrial die off there is/was, how much actual connective tissue damage happened and where, how much (if any) dna damage results.

D. I don't put attention on whether the fluoroquinolone is out of the system in 3ish days or if it's in forever, as I make the case that it's not particularly relevant. It's not relevant, IMHO, because either way, one has to do everything that one can do (effective methods) to get the body feeling and working better again.

5. How much magnesium do you take? What kind?
What is your vitamin D level?
Do you take probiotics? What kind and how much?

May 05, 2014
Fluroqinonlones and Poisoned By CIpro IV - Continued
by: Anonymous

1. I take a lot of magnesium, and I get it from foods and a magnesium powder that I take. I can't tell you exact amounts though, because I don't measure, just know that when I get too much or dink too fast, it will cause diarrhea, naturally.

2. I get sunshine, plus Vit. D supplement, in the winter, I do about 5000 mg of it and less in the summer if I get enough sunshine.

3. I take high amounts of probiotic, plus I drink organic kefir, from grass fed cows.

4. I also do systemic enzymes, and yes, cell food is a good product and does it's job which is one reason I am able to function at the level I do.

5. I have to disagree that it doesn't matter how much Cipro or Levaquin, because it does. The more you have, the more damage you will get. Everyone on the list does magnesium, Vit. C and D, etc. I don't recall if I told you this, but one woman is in such bad shape, that her Dr. told her she was frying from the inside, her nerve damage was so bad. She doesn't even really have a life. And also, as I mentioned, the ones with that particular gene, also seems to get affected more with fluoroquinolones.

5. FACT..fluoroqinolones are horrible, they damage the entire body, the fluoride that's in it, also calcifies the pineal gland as well. You have any fixes for that gland?


Joshua Comments:

1. How much is 'a lot' (of magnesium)? Dealing with what you're dealing with, you need to know.

Yes if you take too much at once you pass 'tolerance level'. That's why you have to take magnesium throughout the day, and potentially use transdermal (on the skin) as well.

2. So you don't know your Vitamin D level? I assert that you really should. You don't necessarily get vitamin D from the sun, depending on a variety of variables. Maybe your level is currently in the optimal range, maybe it is not. Chances are, it's not.

There's only one way to know. (And it's worth being sure.)

3. "I take high amounts of probiotic, plus I drink organic kefir, from grass fed cows."


4. "cell food is a good product and does it's job which is one reason I am able to function at the level I do."

I'll take your word for it. Good!

5. Fluoride bonds with magnesium. Calcification is a function of lack of magnesium. With enough -available- magnesium the body can reabsorb calcium. Whether the calcium in 'calcified pineal gland' can be reabsorbed and thus the calcified pineal gland 'uncalcified', I do not know for sure, but it's a sure thing that not enough magnesium assures no uncalcification.

Best chance to heal the pineal gland? Get the body as nutritionally replete and systemically working as optimally as possible.


May 05, 2014
Fluoroquinolones and Poisoned by Cipro IV - Continued
by: The Tendonitis Expert


6. "I have to disagree that it doesn't matter how much Cipro or Levaquin, because it does. The more you have, the more damage you will get."

That I don't disagree with, I thought you meant something a little different.

Yes, the more you take the worse it is/can be, absolutely. I meant that people can take even single small dose of Fluoroquinolone and have severe seemingly permanent downsides, so it's not necessarily about how much someone takes (since even a little bit can mess a system up). And some people take a lot with no visible down sides.

That's great that everyone on the list is taking Mag, D, and Vit C. But. Are they taking enough? Do they know how much they're taking? You don't know your Vit D level, so you don't actually know if you are replete in Vit D.

I'm not saying that in an accusatory/combative way, I'm saying again that if a person isn't supplementing with ENOUGH of the right stuff, it's not going to be enough to help turn the body around. And if one doesn't know how much one is actually taking, etc....

And, as you know, Fluoroquinolone cytotoxicy is a relatively complex issue in the body. There's more to it than just those three nutrients (yes I know you know that to whatever extent you do).

One has to deal with various amounts of nutritional deficiency, oxidative stress, an overstressed detoxification mechanism, adrenal fatigue, inflammatory mechanism, etc.

And yes, there's a bell curve, some bodies are at the BAD end of the curve and may never be able to recover. (And yes, the genetic aspect definitely can play a role it taking damage.)

But before I'm going to admit that a person might be in that range....never to recover, there's a lot of basics that must be adequately covered...like -enough- magnesium ("I take a lot but don't know how much"), enough Vit D (you don't know your level) and very likely aren't getting the D from the sun you think you are, etc.

Again, I'm not saying that to be combative, I am however asserting that taking something does not necessarily equal taking enough of something.

And there are a couple other very important nutrients that you didn't mention that are an important part of the puzzle. It all works together.

My point is, I talk to a lot of people that say they 'take enough' of a nutrient, but turns out they don't/aren't.

So I push the point a little bit, as it's not really a service to anyone to not argue for them to take enough.

May 06, 2014
Fluoroquinolones and Poisoned by Cipro IV - Continued
by: Anonymous

Okay, my Vit. D levels were fine last time I had it checked but it has been a while. I think I do get enough magnesium and I do put it in my water and drink it over the course of the day, as I know the body is like a sponge and must have time to absorb it, thus the diarrhea if you drink too much too fast.

Right now I am in a hurry, need to go to work, so let me just say this. Let's cut through all the words here and you just tell me what I must do and what I am lacking and let's see if it works for me. If it does, I will be glad to sing praises for you on the lists that I am on, as they are really struggling.

One thing Cipro affected in a huge way for me, is my stomach, can hardly deal with it on many days. Gas, bloating, pain!


Joshua Comments:

Well, telling you what you must do and why you should do it takes over 100 pages, so I'm not going to do that here.

I don't know what you're lacking. I still don't know what your Vit D level is ('fine' is not a number I can work with) or how much of what kind of Magnesium you actually take. Everybody and their scenario is different, including their historical diets, etc.

It sounds like you still haven't fixed your gut, so that would definitely take some conversation to see what you've tried other than probiotics.

Definitely have to get the gut fixed, and see if you have any digestive issues.

As you already know, there's nothing simple about dealing with this, so there's no way I can fullfill on what you suggested even if I agreed to.

Dec 20, 2014
Levaquin does more long term damage
by: B.M.A

I was in the hospital for issues with my spleen. I contracted pneumonia,a bacteria in my blood & an infection in my heart from the hospital.

They gave me a 10 day dose 500mg of Levaquin.

Needless to say I was in bed for a while so when I got home I contributed the sore "muscles" to the fact that I had been inactive during the illness.

After a while I started to figure out that this wasnt going away & so I started to do research on the drugs given to me. When I found the Levaquin reactions I was devastated.I am 44 & had been a very active & fit person.

Now it takes me at least an hour every morning to get myself out of bed & uo & moving.

All my joints, shoulders,elbows, wrists, hips, knees, ankles,toes fingers EVERYTHING hurts!

When I sit, whether it be in my car,my office chair, anywhere-it hurts to stand up & start moving again. I am managing my life but its a struggle every day & the effects of that are turning into depression, anxiety & hopelessness.

My last dose of Levaquin was 64 days ago & Im just devastated to learn this is happening to many people. It seems this is permanent damage & thats very hard for me to accept.

This is a nightmare.


Joshua Comments:


Levaquin is a powerful antibiotic. From the list of what you had going on, it -may- have been a good idea. That was some serious medical threat you were experiencing.

Sometimes the 'illness' is life threatening and, well, you gotta do what you gotta to do survive.

Maybe the levaquin saved your life, maybe it didn't (I don't know exactly what was going on there).

So in this particular case maybe your doctors made the best choice available for you and I'm not going to complain about it (as opposed to situations where people are given levaquin for a non-bacterial problem, or....acne).

So, my real complaint in your scenario is, they left you to suffer the side effects of Levaquin.

Levaquin depletes magnesium. That's not all it does, but it's a major factor and results in (or at a bare minimum contributes to)....all your symptoms, including the depression/hopelessness/anxiety.

Ask your doctor if your spleen issue, if it's still active, precludes you from taking nutritional supplementation, specifically including magnesium.

Recovering from Levaquin is doable. While the bad end of the bell curve of levaquin side effects -may- be permanent, most people only think their symptoms are permanent because they don't know how to effectively reverse the effects that fluoroquinolones caused in their body.

See Related: Pneumonia Levaquin Knee Tendonitis?

See Related: Levaquin Is Worse Than My Pneumonia And Bronchitis

Dec 20, 2014
Levofloxacin is the poison of poisons
by: Ilona

Hello Joshua,

I was given Levofloxacin intravenously for Pneumonia in the end of May 2014. I was admitted to the hospital for 24 hrs. hey also tried to give me blood thinners and when I asked them why the nurse said that it is hospital policy for anyone admitted to be given blood thinners.

My daughter and I refused the blood thinner pills and wished we had also refused the Levofloxacin also which we found out is the generic for Levaquin. I went home the next day with 10 days of 750 mg pills. After the third day my shoulder began to be very painful. This is now July 2014 and I still am in terrible pain.

No doctor will agree that it was the Levofloxacin because I was born with Cerebral Palsy. I though know it was the levofloxacin because I am very careful what I eat, mostly I eat fish, fresh veggies and fruit. No gluten or pre-packaged food.

I am 70 years old and learned a long time ago "We are what we eat." Even though I have CP I am independent and care for my family. I know what is poison to my body. Levaqiun is poison. It not only caused shoulder pain but I couldn't sleep, was anxious and panic attacks were bad.

Through research and natural methods I can now sleep and every problem has gone away except the horrible shoulder pain.

Any suggestions from you will be very much appreciated.



Joshua Comments:

Hi Ilona.

That's great news you're sleeping again and the anxitety type symptoms have lessened (disappeared?).

Give us an update on where you're at now, and we'll go from there.

Jan 19, 2015
Levaquin with steroids ruined my digestion
by: Michelle

In October 2013 I was given levaquin and prednisone for bronchitis after the 3rd day I was hallucinating and had bloody stools.

My doctor told me continue the levaquin finish it then go back on the steroids. I listened to this advice and have not been the same since.

I started with panic attacks, anxiety and muscle pains. Would come and go then I started experiencing problems with sugar and caffeine. I did not attribute the antibiotics with this problem. I stopped eating both.

Panic attacks came back horribly with brain fog, I could not complete a sentence. I went back to my Md, she ran test, went to an ENT that I developed acid reflux.

I was prescribed pills that seemed to make things worse. I made an appointment with an allergist she found nothing. Still experiencing problems but trying to live life I have 4 kids 9-16 In July 2014 a friend was telling me about her daughters problems, and i realized I had taken same pills. I

came home from a visit to Florida and the food sensitivity has started I eat about 10 foods. I went to a Gi doctor had an endoscopy full organ cat scan everything comes back normal. I have lost 65 lbs.

I am now doing homeopathic to try and get back to normal.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Michelle.

You didn't leave your email or check the notifications box, so I hope you find this response (but I'm going to keep it short.

Wow. If ever there was a good scenario for a malpracdtice lawsuit, your experience exemplifies it well.

Levaquin comes with a black box warning label. For good reason. It's a super powerful antibiotic with known significant side effects.

Hallucinations and bloody stool is NOT an indicationn of justification to say 'Just keep taking that drug'.

Granted, maybe there's more to the story than what you've said above.

Still....research is clear and it's well known that prednisone and Levaquin should not be given together.

Panic attacks, anxiety, and muscle pain....classic Levaquin side effects.

Mar 08, 2015
Frank's Levaquin Experience After Urolift Surgery
by: Frank

I had a 20 minute outpatient surgical procedure called a Urolift done on 2-23-2015 Monday. At the hospital they gave me an IV dose of Levaquin, and a prescription of five more Oral 500 mg pills to start taking the the day after surgery. I went home with an uncomfortable catheter and felt sick from ( I guessed from the anesthesia and catheter).

I took the oral dose of Levaquin on Tue, Wed, & Thur. On Thursday night my left hand began to tingle moderately as if it were asleep. On Friday morning my left shoulder, bicep, elbow, wrist, and hand hurt significantly. I also was confused and anxious.

I called the surgeon, but only could get through to his office who first told me I should continue to finish the prescription (I had two more pills to take). When I insisted my symptoms were serious, she checked with a doctor in the office and told me I did not have to finish the prescription, and I did not.

As the day continued on Friday, the numbness spread to both hands and feet (mildly) and I could feel aches and cracking in my tendons. I did not take the Friday Levaquin and I began to feel a little better, but all the aches and numbness were still present. I went on the internet, and bought the book.

On Saturday, went to a vitamin store and began to follow the book instructions. I felt a little bit better on Sunday. Then a little bit better on Monday, and a little better today (Tues), but even as of today, I could feel mild numbness in my hands and feet and mild aches in my knees.

I am going to my Primary Care Doctor tomorrow (Wed 3-4-2015). The only other medication I take is Flonase Nasal spray, which may have added to the problem?? I am 55 yrs old.

I am hoping, I realized what was happening early, and thankfully did not continue the oral dose and read about the Levaquin Problems online. It was definetly the Levaquin!!

My heart goes out to those who have and are experiencing these symptons. I pray that the symptons do not come back, because I had trouble handling them for one day.

How do I know if my tendons were effected??

When do you think it will be safe for me to start exercising??


Joshua Comments:

Hi Frank.

1. I'm glad that you insisted on stoppign the Levaquin. That was a very wise move.

2. "On Thursday night my left hand began to tingle moderately as if it were asleep. On Friday morning my left shoulder, bicep, elbow, wrist, and hand hurt significantly. I also was confused and anxious. "

Those are all usual Levaquin side effects.

3. Flonase. Probably didn't make anything worse. Technically one shouldn't take steroids with Fluoroquinolones, but I believe that's more of an injection thing. THere can't be all that much in the nasal spray.

4. "How do I know if my tendons were effected??"

Get an MRI, really, is the only way. (Maybe an xray but mostly not.)

Keep in mind, fluoroquinolones like Levaquin and Cipro cause systemic issues that can (but don't have to) connective tissue damage in tendons or elsewhere.

Regular Tendonitis is not the same thing as Levaquin tendonitis. There are some overlapping mechanism, of course.

See: What Is Tendonitis? (regular tendonitis)

5. "When do you think it will be safe for me to start exercising??"

When your body can handle it.

I know that's a terrible answer, but it's the only accurate one.

How do you know if your body can handle it? Start REALLY REALLY light and gentle. THe next day, to a tiny bit more. THe next day, a tiny bit more. Pay attention. See what happens.

6. Are you on the Forum we run? If not, get on it. If so, start a thread that says hi, basically cut and paste most of the above, and list exactly how much of what nutrition you're taking. Use the forum as a log of sorts, so we can look back over the weeks and months and see/track what's been happening.

I like to see the nutrition list because there's no reason to let months go by to later find out that anything in particular is not nearly enough.

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