Levaquin Side Effects from taking Levaquin for a sinus infection May 12th

by Kristin

So I took Levaquin for a sinus infection on May 12th. May 13th, May 14th started feeling some joint pain, May 15th I took my last one as after that the pain got to be too much.

Joint pain is the best I could call it at the time.

It was bothering me while I was working and i'd get it in my fingers, arms, possibly knees? I was also on Avamys. So I stopped the Levaquin after seeing my doctor and she said "wait 48 hours"...i'd been reading already and really didn't expect anything to go away in that time, which it didn't. So, the last week and a half, I will try to summarize generally what's happening. Side effects from the Levaquin included itchy upper back and neck, a weird rash/skin darkening after laying on my stomach for an hour, a fever which I don't attribute to the sinusitis, being wide awake between 2-5am with a "dark" vibe through my body, and light headedness/nausea.

One day I had to call work sick because I couldn't stand for more than 10 seconds without almost passing out or throwing up. I believe that was May 16th. So i've been waking up between 2-5am every night feeling nauseous til about 2 nights ago.

OK, the muscle stuff. I started waking up to burning pain in my forearms by May 16th as well. My wrists became "floppy." I would close my hands slowly only to find I have trigger finger in my ring finger on my left hand, and pinkie on my right. I have had a hard time explaining this to anyone who asks. It's like my hands close too easily. I don't have to force anything, it's literally like they want to flop forwards, like there is clay inside instead of rubber.

There is zero pain when I first wake up with this. Along with that, the burning in the forearms, I have experienced kind of a numbness on the top of my forearm and onto the top of my hand just past my wrist. The burning is mild but it's like hot/cold, and it radiates a bit, kind of from the elbow towards the wrist.

I've tried to look at diagrams and videos of the forearm to see what it is but it's pretty difficult to pinpoint. Over time during the day to bend my wrists forward makes the skin on the top of my wrists feel tight.

When I become active at work, I use my hands a lot. I have lost a lot of strength in them. When this first started, I couldn't open an already opened bottle of pop (soda), which I can still barely do. My elbows couldn't handle more than 2 pounds of weight for carrying...they'd just start hurting and i'd stop. It has all been really come and go, and none of the pain stays.

But It comes out of nowhere, and it shoots down some of a finger, or down the bass of my thumb into my forearm a bit. Lasts 20 seconds, it goes away. My fingers are pressure sensitive to rigid things like corners of counters or if i hold a glass and it puts pressure on the side of my fingertip...it's awful.

If i accidentally knock my finger on something, it hurts. I should mention that the floppy feeling isn't just in the forearms and fingers, but I can feel it in my knees, my ankles flop from side to side, and to test my shoulders, I leaned forwards and let my arms hang....feels like there's nothing holding them on? But no pain!! And it's like my knees can bend back too far.

I started getting pain in my knees around the 20th, and they started to crack every time I got up. A lot of the pain is right to the inside of the kneecap on either side. I worked a full day on the 22nd, and my legs felt as though I had been standing for days on them.

I get burning pain up the side just to the right of the bone in my calf in the front on my right leg, and a symmetrical feeling in the left leg. The bottoms of my feet get sharp pains when I walk for too long. Also, I can't go into a full "squat" position without my knees seriously threatening to kill me. I have forgotten a couple times and paid for it. When I'm
using my hands to do things at work, my upper arm and shoulder muscles are tiring.

SO, I was at my doctor's on the 22nd. She pushed around on a bunch of places where the tendons connect to the bone and it didn't really bother me. She went up my forearm on my left hand which is the more sore one, and pressed into what she says was the "core" muscle tissue, which was really sensitive. I described what I could and she decided on Myositis.

I can find where she was pushing down, but it's almost at the elbow, and there is something hard there that's pretty painful to put pressure on. If I were to turn my palm perpendicular to the floor, then turn it clockwise 90 more degrees, and then go up my forearm almost to the elbow joint and put pressure right in the middle, looking down from the top, would I get muscle, or tendon?

Anyway, I would like to know what you think about the floppiness, the random burning/shooting pains that revolve mostly around my joints that my doc thinks is Myositis. I would have thought Myositis would be happening all over the bulk of my muscles. The only muscle cramp I ever really felt was standing at a concert a few nights ago (awful experience) and the front, very top of my thigh went into the most seriously awful cramp, because I kept lifting my leg to move with the music. But again it was SO close to my pelvic...uhh..joint? Why wouldn't my whole leg cramp?

Sometimes I even feel like I have bone sensitivity. Is that a thing? With the finger sensitivity and sometimes if i mush my calf bone (i forget the name of this!) on something, it's not so nice.

As I type, I have a burning sensation down the inside of my forearm, and at my wrist more near the outside. So random, and it will be gone in a few minutes. Also, a burning to the outside of my right kneecap, go down below that knobby bone thing, to the right of the calf bone, and in that little bulk...that burning has come back a couple times today.

So anyway, my doc says to just do whatever I normally do but don't overdo it. I still think I have tendons to worry about tearing, as it feels as though they have been softened or something. But Myositis presents with weakness....so I don't know? I have had very very very tiny improvements over 2 weeks, but barely worth mentioning. I have purchased the "levaquin tendonitis solution" Ebook, and am taking all the core vitamins plus the coQ10, and the Renew Life liver cleanse.

I can't really tell what is helping, because my stomach is still getting used to the magnesium doses. The weird shooting and floppyness kind of sort of goes away as i get moving throughout the day now, but my body will complain if i push something too hard. I also think my skin is itchy on my arms, but I have been using magnesium gel and epsom salts. THOSE feel amazing. At the very least, they have a relaxation effect on my body, and possibly the very muscles that are bothering me.

Sorry this is SO disjointed. I'm trying not to forget anything, as it seems like there is so much to include. I will e-mail if I think of anything else. Sorry if there's TMI about other unrelated things to my pain...i don't know what is relevant! This is such a mysterious thing.

Thank-you Joshua,


Joshua Answers:

Hi Kristin.

Ok, Levaquin, that's bad news. But you've already figured that out, and kudo's for getting the Levaquin Tendonitis Solution.

You don't just have joint pain and floppyness etc. You have Levaquin Tendonitis, which means that the Levaquin antibotic has done a number on your body.


Please reply using the comment link below. Do not submit a new submission to answer/reply, it's too hard for me to find where it's supposed to go.

And, comments have a 3,000 character limit so you may have to comment twice.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Comments for Levaquin Side Effects from taking Levaquin for a sinus infection May 12th

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May 27, 2012
Joshua Replies to Kristin - Levaquin Side Effects from taking Levaquin for a sinus infection May 12th
by: The Tendonitis Expert

Levaquin massively depletes the body of magnesium. Let's HOPE that just that is the cause of your muscle pain, joint pain, etc. Because it very well could be.

1. The whole leg didn't cramp, it was just one or two big muscles. (magnesium deficiency causes cramps). Muscles can't operate properly without the right building blocks (calcium, magnesium, etc)

2. Why do those magnesium gels and epsom salt baths feel great? Magnesium! MORE OF THAT. LOTS MORE! Plus oral magnesium.

3. Good news/bad news, the doctor you saw has no idea what's going on with you, and 'myositis' was the easiest diagnosis, a diagnosis that gives you NO CLUE as to how to fix the problem.

4. There's a few reasons for the 'anxiety' (let's just call it that as a catch all term for 'dark energy').

* Magnesium deficiency.
* High levels of oxidative stress in the body.
* Impaired detoxification process (the daily mechanism of normal detoxification that is now possibly overloaded).

Refer to that in the LTS.

5. The Levaquin, being an antibiotic, could have very well wiped out the good bugs in your gut, which can account for a variety of things like nausea, etc, especially with all the other stress the body is experiencing. Probiotics, and lots of them, and now.

6. The joint pain, knee pain, etc, is a function of of Levaquin both depleting magnesium (makes muscles tight and not work optimally and that has a down the river effect on tendons etc), and attacking connective tissue, killing off mitochondria and hurting/damaging connective tissue.

Again, hopefully we're just looking at side effects of magnesium depletion, as far as knee/joint pain.

7. Your hands close easily because magnesium is required for a muscle to stop contracting. So to some degree your muscles are stuck 'on', constantly firing. Thus they close easily.

Imagine the same thing happening everywhere as joints get compressed together 24/7, etc.

8. Bone sensitivity (and all the other sensitivity) is definitely a thing. Your system is out of whack, is extra full of irritant and waste product due to oxidative stress, decreased detoxification, the normal mechanism/pattern of pain, the nervous system freaking out, not having the nutritional basics to operate properly, possible mitochondrial die off which causes pain/problem, etc.

9. Burning sensation, same thing.

10. No such thing as TMI. No worries, and actually, the more info, the better.

Remember, there's the Levaquin Tendonitis Solution Forum....I highly suggest you head that way for specific/detailed support on what you're doing from/with the ebook.

Hint hint. :)

General overall questions here, specific detail questions there.

Jan 28, 2013
Dealing with the Side Effects of Levaquin For The Flu and sinus congestion
by: Brenda

I had a flu type illness for two weeks. When my chest finally began to clear, the symptoms seemed to travel to my head, particularly my sinuses. Facial pain, congestion, and fluid in my ears caused my doctor to prescribe Levaquin, one tablet per day.

The morning of the fourth day I felt soreness in my shoulders down my arms about 6". Also had Achilles tendon pain in one leg, and pain in the tendon behind my right knee. I stopped taking the medicine after the fourth tablet. The next couple of nights I had restless leg syndrome, but thankfully that stopped.

This was two weeks ago and I still have the pain, at the worst in my shoulders. It does seem to be a bit better, but it may be that I've just learned how to deal with it. I have ordered the suggested supplements and the beef bones to make the protein broth, but the vitamins haven't arrived and the beef bones won't be ready until this week. So I have yet to begin any therapy to relieve the pain. I did have two massages which helped.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Brenda.

So...your doctor prescribed you Levaquin, an antibiotic, for a viral infection?

It's common practice, but should be malpractice, in my opinion. An antibiotic doesn't do anything beneficial for viral infections. And a super powerful, broad spectrum antibiotic like Levaquin, for a flu.....

But what's done is done.

Massages will help temporarily, but won't 'fix' anything Levaquin side effect related. No reason not to get them if they leave you feeling better, because good massage is good on a variety of levels.

It sounds like you got The Levaquin Tendonitis Solution ebook. Did you sign into the forum?

That's the best place for updates, specific questions on your self care and progress, etc.

Apr 02, 2013
Seven Days of Levaquin for Sinus Infection
by: Ava

Went to the doctor with a sinus infection on Tuesday and was prescribed 7 days of Levaquin (500 mg.) I had no idea that an antibiotic could have the type of side effects that I am feeling.

I took medication for 5 days and had plans on Saturday. Was having back pain on Saturday and decided to take a cane with me because of the back pain. Not realizing that the back pain could possibly have anything to do with my medication I took the following two doses.

By Sunday, I started having more pain and soreness. Because we were having some weather changes and I am used to some arthritic pain related to weather changes I still did not realize that this might be related. I thought it would be okay in a couple of days.

The pain and soreness got progressively worse the next 5 days. I have extreme soreness in my shoulder joints and less severe pain and soreness in my elbows, wrists, hands, and fingers. I have soreness in my hip joints and extreme pain and soreness in my knees, ankles, and feet.

I feel as though every moving joint in my body is sore. I have had arthritic bouts with my knees before, but never both at the same time and coming on at exactly the same time. It was always one or the other. I also have popping in my shoulders and knees.

I attributed this to a bout of arthritis, but certainly the worst one I ever had, until my daughter said to me, "Mama, I'll bet this is coming from the Levaquin you took for your sinus infection". When I went online to look up Levaquin, I found proof positive that my pains and soreness were coming from the medication. I will never take this drug again.

Please, someone, tell me that this is not permanent and what to do for it. I am a 68-year old woman, with diabetes, high blood pressure, arrythmia, thyroid problem, cholosterol problem, arthritis, I have diabetic neuropathy in my feet and legs, and I take an anti-depressant along with low dose aspirin, and calcium, and vitamin D-3.

I am overweight so, you can see that I am accustomed to pain and discomfort, but this is totally different. It is very painful and hard to get around and do anything. Besides all the joint pain, some areas are even sore to the touch.

Helpful information will be greatly appreciated.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Ava.

I'm sorry to hear that. Not good.

So, here's a short and succinct response to the situation you've described.

1. Chances are very low that the pain is just going to go away. Partly because that's just not how Levaquin works on the body, and partly because of your pre-existing health issues.


Apr 02, 2013
Joshua responds to Ava - Seven Days Of Levaquin
by: The Tendonitis Expert


2. You must go off all gluten foods, period. Bread, pasta, etc.

3. You must go off all (or greatly cut down on) all products with sugar, corn syrup, etc.

4. Your body was already short on nutrition and now is seriously depleted by the Levaquin (thus the joint pain, muscle pain, etc).

5. You would be well served by getting The Levaquin Tendonitis Solution ebook. You need a complete plan. That plan will also help your overall/historical health symptoms. Yu also get a forum with unlimited personal support.

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Apr 20, 2014
Reaction to Levaquin for a cold caused hallucinations and memory loss.
by: Reese

I had a cold and was given Levaquin and on the third day I felt as if my head was going to bust. I was having visual and audio hallucinations.

I went to the dr and was given a steroid pack.

I took it and was slightly better but still felt I needed more help.

Then I started on the remainder of Levaquin and my head began to feel as if it was going to bust, I could even feel popping and cracking sounds going on inside my head and hallucinations began to get worse.

It has been two years now and my memory has faded just like when I started taking Levaquin. I can not remember such litte things like asking for a dust pan.

Ever since that Levaquin ordeal I have memory loss that is not normal at all like I mentioned the evert day word, dust pain.

Since it has been so long I feel I do not have a chance to get better.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Reese.

So you were given a high powered antibiotic with known serious adverse side effects for a cold? A cold, which is viral and not bacterial so an antibiotic had no chance of helping?

Were you getting pneumonia or something? Or the doctor straight up gave you Levaquin for a cold?

And then you were given corticosteroids? Which is a BIG NO NO with fluoroquinolones like Levaquin and Cipro.

And then you continued to take the Levaquin after having significant side effects? The doctor didn't tell you to stop taking the drug?

I -really- need to find a good malpractice lawyer that will go after the doctors doing this so I can refer people to him/her.

Anyway, it's entirely common to have symptoms 2 years later.

Are you doomed? There's no way to tell, but I don't see any reason you couldn't have some amount of recovery if you did the right things.

What are you doing now/what have you been doing for self care the last two years?

Apr 20, 2014
Aching all over from Levaquin
by: Michele V.

I had a bad sinus/ear infection that was unresponsive to a Zpack. My doctor prescribed 750 mg of Levaquin for a 10 day run.

I had taken the drug before so didn't think there would be any problems. Midway through my treatment I had horrible knee pain that made it very difficult to stand from a seated position. It was very painful.

I didn't associate it with the drug as I was in the process of packing to move and thought the aches and pains were from constant lifting and bending and movement.

The pain started to effect my left shoulder and elbow. I finished up my 10 day run. It seemed like my sinus infection was cleared and I still had significant knee/shoulder/elbow pain but still thought it was all the exhaustive work I was doing to get my house packed up in a timely manner.

A little over a week it started to feel like. My sinuses were starting up again. I called my doctor and she suggested another 10 day run of Levaquin, which she called into my pharmacy.

I started the meds and within three days I was feeling horrible. Aches and pains all over plus the joint pain continued. While packing up my belongings I found my diary from a little over a year prior. I went through a major stubborn sinus infection and was prescribed many meds including Levaquin.

In my diary I wrote how bad my knee, elbow, and hip were hurting me. At that time I thought I was feeling major pain because I was going through menopause. I never once thought it was the drugs although the pharmacist told me to stop all the medications I was on. They thought maybe I was having a reaction but they didn't know if it was the combination or one of the meds.

When I read my diary a lightbulb went off. I immediately did an internet search and found literally hundreds of stories describing pain and tendinitis as the result of taking Levaquin. I stopped taking the remainder of the script and reported to my doctor.

Unfortunately, this is now 6 weeks ago and my left knee and elbow are always in pain. My knee is so painful that I can't find a comfortable position when sitting or sleeping. As an avid yoga practitioner and teacher, this is very disheartening. I pray over time this will get better. It has definitely impacted my quality of life.

I will tell as many people as I can to not take Levaquin or Cipro.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Michelle.

I'm glad you finally made the connection and stopped the prescription!

With all due respect, personally I wouldn't put my money on the power of prayer as a fix. Unless that prayer can replete your body of nutrition and repopulate your mitochondrial population, etc.

Point being, let's help you do what needs to be done to get your body working well again.

How are you feeling now, and what have you been doing for self care?

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Nov 30, 2014
by: Naomi

I'm a strong an very active 63 year old woman, at least that was what I was before I was prescribed Levaquin by a doctor while on vacation for a bad cold 15 months ago.

My husband was prescribed Levaquin a few weeks before for pneumonia with no negative effects.

I had the name of the antibiotic my private doctor back home prescribes for me when I catch a bad cold, which is seldom, and I asked the doctor for it. He recommended I take the same medication he gave my husband that was a better antibiotic.

First I must state that neither the doctor nor the pharmacist informed me of the negative side effects of the med. I was prescribed 5 tablets of 500 mgs one per day. By the 4th day I started feeling bad pain in my joints, most of the time I had to lay down because it would be to painful to walk.

I immediately started preparing fresh juices, kale, carrots, apples,beets, oranges, etc. I flooded my body hoping to detox my system. It didn't work, my sister had some strong pain killers which helped me walk a little, but I was laying down for 2 days my tendons in my knees, my groin area and upper hips were very painful I couldn't walk. I started with brain fog, and I started forget words to my sentences.

I changed my return flight for the next day, and called my doctor an made an appoint for the same day. I had to be wheel chaired through 2 airports because I couldn't walk.

After many xrays, ultra sound therapy, pool exercises, lots of pain meds, vit.B-12, glucosamine/msm, CoQ10, anti-depressants, coconut oil, magnesium oil, iron, calcium +D3, bone broth, lots of protein, the list goes on. To date I can climb the stairs to my bedroom and walk slowly with minimal assistance.

I stll have much pain but I'm dealing with it, and acquiring/studying information on how to heal completely. I refuse to give up! :-)


Joshua Comments:

Hi Naomi.

Great, you shouldn't give up!

1. If you were the lawsuit type of person, you could looking into filing a malpractice claim against the doctor/hospital that gave you a super powerful antibiotic with a black box warning label signifying that it comes with certain risks.....for a cold. A cold is viral. Antibiotics have no beneficial effect agasint a cold other than to make the patient feel like their doctor did something to help them.

2. It's great you've done all that stuff (nutritionally, etc). But chances are VERY high that you weren't doing enough of the things that could actually help.

Give us an idea of how much of what for how long you took those supplements.

3. Don't give up! But it might be time to fine tune what you're doing so it will have a better chance of helping.

Jan 19, 2015
Took Levaquin, Now Feeling Like The Chronic Complainer
by: Carol

2 yrs ago I went to an urgent care for a bad cold with my husband. Gave my husband a Z pack but gave me Levaquin 750 mg every 4 hrs.. My ears, eyes were bothering me with blurred vision. About 2 was later my right shoulder went out with horrible pain.

Then my right thumb was diagnosed with a deep tear. Than my other shoulder did the same thing & both forearms joined in with the same pain. My arthritis has taken off like wildfire & previous small knee surgery began to hurt with every step & still does.

Had pain in side so Dr checked colon early, was shock I had so many polyps it took 2 hospital visits to get them all. He said "it was a gene change some how.

I've only had a couple before & I'm 65 yrs old. Now the pain in my side is back and when I sleep my shoulders & arms will fall asleep. I'm down to 95lbs & can't gain weight. I also have ringing ears and loose my balance. I have just gotten my first kidney infection in 40 yrs.

I hurt from my toes to my head in the mornings it takes 2 hrs to get pain meds to work enough to function. Every day is a new pain.


Joshua Comments:

Hello Carol.

Much of the immediate (and lasting) side effects were caused by the magnesium depletion that Levaquin causes.

And as time passes, still magnesium deficient....it all goes and stays down hill.

You are NOT a chronic complainer. You are nutritionally deficient, and the body can't operate very well like that. It keeps trying, but it needs what it needs or things go bad.

It's been a while since you posted this. How are you doing now?

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