A Lipoma With Or Without Tendonitis

You probably have a Lipoma if you have a soft to semi-hard lump that has developed in a variety of places like wrist, neck, low back, anywhere really.

Let's hope it is as they're harmless growths of adipose tissue...annoying and possibly painful but harmless.

If you have a weird growth under the surface of the skin, you should get it checked out by a doctor to make sure it's not a danger to your health.

Once you find out it's just an adipose tumor (harmless), then you can stop worrying.

Fatty tumors aren't related to Tendonitis. For the most part they're totally separate. Keep reading though....

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What Is A Lipoma

A Lipoma is an adipose tumor, a fatty growth under the skin that can show up most anywhere on the body, though it's usually upper body. The older you get, the higher your chances of developing one (or more).

You can have this form of fatty tumor on the neck, back, shoulders, arms, front and/or sides of the torso etc.

An adipose tumor can be fast or slow growing. They can be painful depending on their location, but for the most part usually aren't. If they are fast growing or in the right location the chances of being painful are much higher.

While fatty tumors are pretty easy to identify as they're a soft to semi-hard lump that is somewhat mobile under the skin, you should still see a doctor to make sure that you have a benign fatty tumor instead of a liposarcoma, which is a cancerous, malignant tumor that develops from fat cells.

If you're going to have a fatty growth....Lipoma good, liposarcoma BAD

It's a good thing that a Lipoma causes little to no symptoms other than being annoying or visibly embarrassing. Because once you have one, there's not much to do about it aside from surgery.

It's NOT like a Ganglion Cyst where you can hit it with a heavy book (or a bible like they used to) and pop the sucker.

It's possible to have multiple fatty tumors. One or two are nothing to worry about, if you have more you're either genetically prone to getting them or your system is out of whack and could use some help.

Lipoma Causes

What causes a Lipoma?

Causes of Lipoma consist of:

A. Bad luck B. Blunt trauma C. Spots of increased structural tension (wrist, low back) D. Potentially there are nutritional and toxicity causes

A. Bad Luck

Sometimes we just get a benign fatty tumor. Merry Christmas! Our bodies are pretty amazing, but sometimes pretty stupid. This is one of the instances of 'stupid'.

Genetics may play a role, primarily if you and your family get multiple adipose tumors. Most people just get one or two growths.

B. Blunt Trauma

Falling down, hit by a car, impacts from a variety of things you can get hit by can cause a scenario in the body that triggers the formation of a fatty tumor.

No one really knows the cause mechanism other than that you take an impact and a fatty tumor shows up. I suspect it has to be a slight miscalculation by the body trying to heal and repair. Or maybe it thinks it needs some extra padding in the area.

C. Increased Structural Tension

I see fatty tumors mostly in the upper back, low back, and wrist area. Granted, probably because I primarily work on backs and wrists/forearms (of people with Wrist Tendonitis, for instance).

The upper back can't claim 'increased structural tension', but low back (including sacrum area) and wrist certainly can.

Due to the tightening effect of the Pain Causing Dynamic, structures compress. This compression, I believe, triggers a mechanism that causes lipoma growth.

D. Nutrition and Toxicity

* Gluten is an inflammatory agent. The body sometimes stores fat when in an inflammatory state.

* Lack of necessary nutrition keeps the body from being able to function properly, including waste removal/normal daily detoxification.

*One way the body deals with poison, toxicity, heavy metals, etc, is by encapsulating it in fat (and thus increasing how much fat a body is holding.

Lipoma Treatment and Removal

If a Lipoma causes a high degree of pain, doctors will want to cut the growth out. This can be problematic if growth (and the connective tissue involved with it) thread deep into a joint or other tissue.

It's also important to know that fatty tumors removed via surgery tend to eventually grow back.

Why do surgically removed adipose tumors grow back?

Easy. Because the signal that caused them to grow in the first place is still in place.

That's the same reason that Tendonitis in general and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome come back after surgery.

Problems in the body don't just show up for no reason. They all have good and specific reasons they develop, and a fatty tumor is no different.

See: What Is Tendonitis

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