Not Sure If Everything Is Alright After My Achilles Tendonitis Surgery

by No Casts For Me

I severely pulled my Achilles Tendon 8 years ago and limped badly ever since.

I finally went to the doctor and he said that he wanted to operate. So in I went.

Surgery went well and I was in hospital for one night.

I discharged myself early as I have kids and wanted to get home. I was in the two casts over a period of 6 weeks and after that I was told to get into my Airboot. I didnt.

I decided that the only way to get walking was to just do it and so I never put the boot on and was full weight bearing on the second day of the cast coming off. I now walk with no problems however I sometimes limp if I have been sitting down for a while.

HOWEVER the scar is still scabby and has patches where it stings. Acutally my whole foot can become very painful and I have times where I cannot lie down as the back of my leg is so tender it hurts.

Is this an infection?


Joshua Answers:


I have no idea whether that's an infection or not. Doesn't sound like it, but if you're at all worried about that, go see the appropriate medical professional
in person and get that ruled out.

Havfing said that, it is entirely possible, and happens commonly, to have the kind of pain you describe, shortly after and LONG after a surgery.

Surgery doesn't necessarily fix the problem. Post-surgery self care is also a factor that sounds like was skipped over in your case.

That's a couple long conversations there, but ultimately, you need to deal with the factors that CAUSED the pain and problem in the first place.

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Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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