Pain in foot Fracture and foot pain still 3 months after Plantar Fasciitis surgery

by judy

I'm 69 years old was very active , old school, my kids couldn't keep up with me , now , after having plantar fasciits surgery i'm in pain more than before .

It has been three months , i was in a boot afterwards which i stepped down on to take a step and fractured my foot on the side .

My dr said that heeled . I could feel my bones in the sole of my foot like dislocate at night in bed if i turned my foot a certain way and then i would have sharp pain , that stopped but now top of foot hurts ,arch of foot hurts ,heels gets sharps pains at times and my ankle hurts like a sprained ankle .

My doctor went in on the side of my heel when he did this surgery, has he screwed my foot up? I'm mad cause he said its the way i'm walking , bull.



Joshua Answers:

Hi Judy.

So, you had Plantar Fasciitis and had foot surgery.

I'm certainly not a qualified doctor so I have no way of ascertaining whether your doctor messed up your foot but....the proof is in the pudding, wouldn't you say?

Technically your doc is right. It -is- how you're walking that is causing the pain and problem. S/he was supposed to fix the original problem though, right?

And now, after going in and causing injury and changing/weakening the structural integrity of your foot, you -are- walking different. But clearly not for the better.

Shame on your doc for blaming you for the result of his surgery. But that's pretty common. At least s/he's not saying it's all in your head. Funny how they can declare you 'healed' when you're clearly not.

1. Was your foot 'loose' before the fracture, coming apart when rolling in bed?

2. How much worse is your pain now than before the surgery, and after the fracture.

3. What aftercare did your doctor assign you? Did you do it?

4. What are you doing about your pain now?

5. Any other Tendonitis problem(s)?

6. How's your bone density? The fracture could be, in all fairness, be unrelated to the surgery. Either that, or the surgery changed the structural integrity/balance of your foot (it did) and then, with pressure coming down in the awkwardness of the 'boot', too much pressure applied in the wrong spot with a muscular inability to support your foot and *crack*.

Regardless of any of your answers, I HIGHLY suggest that you learn How To Reduce Inflammation. And do that A LOT!

Thanks for sharing your story.

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Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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