Poisoned from Levaquin, Would A Fluoride Detox Help?

by Lori

I took levaquin on April 17, 2009-by the 20th I was so ill I could not stand, open eyes, chronic/screaming pain, muscle twitches, insomnia, hearing sensitivity, could not eat, nausea, feet and hands hurt so bad I wanted them cut off, headaches, acid feeling under skin, cracking bones, and so much more. Hospitalized and no one knew what was wrong.

I lost my job, life, reason for living and have been trying to find a way to not hurt. I live on pain meds and when off of them, which I have done 3 xs, all the pain comes right back.

Drugs do not take pain away but helps a bit, just a bit. In March of this year "11, a friend called and asked what drug I took just before out ill. I told her levaquin. She said to turn on PBS quick.

There on tv was a woman namend Jen Wilcox with the same story-that was me. I was floxed all this time. No one knew it-they gave me tons on drugs over the last two years to damage me more.

I felt like life was over. None of us are getting better. Since fluoride is in this drug, would a fluoride detox help? There are many out there--one being 1/8 tsp. of borax and a pinch of sea salt in a liter of water drank slowly over the day.

Will doing this help with getting better? I have so many supplements I am my own bio. pharmacy. None have helped. I am hoping to hear this will.

Also, how do you know when magnesium is enough in you or too much? The doctors do not believe this drug does this to people and will not help monitor the magnesium. I need to try it myself. I have the tincture and the spray. Which do I try and how much? What if I take too much? I need to get the fluoride out and the magnesium in at the right levels. Please help



Joshua Answers:

Hi Lori.

I'm sorry to hear that. It sounds horrible.

I'm all for a liver flush. The better a liver can work, the better.

Having said that, I don't particularly believe that fluoride is the issue. If there is fluoride stuck in there (debatable, but I don't know for sure as it hasn't come up before) getting it out would be good.

But it's not the cause of your lasting symptoms.

Levaquin Tendonitis happens for a specific set
of reasons. It continues to plague people due to those reasons. (Plus a Pain Causing Dynamic is in place.)

Levaquin drastically depletes your body of magnesium, and kills mitochondria in connective tissue, as well as various other negative things.

You can certianly do a liver cleanse, but you MUSt get magnesium into you.

You're right. Doctors don't particularly believe that Levaquin can hurt a body. They also don't particularly believe in vitamins and minerals.

So I think you'll agree that they're no help.

You asked about Magnesium. You want to get as much into and onto you as you can.

Epsom salt baths daily (there's magnesium in the bath salts). Topical application of magnesium sprays or creams.

Oral ingestion. As much as you can get into you throughout the day. The trick is, don't take too much at once. I'll point you to a pain talking about dosage here in a moment.

You can take as much magnesium as your body needs. It's probably a lot. In the hospital they give magnesium by IV injection, in the amount of 10,000 mg. So the body can handle whatever you're going to be able to tolerate orally. And topical application isn't an issue. The more the merrier.

Until a person gets enough magnesium into them, over a long enough time, they have little to no chance of healing.

Don't get me wrong, some people do recover 'naturally' over time. But the rest, don't. Nor will they, unless they give their body everything it needs nutritionally to have a chance to heal and repair AND to start operating properly again.


Magnesium Dosage

Magnesium for Tendonitis

Magnesium Side Effects

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Comments for Poisoned from Levaquin, Would A Fluoride Detox Help?

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Nov 21, 2017
I am poisoned by fluoride, too
by: Lisa Sims

Maybe magnesium is an antidote for fluoride poisoning but my research and experience showed that calcium is the most important. It is used in medicine as THE antidote for acute Fluoride poisoning. It bonds to the fluoride forming the relatively benign Calcium fluoride which can then be excreted from your body. When I drink a cup of hot milk, it takes away my chest symptoms and bone pain in minutes. (Hot or warm milk gets calcium into your blood fast, cold sits in your stomach warming up for a while, the extra minutes can make the difference between life and death.)

I also take 400 mg of amino-acid chelated Magnesium (such as Magnesium Glycinate) every time I drink the hot milk antidote. You must get the good magnesium from a health food store. The cheap types of magnesium sold at Walmart can't be absorbed and just give you diarrhea. You can even open the magnesium capsule and stir it into your hot milk to jump start the absorb-ability of it. Now I am able to use Unsweetened Coconut Milk (which is fortified with calcium). I was not a milk drinker before this and I gained a lot of weight from using the cows milk with its milk sugar, insulin-like growth factor and lectins from soy and corn feed. I was worried about taking all that in. My blood pressure was high and is now better than perfect after only two days of using unsweetened coconut milk instead of non-fat powdered milk.

I'm no doctor, but they were no help anyway. I do have a M.S in Food Science and Human Nutrition from Kansas State University, 1994.

Now for MY story:

I was on line today to submit my adverse effect report of a double fluoride poisoning to the FDA and I just found out from your letter I didn't have a double whammy, I had a TRIPLE whammy.

I am 61 years old, drank Topeka, Kansas, municipal water containing the added industrial wastes Fluocilicic Acid and Sodium Silicafluoride ("for strong teeth") 46 of my 61 years. Then I got rapid tooth decay, abdominal pains, a chronic dry cough originating from one spot in my lungs, and finally anxiety disorder and panic attacks. I was given Prozac (Fluoxitine) for the anxiety and panic attacks. It almost killed me in 2 months with heart failure (electricity in my chest, heart pounding/palpitations/slow rate/skipped beats/heart almost stopping, bone pain in upper spine and left jaw, numbness in left side of face and neck and in left arm, electricity in my hands if I tapped my fingers, waking up suffocating and drowning in my own fluids, cherry red feet and toes). I was seeing my primary physician AND a cardiologist while all this was going on. No one suspected the Prozac and I was released by the cardiologist, "Nothing wrong with your heart." and referred by my primary physician to an Endocrinologist who I won't even see for the first time until December 14th.

I finally got symptoms I recognized from the Fluoxitine warning sheet, constant fatigue and yawning, and stopped it immediately. I still didn't connect it to all the other severe symptoms which I thought were just a continuation of the anxiety/panic attack disorder. I thought the constant flood of adrenaline from stress and sleep deprivation (I was taking care of my sick husband who died August 12, 2017 of liver cancer) was causing me to have heart failure. (That was because I had heard on the news that there was an epidemic of persons over age 60 with anxiety disorder dying of either heart attack or heart failure.)

After I stopped the fluoxitine the symptoms lessened but continued and a new one was added, muscle pain/burning/stiffness head to toe.

Eight weeks after the muscle pain started (10/18/17) I made the connection with fluoride thru my various readings and research and I immediately stopped drinking and cooking with tap water and switched to distilled water. In EIGHT DAYS on distilled water, all the muscle pain and burning and most of the stiffness was gone.

I'm continuing a slow recovery but since my bones are now releasing a lifetime of stored fluoride, I still have to take the antidote 4 to 6 times a day. That's how often the chest symptoms or spine and jaw pain come back. By the way, adequate calcium and 1200 mg Magnesium was part of the Nature's Sunshine Herb Company's advice for "Anxiety Disorder and Panic Attacks" in a file box of theirs called "Nature's Treasure Chest" that I have had for years. That's why I was able to get on the proper antidote for fluoride poisoning long before I knew what I had, and that remedy saved my life (shout out to Nature's Sunshine).

Now for the triple whammy. I was given Levafloxacin in October 2016 for a staph infection which was only seen by urinalysis and I didn't know I had. This came after the rapid tooth decay and abdominal pains but before the chronic dry cough from one spot in lungs and the anxiety/panic attacks. Now I see that the fluoride or whatever in the Levafloxin caused the lung problem and the anxiety disorder and lead to my being prescribed the fluoxitine which almost killed me. Fluoxitine has fluoride and says, side effects may be greater for persons over age 60, and Levafloxacin has fluoride and says the possibility of tendon and ligament destruction may be greater for people over age 65. Now do we know why there is an epidemic of people over age 60 with anxiety disorder dying of heart attack or heart-failure. Is this about the age when your bones can't hold any more stored fluoride and it starts to poison you just from the drinking water. By the way another anxiety drug, Paxil has fluoride too and so does a whole class of different antibiotics and many other drugs, too. And fluoride is not even approved by the FDA (and can't be since it's a neurotoxin and carcinogen.)

I had just queried, "Is there fluoride in Levafloxicin?", so I could get my written FDA report right, (I have already explained all the other to them on the phone), and was taken directly to your post, Lori.

Hope this helps, Lisa


Joshua Comments:

Hi Lisa.

I'd be really curious if you experimented a little and took the milk 4x/day without the magnesium.

I'd think that it's the magnesium providing the immediate benefit more than the calcium (including, because there's not that much calcium in milk, partly due to the volume and partly due to the phorsphorus, etc).

Anything is possible and every person is a little different and, I'd be curious to know.

Dec 01, 2017
Calcium is important
by: Anonymous

In my case the calcium was important as it stopped the "buzzing" in my chest. The magnesium by itself stopped the "pressure" in my chest. Neither could do the work of the other...I tried.

Lori mentioned her bones cracking, I'm guessing she meant her joints were popping. At the worst of my poisoning, when I leaned back in my chair, abouut 20 pops would occur in my back...rib and spine joints, I guess. Never had anything like that before. The calcium from milk completely stopped that, like it just filled in the joints. Magnesium by itself was doing nothing for that. As long as I drank the hot milk drinks, no more popping. If it started again, I knew I wasn't getting enough milk and drank more.

I have switched to natural spring water now instead of distilled water. I was getting sick on distilled water and having to force myself to drink it. Had an inspiration at 2:;00 am, "Why am I drinking distilled water when fluoride is looking for minerals to bond to?" So I drove right to the store and stocked up on Spring water , never had another drink of distilled water, and boy did the pdring water taste great.

I read fluoride also bonds to Manganese, and since fluoride is "the most reactive element on the pderiodic table" it probably bonds to a lot of other minerals.

I've felt so good on the spring water that I have been able to cut my hot milk drinks down to about 2 a day. I carry a gallon of spring water everywhere I go and guzzle it down whenever my moudth feels dry or I have chest symptoms and they go away. I still have to take the 1,200 or so mg of Magnesium glycinate spread through the day , however.

I believe ther are some mineral waters out there ;on the market with even more concentrated levels of minerals ahan spring water has, and they would be helpful. Since there are around 28 nutritional minerals in the world, if fluoride is bonding to a lot of them, we will be getting deficiencies, which willcause symptoms if we don't take in all of them.

I am tentatively beginning to experiment with Adya Clarity, a watter purifier, mineral enhancer and water "structurizer". I haven't even drank any yet, but there is a gallon glass jug with a gallon of my Chrystal Geyser spring water and 1 teaspoon of Adya Clarity; in it waiting for; me to get home. If my dry lips clear up, I will know I'm on to something.

I also have been waking up water logged (a symptom of heart failure, and have to drink black coffee (a diuretic) and walk around to get rid of it. I want to see that go away also. I am worried about damage to the DNA of my mitochondria if this fluoride detox continues without adequated blood mineral control enough to prevent symptoms of poisoning. The mitochondria are the "good bacteria" within every cell of our bodies that produce all our energy (ATP). Their DNA is damaged by; fluoride. It is an antibiotic afterall. How could a person live at all if those little gu;ys are damaged?

Also, I've had terrible insomnia lately and read that the pineal gland in the brain concentrates more fluoride than any other tissue in tdhe body including bones and teeth, and that the fluodride accumulation prevents it making adequate melatonin needed for sleep. I bought timed release 3 mg Melatonin from thehealth food store and took it for the first time last night...boy did I sleep great!

I never went to the hoospital when I was in the worst of my heart failure (even when I didn't know it was caused by medicine or fluordide) because I was afraid they wouldn't know how to help me and I would be separated from my hot milk and magnesium.

I rdealized, since my last post, that I also, like Lori, took Levaquin (for a urinary tract infection Oct. 2016. I had drapid tooth decay and abdominal pains from tap water fluoride before that. Then after the Levaquin (750 mg fluoride) I got the anziety and panic attecks and also the beginning symptoms of heart failure. Then I was given Prozak for the panic attacks and all hell broke loose.

By the way, for those people who doubt that sLevaquin or Prozac have any appreciable amount of fluoride in them, Levaquin is levofloxacin, an organofluoride compound and Prozac is fluoxitine,an organofluordide compound. Odragofluoride compounds ARE fluoride. Therefore, Levaquin and Prozac ARE fluoride.

There is an FDA News Release dated July 27, 2016, which states that fluoroquinolone antibiotics (Levaquin, Cipro, and about 100 others are NOT to be used for minodr sinus or urinary tract infections unless there is no other opdtion. They are leaving fluoroquinolone antibiotics on the market ONLY; to treatanthrax, plague, bacterial pneamonia and other serious bacterial infections for which no other treatment exists. Many other fluoroqunolone antibiotics have alrady been takken off the market for causing serious and deadly sideffect. (Now if I get one of those serious diseases, because of my lifetime exposure to fluoridated water and my experience with Lavaquin, Prdozac andf, oh yes, Prolixin, back in 1980, there will be no treatment left for me.)

Doctors are still prescribing Levaquin, Cipro, et. all,, for every little thing with abandon. They gave it to my husband by IV in the hospital for "suspected" pneumonia without even waiting for the culture to get back to see if it was bacterial or if he even had pneumonia (he didn't). He is dead now of liver cancer from who knows what, but I know he had no energy to get out of bed and ws in constant painever since he was given th Levaquin in 2015. I am saving 3 small jars of his ashes in case research is ever available on the fluodride concentration in human ashes.

By the way, have you heard any thing more about Lori? I'm concerned whether she made it or not. Lisa.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Lisa.

"So I drove right to the store and stocked up on Spring water"

Good call. Distilled water isn't great for drinking long term.

"I still have to take the 1,200 or so mg of Magnesium glycinate spread through the day , however. "

Yep, absolutely. Or more...your body needs as much as it needs.

"There is an FDA News Release dated July 27, 2016, which states that fluoroquinolone antibiotics .... are NOT to be used for minodr sinus or urinary tract infections unless there is no other option. "

That's good news for people looking to sue their doctors for malpractice. Giving FQ's for 'suspected' anything should be criminal. It's certainly not good medicine/competent doctoring.

I haven't heard from Lori other than what's on here.....

Jan 09, 2018
Calcium vs Magnesium
by: Lisa Sims

Joshua, I just came across an interesting chart called "interaction of minerals" under Hair Analysis on pg. 554 of PRESCRIPTION FOR NUTRITIONAL HEALING, 2nd ed. Balch and Balch. It shows magnesium as being INHIBITED by fluorine and calcium as being an INHIBITOR of fluorine. It shows no other nutritional minerals interacting.

...This is why we need to take both calcium and magnesium to fight fluoride/fluorinated pharmaceuticals poisoning.

I removed the last of the fluoride contamination from my life around Dec 1st when I stopped bathing in or in any way touching fluoridated municipal water. Within 3 weeks of not bathing the soles of my feet began to heal rapidly. They have been covered with black hyperkeratosis, cracks and callouses since 2012.

So now I can trace the beginning of my chronic fluoride poisoning from water back to age 56, in 2012. I have also gotten rid of a rough skin patch (age spot). It was easily scratched off the surface. The cherry angiomas and little blood blisters are all gone now too.

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