Raynaud's Disease

Complaints and worries about Raynauds Disease show up regularly with people suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Wrist Tendonitis (and a lot of other things, really).

I recommend Ice Dipping for both Carpal Tunnel and Tendonitis, and people with Raynauds Syndrome have a hard time with cold, and extremes of cold.

Most likely if you're reading this, it's because you suffer from the symptoms of Raynauds Phenomenon.

Call it phenomenon, syndrome, or disease, here's more to the story that what you've heard from your doctor.

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Raynaud's Disease Symptoms

Raynauds Syndrome consists of a particular set of symptoms.

If you have Reynauds you already know what they are, but I'll list the symptoms for everybody else. Then we'll get to the interesting stuff.

Relating primarily to the extremities of fingers, toes, nose, and ears: Often episodic, meaning circulation changes and is sometimes better, sometimes worse:

  • (extreme) sensitivity to cold
  • chronic reduced ciculation
  • discoloration of the skin, (white due to reduced blood flow or bluish due to lack of oxygen)
  • spasm of the vascular system (vasospasm) 
  • pins and needles and/or pain and/or swelling as circulation returns (or doesn't return, as the case may be)

These symptoms make it tough for someone with Tendonitis  and/or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome to Ice Dip, as the lack of circulation in the fingertips creates a painful REACTION to the cold.

The body is always responding to something. If it's not operating very well, then that reaction can be an OVERREACTION and can make things even worse than they were.

Causes of Raynaud's Disease

What is Raynauds Disease?

The medical world considers it a 'vasospastic' disorder. Which means that cold and emotional factors cause vasomotor responses, or symathetic system response that dilates the vascular system and cuts of blood/oxygen to tissue, specifically the parts farthest away: fingers, toes, ears, nose, etc.

Raynaud's phenomenon is considered to be 'idiopathic'. Idiopathic means 'arising spontaneously or from an obscure or unknown cause'.

Isn't that interesting??!

Raynauds Disease arising from an unknown cause.... That's doctor-speak for 'We have no idea what is causing this but we'll prescribe you pharmaceutical drugs anyway'.

So. Let's talk about some potential causes of Raynauds Phenomenon.

What Actually Causes Raynauds Disease?

First off let's clear something up. Doctors and the internet say that Reynaud's Disease is CAUSED by cold and emotional stress.

But those are just stimuli, at best they're triggers. They are NOT causes. The body does respond to cold and emotional stressors, adequately or inadequately, as it's capable.

It's certainly possible that a person has Reynaud's Disease for NO reason, or bad genetics or the like. They're just cursed or doomed with it, it's naturally part of who they are.

Is that you? It's certainly possible, but let's hope not.

Many people think that Symptoms of Tendonitis show up because you use your hands (or other body part), that it stays for some mysterious reason, and that nothing can be done about it.

They're silly.

Perhaps, just perhaps, your Reynauds Phenomenon symptoms exist FOR A REASON.

Bear with me here as I walk you through this.

  1. Nothing in life shows up for no reason. Thus, there's a reason for your symptoms.
  2. Vasodilation and vasospasm can and are caused by, for instance, Magnesium deficiency, Vitamin D deficiency, and other deficiency and deficiency side effects.
  3. Out of whack nervous system responses are caused by, for instand, Magnesium Deficiency, Vitamin D deficiency, and other deficiency and deficiency side effects.
  4. Enough good fat in a diet is required for healthy cell formation and function. This includes the vascular and nervous systems.
  5. Guess what nutritional causes of tendonitis and carpal tunnel symptoms are? Magnesium deficiency, Vitamin D deficiency, Vitamin B6 and B12 deficiency, protein deficiency, good fat deficiency.

So if you have tendonitis -and- reynauds symptoms.....let's make sure your nutrition is up to snuff.

Reynaud's Causes 

-Maybe- your Reynauds is incurable. But maybe, just maybe...it's nutritional. There's only one way to find out.

As you may have experienced, doctors are pretty big on the 'incurable' belief. But then, they generally don't believe in nutrition, so maybe there's a correlation there.

Your doctor can't tell you what causes Raynaud's Disease. I can't. But I can tell you that your body is a machine that requires to work optimally. And that you don't get enough nutrition in general, and that many 'diseases' are really just the culmination of long term and/or short term nutritional deficiency.

Raynaud's Disease and Tendonitis

f you have Raynaud's symptoms AND tendonitis then you're experiencing the following:

  • A chronic and/or acute Process of Inflammation. (This eats up Vitamin B6.)
  • A heightened Pain Causing Dynamic. This means increasing inflammation, increasing tight muscles (which uses up more and more magnesium)
  • You most likely have Gluten Intolerance. This causes ALL sorts of negative issue in the body, for instance: Leaky Gut. Gluten Intolerance can ABSOLUTELY cause Raynauds Disease.

In general, except for ice dipping and ice massage, everything that will help Tendonitis will help Reynauds Phenomenon.

What Is Tendonitis? If you don't know, check it out.

Treatment For Raynaud's Disease

You could certainly go the doctor's routes for treating Raynaud's Disease.

Or you could just do nothing except avoid activities that makes things worse. That's certainly valid.

Or you can look into how the body actually works, the function of raynaud syndrome and it's mechanism in the body, and give your body what it needs to work properly. Adequate nutrition never hurt anybody, and while it may not cure you, it very well may make life far more tolerable, in a variety of possible ways.

Treatment For Raynaud's Disease

1. Get your Vitamin D level tested. Then get it up to between 50-80 ng/ml as fast as possible. Don't use prescription Vitamin D2, use Vit D3 which you'll find on the shelves. Also, I suggest you get liquid vitamin D3 that comes in 2,000i.u.'s per -drop-.

Also, see the Vitamin D pages at www.Easy-Immune-Health.com, specifically Vitamin D Facts

2. Start supplementing with with ENOUGH Magnesium.


Magnesium for Tendonitis

Magnesium Dosage

3. Supplement with Vitamin B6 (research shows 100-200mg/day to be effective in general) and B12 (methylcobalamin, research shows 2,500-10,000mcg/day to be effective in general, depending on what you're trying to accomplish). Do your own research so you're comfortable with the amounts you choose to take.

4. Good Fat. Meaning, essential amino acids. YOu can use supplements, or start eating organic, pastured sources of animal fat, eggs, raw milk, butter. The more the merrier. Fat is not bad...carbs and processed foods/carbs are bad.

5. Protein. Eat more protein. Again, from organic, pastured sources. The more the merrier.

6. Stop eating gluten. Gluten is an inflammatory agent. Try it for two months, and see what happens.

Raynauds Disease runs the range from mild to severe. Regardless of where you (or someone you love) is at, NUTRITION IS VITAL TO HEALTH.

Maybe having cold fingers or toes etc as a function of having the symptoms of Raynauds disease is just how life is for you, but there's NO reason not to put the right good nutrition into your body and see what your body does with it.

Who knows. What if your symptoms decreased or even went away all together? There's only one way to find out.

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