Snapped Achilles Tendon, Am Two Weeks Into Achilles Tendon Reattachment Surgery

Well I snapped my right achilles playing squash just over two weeks ago.

It was not like I had not warmed up or anything, I had played one match and was into the second having had a half hour break in between the matches.

We finished one game and were 12 points into the second and I felt as though I had a slight cramp in my right calf, I thought i would just play through it, then the next point I thought someone in the crowd had thrown a brick on my leg, I turned around and immediately knew what had happened. I fell like a ton of bricks and was carried off the court.

An hour later I was in the hospital with the orthopedic surgeon telling me I was to have surgery the next morning early.

It has been 18 days since my surgery and my leg is in its second cast and will be for another month, then I guess its physio and working to get it back.

My biggest surprise was how un-painful the whole ordeal was. Like a big cramp. The worst is the cast and dealing with the mental aspect of the injury, depressions due to being immobile and useless.

Thanks for modern medicine and fantastic surgeons.


Joshua Answers:

Hey, thanks for sharing.

In general, I'm not big on doctors or surgery. And,
there is a correct tool for every job.

If your tendon splits in half, YOU WANT A GOOD SURGEON to put it back together.

I'm not a fan of splints, braces, or casts, but after this kind of Achilles surgery, you really to want NO TENSION on the tendon for a while so it can knit itself back together.

And when you say it wasn't very painful, it has always boggled my mind that that is the common sensation from the Achilles Tendon rupturing. Common sense says it would HURT, but everybody says that the recovery is way worse than the actual injury.

For surgery recovery and rehap, I would treat it like Achilles Tendonitis and Tendonosis.

Learn How To Reduce Inflammation. That will also get new blood to the area which will help the tendon heal.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Apr 20, 2011
numb toes
by: mernie

just 2 weeks over my operation and had my stitches out yesterday. my doc told me my longitudinal tendon was so badly damaged he had to cut it and join it to the other (short) tendon. Not in what i would call major pain only took pain killers the first few days as they made me ill, however what i do have is numbness of my 2 toes and all down the side of my foot and found out yesterday when the stitches came out i had no feeling in my scar either.

the pain i do have is of nerves running up and down my foot and into my 2 toes.The doctor told me this could last for a few months or might never go away(this did not make me happy). I will be in walking boot and with crutches for 7 weeks as this is when i have next app.

Don't know what happens next just have to relax and do the course and hope the numbness goes away and i will walk o.k when this is all over.

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