Tendonitis Types
There Are Only Two

There are two different Tendonitis Types. Tendonitis shows up in different -locations-, but it's all one of these two variations.

Everywhere you look online you will find a singular definition of Tendonitis. Unfortunately, the common, simple definition of 'inflammation of a tendon' is incredibly useless.

The Tendonitis dynamic is a complex set of factors and it is important to understand that there are ONLY two different kinds of Tendonitis.

You can have pain -with- actual tendon damage, or -without-.

Whether you knit, use a keyboard and mouse, or are a professional baseball pitcher, the Tendinitis dynamic is the same. Repetitive strain is a factor in both. However there are two DISTINCTLY different scenarios of pain that share that same dynamic.

If you're looking for location specific information on each 'kind' of tendonitis, go to the Tendonitis page.

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Tendonitis Types:
With Damage or Without Damage

tendonitis types infographic

You can have a repetitive strain problem, meaning pain from repetitive movement activities, and you will have that only EITHER with damage, or without damage.

Just because you have pain, doesn't mean that you necessarily have an 'injury'.

There's not much more to say about that....Even if you have intense, debilitating pain and problem, you can have that WITH or WITHOUT actual damage to the tendon.

So. You can ONLY have:

  1. Tendonitis with damage (wear and tear or actual tear), or
  2. Tendonitis without damage

Imagine if your doctor wanted to do surgery on your 'damaged tendon', and you had the surgery, and still had symptoms etc a year later, and then discovered that all you needed in the first place was enough of the right nutrition to fill up an existing nutritional deficiency???

I don't know about you, but I'd be mad.

Now imagine if SOME of your pain dynamic was caused by nutritional insufficiency, and SOME was caused by actual wear and tear of a tendon structure.

It makes sense that you'd want to deal with the 'damage', AND deal with the nutritional lack that was helping cause pain and other symptoms.


Point being, it's VERY important to understand that you can have pain and symptoms, even SEVERE pain and symptoms with NO actual damage at all.

Tendonitis Types #1

Tendonitis Pain WITH Damage
To The Tendon Structure

Due to overuse, repetitive strain, or just normal daily use of our bodies, we can get wear and tear damage to the tendon and surrounding connective tissue.

Too much load on a tendon, especially over time, can cause it to fray. Nutritional deficiencies can make our tendon structure weaker than it should be. Overuse can cause micro damage from the wear and tear of the tendon sliding back and forth over various structures.

This damage causes the body to respond with an Inflammation Process sets you up to ongoingly have more and more inflammation in the future.

This inflammatory response traps fluid in the area, releases chemicals which enhance your sensitivity to pain, and makes your muscles tighter. This is the Downward Spiral of the Pain Causing Dynamic.

Pain, even debilitating pain, can result.

Again, just because you have debilitating pain DOESN'T necessarily mean that you have an injury.

Tendonitis Types #2
Tendonitis Pain WITHOUT Damage

Due to over use, the beginnings of repetitive strain, and normal daily use of our bodies, and naturaly occuring Pain Causing Dynamic, our muscles get a little tighter, and a little tighter, and starts to stay tighter and tighter, even when we sleep.

As muscles get tight, they put tension on their tendons, attachment points, and surrounding connective tissue.

Because muscles get tight and stay tight, there is -constant- tension on the tendon(s). And then the connective tissue layers start to shrink wrap and compress the muscle structures.

Too much constant tension on a tendon causes it to send signals to the nervous system that there is too much load, and the potential for damage.

This damage danger signal causes the body to respond with an Inflammation Process that traps fluid in the area, releases chemicals which enhance your sensitivity to pain, and makes your muscles tighter.

This inflammatory response also sets you up to ongoing have more and more inflammation in the future.

Pain, even debilitating pain, can result.

Notice any similarities?

The Pain Is The Same,
Damage Or No Damage

You know you hurt. You know you’ve tried a lot of things, even methods that you doctor advised and prescribed.

But it is valuable to know that you can have pain, even debilitating pain, without that pain meaning that you are injured. Maybe you are. Maybe not. Your nervous system can’t tell the difference between the two. You may or may not be able to.

If you have pain from injury, there are things you can do to reverse the process and help you body heal. If you have pain without injury, there are things you can do to reverse the process. Interestingly enough, they are the same things to do for either situation.

And of course it makes sense that if you have pain but no injury, Tendonitis surgery probably won’t be one of those things that will help.

Consciously or unconsciously, we tend to think that all Tendonitis Symptoms are due to damage. This is not always the case.

In the end, there are only two Tendonitis Types.

With damage, and without.

**** For more specific information on each kind of location specific tendonitis type, go to the Tendonitis page.

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