TMJ Vertigo
Stop The Spinning!

First things first.

If you are suffering from TMJ Vertigo go see a doctor and rule out a medical-level vestibular disorder like infection or disease.

If you're free of that, then get on nutritional supplementation and go find an Cranial-Sacral Osteopath, and/or a Massage Therapist that specializes in Cranio-Sacral therapy.

Right now.

If you don't have a vestibular disorder like infection or disease, then a skilled CranioSacral therapist should be able to greatly reduce and even eliminate the vertigo and tinnitus symptoms from TMJ.

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What Is TMJ Vertigo?

TemporoMandibular Joint Disorder (or syndrome, or disease, or whatever you want to call it, it's usually just called 'TMJ') can set people up to have TMJ symptoms like Vertigo and Tinnitus.

This is caused due to a variety of reasons, including but not limited to:

  • pressure on the jaw which affects nerve signal
  • constant pain signal which affects nerve signals
  • misalignment of the jaw which can directly and indirectly affect nerve signal.
  • Inflammation of the jaw joint can also affect the inner ear.

These same factors can set up a dynamic that directly and indirectly messes with the inner ear, which produces symptoms like TMJ Vertigo and TMJ Tinnitus.

Vertigo is a state of spinning, of dizziness, and can cause nausea.

If your TMJ is affecting your inner ear, you can get vertigo, or tinnitus, or both.

Treatment for TMJ Vertigo

First and foremost one must reverse the TMJ Tendonitis dynamic.

This, in and of itself, will help.

But MOST people with TMJ don't have vertigo or tinnitus, they just have pain, clenching and grinding, headaches, and possibly TMJ Dislocation.

You likely need something very specific is you have vertigo, because that means there is something specific happening in your skull.

If you have TMJ disorder that includes TMJ Vertigo, you probably will, and/or probably have, gone to see a doctor or two.

They have:

  • (hopefully) run tests and checks
  • they have (probably) recommended surgery
  • they have (almost certainly) prescribed pharmaceutical drugs.

And you still have vertigo and tinnitus, along with the rest of your TMJ symptoms.

Doctors and ENT (ear, nose, and throat) specialists regularly tell you that everything is working fine and that there's no reason that you should be having these symptoms.

And Dentists do their thing with bite guards, alignment techniques, etc.

If you STILL have vertigo after all that, find a Cranio-Sacral Osteopath, and/or a Massage Therapist specializing in CranioSacral Therapy.

I'm not going to explain why, for a couple reasons.

The first is because the work is very subtle, tough to explain and tough to understand until you get worked on.

The second, is that, you need to do two things:

  • Fix any neutritional insufficiency and
  • go find a therapist right now, instead of educating yourself more. In this particular instance, knowing more won't help you. And your CranioSacral therapist will explain it to you, which will make more sense during the session.

Nutrition for TMJ Vertigo

Part of the TMJ tendonitis dynamic is lack of nutrition.  

See:  Pain Causing Dynamic

Muscles get tight, stay tight, and that uses up nutrition.  That tightness causes pain, which uses up nutrition.  That pain kicks in inflammation, which uses up nutriton.

Without that nutrition, you'll have a hard time getting out of tightness, inflammation, and pain.

See: Magnesium For Tendonitis

As things get worse and more time passes, one of the possible causes of vertigo and tinnitus is magnesium insufficiency/deficiency.

If your magnesium barrel is empty, you can't get better until your barrel is again full of magnesium.  So no amount of doctors, drugs, surgeries, etc, can fix a magnesium insufficiecy problem...but getting enough magnesium into you can.

I highly suggest the nutrition in the Tendon Pack.

CranioSacral Therapy For TMJ Vertigo

Earlier I said that compression of a nerve in/around the jaw joint can cause vertigo.

Direct work on the jaw (plus nutrition) can correct the problem.

And, a very subtle but powerful mode of therapy exists that is very effective at TMJ and vertigo, it's called Cranio-Sacral Therapy.

I'm not going to describe it here, but do go with knowing that it is a very subtle but very effective method of helping the tension and compression that exists with the tmj vertigo dynamic.

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Updated Program Is In The Works!
Feb 1st or sooner!