Too Much Bleeding From Nerve Conduction Test

by Harry L Weaver
(Plainwell MI)

I went for a Nerve Conduction Test a few months back.

I have been telling Drs I have a problem for a long time.

I even went to therapy couple months prior to the test.

That did not go well at all. I made 3or 4 trips and each time I was given exercises by 1 or 2 different persons. I would do the exercises as told then when finished,the male therapist would find some thing else for me to do then he performed some hands on things after 2 trips like that I quit.

It seemed like they had to keep me there for certain length of time, and just thought up as they went along.

The female person was far better therapist no extra hard stuff.

I forgot to tell you I am 77 years young.

I went back to my regular doc and he had a training person in that day and she asked questions and i told her what was going on. She relayed that to my doc and he then ordered the nerve conduction test.

That is excruciating pain when they turn on the juice!

He was doing my right arm first and as he was sticking me, every time he pulled the needle i was bleeding and by time he worked his way up to my neck, he decided to call it quits.

Told me too much bleeding. He told me flat out the Doctor would get report that same day saying I had a neck problem.

I wish he would have did the other arm first, I seem to have more trouble on that right side of arm and body.

The last place the nerve conduction needle was in my neck at exact place I new problem was coming from. It was numb, never felt that needle being stuck in just pressure as he was pushing fairly hard.

That's my story. I can hack pain when it is absolutely have to be done...Just tell me you have to do it no other choice I tell you get it done

Harry L Weaver Plainqell Mi.


Joshua Answers:

Hello Harry!

Thanks for sharing your story, even though it sounds like it was a VERY unpleasant experience.

It's too bad our medical system provides the kind of care that you describe. Between the ineffective therapy and the...

Excess bleeding from the nerve conduction test needles should have been an alert that something was off with your system, you shouldn't have been bleeding like that. It was a good clue to what came next, yes?

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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